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New Music: Las Vegas Artist @Y_o_s_2_0_7 "Link"

Las Vegas up and coming singer/songwriter Soya been in the independent music scene for a while and she's getting prepared to release her new album Confetti coming soon. Songstress just released the first song "Link" from the album. Song is produced by Soya herself and Lyfe Serel.
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World Premiere @ShonDenay "On The Rock" EP!!

Singer and Songwriter from Las Vegas, Nevada Shon Denay been in the music scene for a while and 2018 is definitely happens to be her year right now. Songstress is here to share something special with you which is her debut EP On The Rock includes eight tracks. 
With a distinctively unique yet soothing voice; Shon Denay embodies the vintage and earthy sounds of past Jazz artists from the early mid-20th century. If you want to show Shon Denay full support, go purchase her EP on iTunes and share it on social media and tell your friends about her. Honestly, I do see Shon Denay making a great impact as an artist in the couple years, I think she should stay independent and wait for the right moment for the label to sign her and be perfect for her career, Shantel good luck!
For more information, Follow Shon Denay on her social media and stay tuned for more new music soon. Please read the interview below and give me your feedback.
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Music Video: @J_Swiftizm "Basik"

Rapper J $wift just put out his new single "Anti Broke" in January to start off the new year but now he got a new record to share with you. Check out $wift's new video "Basik" produced by Yung Keise and hopefully we'll get a full length project from him later this year, stay tuned.

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World Premiere @Chelsfuego "Light Years"

"To infinity and BEYOND!" - Buzz Lightyear
Las Vegas new uprising star Chels is here to make a great impact being the new R&B wave. She's getting ready to release her debut album later this summer let's stay tuned for it. Songstress is here to share her new single Light Years produced by Mxrio which is the following up from her record Topic. Chelsea is that type of new artist you can vibe out to and ride out in the car while listening. Stay tune for her album Rearview coming soon!! 
Concept of Light Years is about At this age it's almost impossible to tell if you're going to be with someone for the rest of your life because of how unpredictable the future is, but when it comes to love I know that I'm willing to do whatever to go the distance.
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New Lexii Mix: @LexiiAlijaii "Cut Throat"

20 year old Minnesota female emcee Lexii Alijai already on working on her next upcoming album. Back in February, she released a remix record on her birthday (February 19th) but she's back with a new mix. This new Lexii mix is to Kodak Black's record "Cut Throat" prod by J.Cash Beatz and Juiceee. Stay tuned for Lexii's new album coming soon!! 
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World Premiere @SaraKashani "Up" Music Video

Los Angeles/Bay Area up and coming singer Sara Kashani is getting prepared to release her debut EP later soon this year. Not too long ago, Sara just recently put out her new single "Up" and now you can watch the music video above. Stay tuned for more Sara soon, for more information follow her on social media below and check out her music!!

Video directed and edited by Lucreative

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World Premiere @Chop808 "Rain" (Lyric Video)

Las Vegas rapper Chop808 been in the music scene for a while and he's out there working. Chop is currently almost finishing up with the album which will be dropping soon. I'm just now getting to know him and his music a little bit more and he's decent young artist. Las Vegas artist is here to share his new single "Rain" produced by Chop himself. The concept is about a guy's heart being broken and asking for the rain to go away.

Stay tuned for his upcoming album, follow him on his social media and check out his music and shows.

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Chicago Rapper @Davionss "4 The Hell Of It" EP

Born and raised in out West of Chicago new rapper Davion is here to share his debut EP titled 4 The Hell Of It. This is your new type of artist who you need to give a listen and share his name out to your friends. Listen to Davion's EP and stay tuned for more new music later on,for more information follow him on his social media.
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Davion's Q & A
1) For those who don't know who Davion, Tell a little something about yourself? Who is Davion?
Davion: What's good? Davion, newly 20 year old out of the West of Chicago. Don't do much, just chill and record music.
2) What made you wanted to be an artist? And What were you doing before rapping?
Davion: I honestly can't remember when I haven't took interest in music, so when I decided to start writing and recording (which was almost 3 years ago) it w…

World Premiere @ErickaGuitron "Mascara Tears"

