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(New Music) @RMean "Jurassic Park"

LA independent artist R-Mean is getting prepared to release his new upcoming LP 7 Deadly Sins next week on July 7th and he has great features on this project. I'm not going to say who's featured on it,you're going to have to see for yourself when it releases. Now this new R-Mean record "Jurassic Park" is crazy, he gets two verses from Slaughter House member Crooked I and RCA/Baltimore's hardest rapper King Los. Los killed it and this track is produced by no other than Tha-Alumni's own Sean Brown, great productions. 7 Deadly Sins drops on July 7th!!

(New Ty$) @TyDollaSign's New Single "Blase"

California's anticipated producer/songwriter/singer Ty Dolla $ign is getting prepared to drop his debut album Free TC later this year which will be dropping on September 4th...not sure if that's the official actual date,we just have get an confirmation from Ty. But he's been dropping hit singles lately this year such as Drop that Kitty, Only Right and new hit single called "Blase". Ty's new single has two features from Future and Rae Sremmurd, this new record "Blase" will be appearing on the Free TC album.

(New Los Music) @iamKingLos ft @1Omarion "90's Interlude"

After the release of Baltimore's own King Los new album God,Money,War four days ago, he had his fans and everyone talking about this album. Everyone saying this is the best hip-hop out right now of summer 2015, they're saying he has the best lyrics and spits the best freestyle and I totally agree with them. I listened to the album, I enjoyed the project and it is an incredible album. There was one collaboration record that didn't make it on the album. Los decided to release this new free track "90's Interlude" featuring Omarion, check it out. Go Buy "God,Money,War" on iTunes now:

King Los - 90s Interlude Feat. Omarion

(New 90's Era Music) @NinetiesEra's New Music "Lou Williams"

So Philly's young independent team 90's Era Marzs, Soul Purpose, Fuzzy and Eric just decided to release a track about an NBA athlete Lou Williams dating two women and they both know each other. Like who dates two women at the same time and they know each other, smh...the hell is going on in the world right now? So listen to this track and share it out. Salute to 90's Era!!

(Exclusive Review) @MrSeanBrown "Solitude"

Ayeee What's going on everyone? Man Sean Brown,Sean Brown...There's so much to say about this outstanding artist right here. Let's all agree that he's killing the independent game right now, he's killing it with great amazing tracks, productions by himself and lyrics with punch lines is most important. While Tha Alumni rapper/producer was busy taking care of his son which is that he's a great father so congratulations to him, but that does not stop him to deliver music for his dedicated fans. From his latest mix-tape Mascot 2 back in October last year which became the hottest project out but Sean came back to deliver free music to get the fans prepared for his next new project. Last two songs he putted out was "The Man" and "40 Miles" and he's back with a new mix-tape titled Solitude. Now this project Solitude is going to be most talkative to have everyone to mention on the internet. 
I talked to few fans of Sean Brown and lurking aroun…

(New Music) @MrSeanBrown "Hustle 2 Get It"

Tha-Alumni rapper/producer/father Sean Brown is getting ready to drop his new mix-tape Solitude tomorrow, after releasing the self-titled track "Solitude (Interlude)" and today he just dropped "Hustle 2 Get It" produced by Static Beatz. Also I will be doing an exclusive review on Sean's project tomorrow as soon as it drops. Solitude TOMORROW!!

(New Trey Music) @Trey_Day_ "Never Bout Us"

One of my favorite artist who I've been supporting and he's a dope lyricist. My homie Trey Day is still currently working on his second upcoming mix-tape "The Interlude" it's on the way. Now he just dropped a new track for the ladies, song is called "Never Bout Us" featuring Lani Dawson who did a good job on the vocals. Check out Trey's new song, share it out and support him all the way.

