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New RNDM EP: @MickeyShiloh "RNDM 4" EP

Famously 25-year old independent singer and songwriter Mickey Shiloh been dominating the industry very heavy and she's killin it. This month, Mickey had put out Psych Ward Moves EP and two new singles. She and two of her friends; AKA Grip and Brilliance decided to put out another sequel RNDM 4 EP with verses from Grip and all tracks prod by Brilliance.
I want everyone go stream RNDM 4 right now, share your favorite song and go listen to the other RNDM EP's as well.
By the way, Mickey's new album 2 Weeks Notice drops on November 6th!

New Music: @SummerJad37 Shares Two New Records!

Chicago up and coming singer Summer Jade is making a brand of her identity being independent. Summer is currently taking her time, step by step working on her debut EP project which will be dropping soon in 2018. Yesterday, Summer released her new record "Forever Young" along with a verse from Chuck Jay. This track has that EDC party record that you can jump, song is prod by CB-Mix
Check out Summer's new record below

Oh wait a minute now...She decided to surprise us with another new song titled "One Too Many"

New Music Video: @KriziaOfficial "They Outta Know"

San Jose, California's new uprising singer Krizia put out her second eight EP project Higher back in June 2017. Krizia is definitely making her way up to that level in the industry, along with her boyfriend/producer De'La. She is working on releasing her upcoming album Higher (Rose Gold Edition) coming soon in 2018.

Yesterday, the songstress just put out her new music video "They Outta Know" featuring Trevis Romell, prod by De'La.

Subscribe her channel, watch the video, click the thumbs up button, comment to show love and share it out on social media. Click play button and watch the video!

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New Music: @ImJvzel Shares New Single "Tired Af"

Los Angeles new uprising star Jvzel works so hard and she's here to tell you all about it in her new single "Tired Af", prod by herself and Corey Michael. I like to hear more new music from Jvzel in 2018 and hopefully a solo project as well because I believe she's a dope af. Go check out Jvzel's new single below, it's also available on iTunes, etc.
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New Music: Nashville Artist @two19am "Here We Go"

Nashville, TN delivering a new upcoming talented artists; such as Milly Roze, Bella Moon, Kiya Lacey and Mia Reona. Nashville's new singer 2:19am is currently working on his debut upcoming project coming in 2018. The songstress wants to share his new record "Here We Go", prod by Flip. 
The concept of this song is about emotional turmoil, fall into the bass and let the pillow harmonies cascade you through an melodic. 
Download "Here we Go" below!

New EP: @MickeyShiloh "Psych Ward Moves" EP

Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh been on FIRE throughout this past summer fall season. After releasing Summer Wasted in July, Sad Songs in August, dropping Fears. in September and now the songstress is here to share her newest four-track EP Psych Ward Moves. The whole project is written by Mickey, produced by City of Dreams and Nathan Brush. The meaning behind of Psych Ward Moves is about expressing your crazy moves and emotions. 
Download Psych Ward Moves below!

White Plains NY: Lydia Jane @turtyleinthesky "Villain"

Lydia Jane is a young 20 year-old, born and raised White Plains, NY. Lydia is ready to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter and taking it to the next level as of becoming a big superstar. 20 year old songstress recently released her new single "Villain" prod by Young Taylor. Her singing and songwriting could change her whole life around. I do believe see her writing lyrics for Alicia Keys, Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown and much others.
Lydia's combination of old school Jazz with contemporary hip-hop beats. I would like for everyone go listen to her music and be on the lookout more from her in 2018.
Concept on "Villain" is a theatrical and exaggerated song about being in love with someone who causes you pain. It is about coming to terms with this fact and not necessarily knowing how to move on or cope with it....This record is very deep to listen to.
Lydia's Social Media Website: Twitter: Insta…