Raised in Walnut, California, Ericka Guitron discovered her voice at an early age and now she’s all grown up. The songstress grew up being inspired by Lauryn Hill, Jackson 5 and more. Guitron is getting ready to release her upcoming EP, A Thousand Skins,which will be dropping soon. Her new single is called “Mascara Tears,” produced byByram. “Mascara Tears” is a positive soulful message about accepting emotions that we often try to suppress that are in fact healthy for us to release. This is the type of record that can get you to feel that little pinch-feeling inside and wanting to let it all out. Ericka is happy to share her music with the world and is ready to create a big impact with her career. There will be more to be talked about in the upcoming year. 
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Las Vegas Artist: @Shinefield_NLV "Hell On Earth" EP

Las Vegas may not be well very known for the music industry but it is known as the underground entertainment.  There are good talents out here, you just need to go out and find them at small local places at Fremont. Speaking of talent, Vegas upcoming artist Jerry Shinefield is here to express who he is as a human being. Shinefield's new six-EP H.O.E. (Hell On Earth) examines the darkness and angels, late nights with his low-key flow. 
Jerry is a type of artist who goes out in the morning and daylight looks all blurry to him but he's the Darth Vader at late nights. Shout-out to the productions by 45, PaqboyGrazi, Executive Produced by David Margolis and mixed/engineered by Jerry himself. If you like listening to that darkness music, Jerry Shinefield is your type of artist that you should be listening to.
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New Artist: @J_Swiftizm New Single "Anitbroke"

Last week, I got to meet with this new upcoming rapper J-$wift from San Diego, CA. The rapper wants to share off his new single of 2018, "Antibroke" prod by Yung Keise and hopefully to hear a full project from him soon this year, we'll see. Follow him on social media and share this record.

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New Music: @SummerJad37 "It Doesn't Matter"

Chicago new upcoming star Summer Jade delivering her new song "It Doesn't Matter", hopefully we get a solo project from her at anytime soon. I really believe that Jade can definitely make a great impact of herself as a female artist. She just needs that right perfect team and manager to push her forward in the industry. Go follow Summer on social media and download her music,stay tuned for more!!
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New Music: @LexiiAlijaii "Dub Club (Let the Beat Build)"

Minnesota's female emcee Lexii Alijai just turned 20 yesterday to celebrate a birthday. In 2017, Lexii had a great year by putting out an album Growing Pains and still dominating shows. In the celebration, Minnesota rapper releases a new freestyle track and this record is a remix to Lil'Wayne's song "Let the Beat Build". Stay tuned for a new project from Lexii soon this year, she's your new favorite female rapper!!

World Premiere: @JayyLowkes "Sad Girl Steelo" EP

Las Vegas is building up a new underground music scene of new young talents males and females. I have been paying attention few artists from Sin City and I already know who they are and they're doing it pretty well. Vegas got a new young breed and she's ready to build up her brand as a solo artist. 
To be honest, I can see a bright future for Jay Lowkes because she has that big heart of being very talented of herself. Lav Vegas female rapper is proudly to share her debut EP titled Sad Girl Steelo five new tracks prod by DJ Rawwk who is a dope ass producer, shout-out to Rawwk. I got the time to speak with Lowkes ask her questions about her lifestyle into music, read the interview below.
If you want to get to know more about Jay Lowkes follow her on social media and check out her music on Sound Cloud. It's JAY MOTHAFUCKIN LOWKES!!!
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Jay Lowk…

New Music Video: @ImJvzel "Tired Af"

Los Angeles uprising singer/songwriter Jvzel getting ready to drop her debut Tired Af EP coming real soon!! Singer just put out her new single "Slow Fade" with a verse from Rowlan which is out now online everywhere. While we wait for Jvzel's EP, her latest single 2017 record "Tired Af" reached over 200,000 streams on Spotify, congratulations to her. Go watch the video above and be on the lookout for Jvzel in the near future.

Music Prod by Corey Michael and Jvzel
Video Directed by AlexandertheTitan
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New Music Video: Eboney "Not About Us"

Toronto,Canada's newest uprising star Eboney is getting prepared to release her debut EP pretty soon this year. Canadian singer just released her new single "Not About Us" includes the music video which you can watch above. Be on the lookout for Eboney's EP coming soon!!