(Bay Area Anthem) @Kehlanimusic "Champion"

So five Bay Area superstars Kehlani, G-Eazy, Iamsu, Lil'B and P-Lo all linked up together to put out an Bay Area anthem to celebrate the Golden State Warriors for winning the NBA championship this year. The anthem record is called "Champion" produced by HBK's own P-Lo and I really can not stop listening to this record. All of the artists killed it, i think G-Eazy killed it with the illest verse and the beat is crazy. Check out this record.

(New Pries) @iamPries ft Jimmie Murphy "U Make Me"

Well Denver's hardest working artist Pries is getting his fans prepared to release his new mix-tape series No Glue 3 to be releasing soon this year. After releasing the new latest tracks like Kiss Me, Last Forever and Stick Up but now he just released his new record "U Make Me" featuring Jimmie Murphy. And this new track will be appearing on No Glue 3 so stay tuned everyone.

(New Music) @JustineSkye ft @VicMensa "I'm Yours"

Brooklyn's young purple unicorn Justine Skye is killing the game right now, she's getting ready and pumped up to release her second album titled Emotionally Unavailable tomorrow. While we wait til it's released, Justine decided to drop her third new single "I'm Yours" featuring Roc Nation's new signee Vic Mensa, this record is also available on the project. Emotionally Unavailable drops Tomorrow!!

(New Sean Brown) @MrSeanBrown "Solitude (Interlude)"

Now Sean Brown happens to be Tha-Alumni's hardest working artist right now and there's no one that's going to stop his hard work ethic. I spoke to Sean and he says this new project Solitude going to be his best masterpiece he has put in. I believe all the projects and free music he has putted out is all of his best works. While we waiting on Sean's new mix-tape Solitude dropping this Wednesday, he just released the self-titled track "Solitude (Interlude)" produced by Joey Castellani, get ready for the mix-tape this Wednesday!!

(Album Review) @GiuliettaMusic's "XXI"

Introducing Giulietta
Hey everyone how's it going? It is an honor of introducing this new uprising artist coming straight out of Melbourne, Australia. The artist name is Giulietta, she's a singer/songwriter. I believe I found her music and info on RnBassMusic website and that's right when i start checking out her music, she's really pretty good. I haven't really been up on her all the time but i still support her all the way. Giuletta just released her new album XXI this past Tuesday, great album and amazing songs on the project. I got the chance to chat with Giulietta on Twitter, tell her she's on her way there and she's killing it. Got the time to email her and send her couple questions about her and music, she gave me great answers. Go Buy "XXI" on iTunes now: Sound-Cloud:
Giulietta's Q and A Hey Giulietta how's it going? Congratulations on your n…

(New Kyndall) @OfficialKyndall "Female Energy"

Houston's young talented female artist Kyndall who I've been supporting and rocking with since day one. The young Kyndall been dropping so many #TrillTuesday remixes to other artists records. Now here's her new remix to Willow Smith's record "Female Energy", check it out.

(New Niykee Music) @NikeeHeaton "NBK"

I've been following up on Niykee Heaton's music and herself as well for a while and she's killing it. She just did an interview/photo shoot with Complex and she just released a new song called "NBK (Natury Born Killer)". This record is written by Niykee and produced by her and BONGO, also you can buy her shirts online:

(New Marzs Music) @Marzsss "Kyoto"

Ayeee okay,young Philly's own Marzs been releasing couple free tracks for his dedicated fans and they are seemly to be enjoying the new music. He continues on hustling and making new music for them, that's what they want to hear from him and it's great. So now, Marzs was making a promise that he would release this new record at any time soon and yet, he did. This new song "Kyoto", mixed by Elevate Sound Studios check it out & download now.

(New Music) @VanessaElisha's New Single "Down for This"

Australian singer Vanessa Elisha is back with her new 2015 single "Down for This" produced by B.Lewis and this new record will be appearing on her new album Good Ones coming soon later this year, stay tuned everyone.