Happy 2 Yrs @LexiiAlijaii @RealShaunSloan The Process Joseph's Coat

Wow! Yesterday, two years ago St.Paul, Minnesota female rapper of J.Cole; Lexii Alijai and South Central, LA west-coast of Jay-Z; Shaun J released their 2015 mix-tapes Joseph's Coat and The Process on the same date October 15th. I can say that both of these projects meant the world to their dye hard fans. 
For example; Joseph's Coat gives you the since of closure. It helps you realize that some of the things that you are going through in life, Lexii raps about it. Songs like Green Tea, Morning After and February 19th, those tracks have helped fans with self love honestly and you don't need to depend on someone else for love.
As for The Process; that project helps you to rush through everything and try to compare yourself to someone else success. The song "No Pressure", it's helping you to slow down and not to pressure yourself into not taking your time to do anything. 
Why are these artists important for us listen to? Lexii and Shaun are important because th…

New Music Video: @OnlyyyJAYY "Ju$t 4 U"

1/2 of the Las Vegas duo-group Very Vegas; Jayy is getting ready to drop his next upcoming solo project pretty soon. This past summer, him and Kazzy Chase dropped their new hottest project Very Vegas 2.0 and Kazzy released his new project BoiFriend a month ago to celebrate a birthday. Check out Jayy's new video "Ju$t 4 U" directed by Christoper Castro, watch the video above and go download Very Vegas 2.0 below.

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World Premiere @AlexaFerrMusic's New Single "Rondevu"

R&B/Pop Artist Alexa Ferr is currently in the studio working on her upcoming EP project and hopefully we get to hear it real soon at end of this year or in 2018, we have to see. Couple months ago, Alexa put out her latest single "Room for 2" and now she's back with a brand new record. This new up-beat single "Rondevu" featuring a verse from LJ, prod by Th3ory of the Penhouse. 
I would like for everyone to go support Alexa Ferr, share her new single on social media and watch the music video below. Be on the lookout more from Alexa!
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Watch the video below

New Music: @OfficialAnaLou New Single "Cali Girl"

Los Angeles uprising artist Ana'Lou is working hard putting out new music and working on her upcoming album which will be releasing soon at anytime. Check out Ana'Lou's new single "Cali Girl", stream the audio version below and watch the music video as well.
Download "Cali Girl" 

Watch the video below

Happy BDay @ZellyVibes "Zelly Vibrations" EP

Now I've been keeping my eye on this young lady for a year and half and I am really impressed, proud of the success she has accomplished with her music. When I first met her and watched her perform, I said to myself "this girl is going to make it all the way" and yet she did. Watching her performing at more events and working very hard with her music it is incredible. 
Las Vegas singer Zelly Vibes is here to celebrates her 26th birthday today and she's also here to share her second project Zelly Vibrations EP. Zelly's EP includes six songs prod by MooseTheCoolest, Official DJ AR and Scandi Beats.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZELLY!! I would like for everyone to please go wish Zelly happy birthday, go listen to her new EP and share it to the new listeners. 

World Premiere London Artist @JoshuaKYEOT "Only One"

Joshua is a singer and songwriter from South London who writes soul songs with a timeless quality and has a tone that is immediately recognizable. The surname KYEOT stands for Keep Your Eyes/Ears On This which means to be on the lookout for Joshua in the future. Songstress is here to share his first debut hit single "Only One". Share his music to the new listeners, tell friends and family about Joshua and stay tuned for more from him. 
I really would like for everyone to take a listen to Joshua's new single "Only One", show him full support and lookout for more from him soon.
Produced by Max Marlow Mastered by Vincent Vu
Joshua's Social Media Twitter: FaceBook:

New Music: @MickeyShiloh ft @Aldaelong "Ain't No Competition"

Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh been working very hard, putting out three EP's this past summer, three RNDM EP's with her friends and she's not finished. The artist got her new album 2 Weeks Notice dropping on November 6th and next EP Organic which will be releasing before this year is over. Mickey wants to share the first single "Ain't No Competition" off the album, featuring this new artist Aldae who is also independently famously and record is produced by Christian and Hugh.

Be on the lookout for Mickey's new album 2 Weeks Notice November 6th! Stream the song below