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New Music: @MickeyShiloh x @RamiBeatz "Funny When"

Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh continues on working very hard and putting out music whenever she feels likes it. Just a month ago, Shiloh just put out her new album 2 Weeks Notice and now she released her new single "Funny When" prod by RamiBeatz. Please follow Mickey on every social media and turn on her notifications on Instagram to expect something new from her, like new music and new album. 
Go check out Mickey's new song "Funny When" out now below!!

New Music: Las Vegas Artist @Jazsarae "No Questions"

I'm super proud of this young artist Jazsarae she's on her way with her music. Las Vegas female artist just released her new video "Plenti" and now she wants to share more new tunes. Jazsarae's new song "No Questions" with features from Young Dank and Porcelain. Follow Jazsarae on social media and stay tuned for her forthcoming EP!!
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Toronto Singer Eboney New Song "Not About Us"

Toronto is building up a new wavy vibe independently. They have a new uprising young star 18 year-old soon to be 19 in May this year. Canadian Singer/Songwriter Eboney building a great brand of herself as a breakthrough independent artist. Songstress currently working on her debut EP coming real very soon this summer, stay tuned for that. But now Eboney would like to share her new wavy love record "Not About Us" prod by Vintage. 
I'm a need for everyone to keep your eyes out on this girl Eboney she's up next in this industry. Go support to buy her new single on every streaming services, tell a friend to tell a friend and share it on social media.
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New Music: @SamieSaya ft @TilDecember "Too Much"

South Los Angeles upcoming singer/songwriter Samie Saya is taking her music career slowly,step by step. She is currently working on her debut EP which will be coming soon. Couple days ago, the singer just recently put out "No Drama" remix with a verse Jamie$on prod by Kidd Jove
Samie just recently put out her new single "Too Much" with a verse from Kidd Jove prod by him as well. Mixed and mastered by Tha-Alumni recording artist/producer/engineer Sean Brown. Stay tuned for Samie's EP coming soon this year and follow her on social media.
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Brand New @SaraKashani Shares New Single "Up"

San Francisco uprising singer-songwriter Sara Kashani currently working on her forthcoming EP Tonight at Midnight coming soon. Not too long ago, the artist put out her last record 'Shoulda Known Better" featuring Hustle Gang roster Translee but she's back with something new. Sara wants to share her new 2018 single "Up" prod by Swagg R'Celious. Same producer who made hit records for Kehlani, H.E.R and much more. Take a listen to Sara's song and lookout for her upcoming EP coming soon this year!!

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New Video: @Jazsarae "Plenti" Prod by @Wavemmlz

Las Vegas female artist Jazsarae is here to settle ya'll down with something new and smooth. This young songstress got something planned for this year, she will release her first project soon. Jazsarae wants to share her new music video "Plenti" prod by Wavemmlz and video directed by DrakeofChiraq. By the way, Go to Beauty Bar on February 11th to watch Jazsarae perform!!

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Debut Single Premiere @JayyLowkes "Cocaine Kisses"

Las Vegas is becoming the new urban music underground and getting pretty well known right now. There's a couple of young talented males and females as singers, producers or rappers are blowing up low key. Growing and living the life in Sin City, female rapper Jay Lowkes wants to make a full success in the music scene as a young artist. 
The Las Vegas female emcee is getting ready to release her debut EP in February titled Sad Girl Steelo every tracks produced by DJ Rawwk. Lowkes wants to share the first single off the project, track called "Cocaine Kisses" prod by DJ Rawwk. 
Concept of "Cocaine Kisses" is about a girl went through a rough breakup with a someone in the past, that person broke her heart by cheating and doing so much drugs. And the girl went through so much in life. Please stay tuned for Jay Lowkes debut EP dropping next month in February (no actual date yet but real soon). Follow Lowkes on social media, be ready for more new materials from her.