(New Eric B.) @EricBellinger "iPod on Shuffle"

Now Mr.R&B aka Eric Bellinger been putting out new music this year, he was nominated for XXL's 2015 Class Freshman but didn't make the cut, it's cool though he's still the best artist out. Eric Bellinger been working so hard on his new album Cuffing Season since from his following up project Choose Up Season last year. First congratulations to Eric, he's engaged to Lamyia Good and he's bout to be a father this year, congrats to him. Eric finally announced the release date of the new album Cuffing Season will be releasing on July 7th. Plus here's the first single "iPod on Shuffle" produced by Ayo the Producer, check it out.

(New Abrina Music) @Abrinamusic "Fire"

I've been following up on this young lady right here, here name is Abrina she's from San Diego,CA but now she's residing in LA right now. Abrina been doing real good with her music plus her latest EP My Playground which is available now on iTunes. Here's her new single off her EP, single titled "Fire" and I'm really pretty sure, I know this record right here is going blow up all over in the West Coast. Check out her new single "Fire" and request the record all over every radio stations.

(Exclusive Review/New Artist) @SheisBMusic "Warm EP"

Hello everyone? I have this new young talented artist; she's a singer, songwriter and produce her own music. This artist name is Brenna Campbell, she was born and raised in Fresno,CA then she originally moved to Los Angeles to make a living in life. Plus when she told me that she was pursuing career as a police officer, said to myself "whaaat?". I didn't know who she was before and I think I found her music on RnBassmusic website. Listened to her song "Blow Your Mind", she has an lovely voice and has some great vocals. So I went on Twitter to follow her, gave her a shout-out and read her info that she was releasing an EP project to give her fans a little sneak preview of her music. And yet, Brenna just happens released her very first project Warm EP today and I really expect everyone to check out Brenna Campbell, listen to her music and share music to family/friends, you must support her. I actually got the chance to talk to her on Twitter, told her that i…

(New Mixtape Review) @EarllyMac "Cousin Trap"

I been keeping up with this rapper from Detroit, his name is Earlly Mac and he's really good, flow is dope as fuck. The latest project I downloaded from him was "God Knows EP" and that project is really pretty good so everyone should go get that now on iTunes. Now Mac been releasing couple new tracks and videos from his new mix-tape Cousin Trap which is available now on iTunes and exclusively free to download on HNH.  Mac's new project has couple features from Trinidad James, Bizzy Crook, Trae the Truth and plenty other features and whole project is produced by Ice-Pic. I expect everyone to go download or buy Cousin Trap right now if you don't have it, tell friends/family to listen to Earlly Mac he's up next in the game.

Earlly Mac - Cousin Trap

(New Music) @VictoriaMonet_ "See the Light"

Hey Everyone how's it going? Now Victoria's new next upcoming project Nightmares And Lullabies: Act 2 will be releasing on June 16th. While we waiting on that, She has been releasing new music such as in the beginning of May, she released her new singles 90's Babies and High Luv. This past Monday, Victoria just dropped his new third single titled "See the Light" which is available on iTunes right now. All these new music will be available on her new album on June 16th so get ready everyone including Victorians!!

(New Mixtape Review) @Privaledge "They Hated"

What's up everyone? It's a great honor of myself to introduce you to this new upcoming artist coming straight out of Southwest Philadelphia, Privaledge is the name. I have never heard of this dude before or never listen to his music but when he followed me on Twitter and started rt'ding my tweets, I'm like "well...okay, this dude Privaledge re-tweeted me. So I did my homework on Privaledge, checked out his old latest projects on his Sound Cloud page and he's really dope and his flow is crazy. I followed him back on Twitter, sent him a tweet and told him that I would like to do an written review on his new mix-tape They Hated which was released just yesterday and yup that's right I downloaded the project, all the tracks are crazy. 
I got the chance to talk to Privaledge to ask him questions about himself and his music plus including his new project They Hated. This mix-tape is only holds thirteen tracks with features from Judge Da Boss and Sha-Sha Jones an…