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(New Music) @BpTheArtist "Opposites Attract"

What's up everyone? I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine who I've known for years since the jerkin movement. Her name is Bella Porche young 20 year old from Oakland, she's currently working on her debut project coming soon this summer. Here's her new joint "Opposites Attract" featuring 21 year old singer/songwriter/rapper & producer from Decatur,Georgia ForeverN aDay, Mantra produced it.
The concept of this song is about it being a new age where true love doesn't exist because everyone doesn't wanna be serious and honest about what they really want out of a relationship then the bridge says.....
They don't know what real love is.They can't feel Love can't cure it they numb to this So much pain Meaning people get hurt & go look for another love to heal them but they end up hurt again because they don't focus on the real problem which is not knowing what real love is & what it looks like.They don't know wh…

World Premiere Video @ZellyVibes "Heavy Submarine"

Here's the WORLD PREMIERE of Las Vegas new upcoming artist who I been supporting very fully, her name is Zelly Vibes. The singer released her debut self-titled mix-tape a month ago and now this is her official first music video of her new single "Heavy Submarine". I want everyone to watch this video, subscribe her channel, like it, comment and share to friends and family. Download the mix-tape now: Follow Zelly's social media Twitter: Instagram:

(New Ivan Album) @IvanBnw "Layers Of Reflection"

What's up everyone? I been listening to new upcoming Bay Area music artists for awhile; artists like Marteen Estevez, Kehlani and much more but this artist who've I been listening to for a while now is Ivan B. Who is Ivan B? He's a young 20 year old coming straight out of the Bay Area and when I start listening to Ivan was from his second project Finding Better Places and my favorite song on that project was Edge of the World featuring Niykee Heaton. I would say that project happens to be my favorite but his new third album he just dropped Layers of Reflection is my most favorite right now. 
There are twenty-two new tracks plus the two new singles Price Tag and One Time Together featuring Marie Elizabeth. I just started listening to Layers of Reflection this morning and was amazed on this project. Features from Houston Kendrick, Cayman Cline and Marie Elizabeth and producers Ivan worked with are Tido Vegas, Chris Cella, Bobby Williams, Kevin Peterson and plenty more. Man …

(New Cheney Music) @Cheneyparsons "Astronomy"

I love listening to new upcoming artists from the UK because I believe they deserve to have full credit of what they do. This new artist who just followed me on Twitter, her name is Cheney Parsons and she is currently working on her upcoming mini-album titled The Coming EP which it will be releasing on June 17th. Her new single "Astronomy" produced by SoundofFractures.
The concept of this record is about knowing your worth and what you bring to the table and not accepting any less than you deserve. Owning your womanness. I think a lot of you girls let boys and men dictate their worth and it's upsetting cause they let people treat them so badly! So I wanted a song to empower them. The Coming EP drops June 17th!!

(New Music) @EricThaaHero "Fake Friends"

North Las Vegas unsigned artist Eric Tha Hero is currently working on his upcoming project titled Everyone Can't Be A Hero and will be dropping soon in June, I will be doing an exclusive article on his project as soon as he announced the release date. While we wait, here's that new Eric Tha Hero record "Fake Friends" produced by Foolie $urfin, listen to the record. Everyone Can't Be A Hero Coming Soon!!

(New Artist/New Music) @JorjaSmith "Where Did I Go?"

Another new artist that I just found and discovered on RnBass website. Singer/songwriter Jorja coming straight out of the UK in Walsall. She's young at around 19 or 20, she just released her new single "Where did I go?" produced by Cadenza, mixed and mastered by Engine Earz. Everyone take a listen to Jorja's new single and please give the UK artists some credit, support them please.  Buy on iTunes Now:

(New Indea Nikole EP) @IndeaNikole "Metamorphosis EP"

Hello everyone it is an honor of me to introduce you to a new upcoming artist who I been supporting and rocking with since day one. Singer/songwriter whom is originally from St.Louis but now living in Atlanta. The singer Indea Nikole put out a her latest single "Mirror Mirror" couple months ago on RnBass website. RnBass is a music website where you can find new upcoming artists from different countries and Indea is one of them. 
It's been a year since the fans been waiting for her to put out an EP but yet she did. This past Sunday, the singer just released her debut EP titled Metamorphosis and this project has seven tracks with one feature from Eron, productions by Squad 44, Kelly Portis and more. 
I expect everyone to give Indea Nikole a listen, spread her name and music to friends, family and others and tell them about how talented she is. Everyone please download this project or you can buy it on iTunes now, also follow her on social media just search Indea Nikole an…

(New Music) @MarteenEstevez "Funny" TSNMI

Man, Oakland is bringing out some new young talented artists but this young artist is killin it right now. Tsunami's new young 15 year old singer Marteen Estevez put out his new record "Pull Up" a month ago and that record was blowing up all over every radio stations. But now young Marteen put out another new anthem for Instagram "Funny" produced by JR Rotem. We are hopefully to be getting his debut mix-tape at anytime soon beginning of this summer but stay tuned, check out Marteen.

(NEW TSNMI) @Samariasmusic x Kehlani "Love Me Crazy"

Tsunami's new young Voicemail Queen Samaria is having a great journey of putting out two new videos off her debut mix-tape The Story of Right Now which is available now on iTunes so go buy it now. Samaria linked up with her older sister young queen of the Bay Kehlani to do a record together called "Love Me Crazy", check it out.

(New Alyxx Music) @AlyxxDione "Drunk Right Now"

If you been paying attention to Kelly Rowland's show Chasing Destiny every Tuesday night on BET network, you've may paying attention to Alyxx Dione on the show. This Tuesday night, they will decide who goes home or stays in a group. If they don't keep Alyxx, no matter what I love her and will still support my best friend until the end. Check out Alyxx's new music "Drunk Right Now" written, produced and mixed by herself and check out her remix cover to Drake's "One Dance".

(New RJ Mixtape) @RJMrLA "Ommio 3"

After releasing Ommio 2 last year, Mr.LA himself RJ had everyone glue sticked to that project and they were on that tape all day everyday. Seems like he's is becoming everyone's most favorite rapper coming straight out of West Coast. I been rocking with RJ when I first him on DJ Mustard's 10 Summers album and that's when I start staying listening to him non-stop. And right after listening to him being featured on Mustard's 10 Summers Mixtape Vol.1 and which there will be a part two for that as well this summer, I know it. RJ's fans been waiting patiently for him to release a new mixtape and couple weeks ago, he announced Ommio 3 and that's what got the fans super hyped up for it. 
Ommio 3 is the next new formula for 2016 and this time he has no features on this project, it's ALL RJ and producers he worked with are Larry Jayy, DJ Official, Authentic, Davo and much more. I believe this new RJ mixtape is going to be everyone's favorite that they are li…

(New Music) @OfficiallyZero @AndrewMeoray "Showed Up"

Young 18 year old rapper Zero coming straight outta Philly his birthday is tomorrow, he turns 19 and not only that he's releasing a new free album to celebrate his birthday. Zero just recently released three new songs to get the fans warmed up for the project. The first release track "Here with Me" featuring Dylan Reese won't be on it. I will be writing an article on his new album titled Your Forever tomorrow on my blog as soon as he drop it. The last track Zero just released today was "Showed Up" produced by Andrew Meoray. I need everyone to stay focus on this young artist Zero, he's the young version of Eminem and listen to him.  Download Your Forever Tomorrow!!