New Music: Brand New @Xmvndx_ "Real Love"

"I love to put you in your feelings" quoted by Amanda. The beautiful Las Vegas singer was away from the music scene for a while now but guess what, she's back!! Singer/songwriter returns with a new love record that definitely put you in your feelings. She kept this record so very long but it was great moment to share it with us. 
Take a listen to Amanda's new 2018 wavy R&B/Soul "Real Love" and play it with friends who are into their feelings. Please stay tuned for more new music from Amanda later this year.
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Toronto Artist @TooDamnSoulful Shares "Soul" EP

Been following up on new artist from Canada for while now and there's some names who I been following up on. A year ago, this new artist is very talented who I've been paying close attention to for a year now and he's doing it pretty well as a young solo artist. R&B-oriented singer/songwriter from Toronto,Canada Soul like to share his new 2018 EP titled Soul with eight songs. Soul EP includes productions by Drew Taylor, Emerson Brooks, Real Talk Beatz and more. 
Get to know more of Soul's music, take a listen to his new EP and share it with your friends. Follow him on social media and stay tuned for more new music soon!!
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Brand New @MickeyShiloh Album "2 Weeks Notice"

Pop-oriented R&B singer and songwriter Mickey Shiloh enjoys dominating the industry independently and nothing is stopping her to do that. Songstress have so much going on for 2018, she have her debut publish book The New Industry which you can pre-order it now and plenty of more new music as always. Shiloh's new album 2 Weeks Notice is out right now, it is an collaboration project with features from Baer, Jvzel, Matt Martino, Lex Lu, Rowlan and more, great intelligent productions by LX, Jordan Wave, Christian & Hugh, Nabeyin and more. 
Be on the look out for more new music materials from Mickey later in 2018, go pre-order her book right now and she's running for president soon in 2028.
Go stream  Mickey's new album on Sound Cloud, iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify out now!!

New Las Vegas Artist: Lady-H New Single "Easy"

Growing up in Long Beach, CA but living a happily life in Las Vegas, Lady H making her way up as young married female rapper and singer. With her influential dope hip-hop lyrics , telling stories and sending true messages for those who needs to recognize the realness. Lady H and her husband started out building up a group of their own called StudioFeenz in 2017. Las Vegas female rapper is currently working on her upcoming album. Lady-H decided to share her new love song "Easy" while she continue on working hard.
Concept of this record is about a young lady falls in love with a man that shows the compassion of love and both share the same passion of music. Take a listen to "Easy" and lookout for more from Lady H later this year.
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New Nakala Music: @Nakalaviiv "RnB Baby"

U.K. Singer/Songwriter Nakala been on her grind putting out free new music every single week on Friday. We don't have an actual album from her yet but hopefully later this year in 2018. As of now, Nakala like to share her new up wavy song "R&B Baby" prod by Jonah Stevens. Take a listen to the song and share it out on social media, keep on the lookout for more new music from Nakala.

New Music: @MickeyShiloh New Single "Nonstop"

Los Angeles, Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh got everything set up for this brand new year in 2018. She has two books, new album dropping this month and plenty more. I believe Mickey is going to have the greatest year of 2018 just like how she dominated 2017. Shiloh would like to share a new song she written, called "Nonstop" prod by Evrywhre. Apparently, Mickey is an nonstop hardworking workaholic! 
Mickey's new album 2 Weeks Notice drops on January 15th, BE READY!!
Go listen to "Nonstop" below

New EP Premiere: @AerielMusic "Sad Girls Club" EP

Los Angeles,CA have a new up and coming artist to make her dream come true. Singer/Songwriter Aeriel is ready to start the new year 2018 with the release of her debut EP Sad Girls Club. This project includes five tracks along with her 2017 single "Be Down". 
Sad Girls Club is written by Aeriel, produced and mixed by Corey Michael and Godflow and mastered by Chandler Brathwaite. I am looking forward hearing a lot more from Aeriel in the near future, wish her the very best and look out for her in the next five years. I got the time to ask the singer couple questions about her and her EP, read the Q & A below.
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Aeriel's Q & A: 1) For those who doesn't kno…

New Music: @SummerJad37 New Single "Dream With Me"

Happy New Year!! It's a brand new year and 2018 is definitely going to be Summer Jade's year to blow up and make a big breakthrough with her career. Chicago singer is doing her very best to work on her debut EP (hopefully it'll drop soon this year). I been sharing Summer's music all over social media and mentioning people to go check her out because she's the real deal, trust me. 
Concept on "Dream With Me" is about you having a passion for that future dream goal in life and you wanted a friend to be there to support you for no matter what. 
Check out Summer's new 2018 single below and please share it on social media