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New Music: Las Vegas Artist @Jazsarae "I Might"

Las Vegas emerging new artist Jazsarae is working her way to build up her music career. Her latest song "In My Route" was released last year but now she puts out a new song "I Might". Go check out this record, share it and support Jaz. 
Download below!

New Artist: Las Vegas @xmvndx_ "Not Alone"

Las Vegas is building up some new young talented artists and this young lovely Amanda is one of them. Once you listen to Amanda's music,you will hear and notice the type of sound that can make you feel some type of way. The songstress is working on more new music and hopefully we get a full mini-project from Amanda at anytime soon this year or next time. Her new latest r&b soul smooth record "Not Alone" prod by Yondo. Go check out her music and pay attention to Amanda as a new upcoming artist coming straight out of Vegas.
Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Download "Not Alone" below

New Mixtape: @WelcometoSaturn "Truth Is,I'm Always Annoyed"

New Jersey is delivering some new youngest artists such as Lily Massie, Rio Kwess and Semii but there's another Jersey affiliate artist, her name is Saturn Alexander. Now I have been supporting Saturn for the longest, she's a great friend/sister to me. I do remember way back then, Saturn used to be a dancer as in jerkin but now she's a music artist. She just recently released her first project with no features, produced by Zac Schram, SoundsbySoy and much more. I really would like for everyone to please give Saturn a listen and share her project.

New Music: @StillTech_ "W.Y.T.T."

New Jersery rapper/DJ/clothing designer Still Tech is currently working on his debut mix-tape which is on the way, stay tuned. Other besides of his music, he's a talented clothing designer with his new brand called Vizionare where you can shop on the website below. Two months ago, Tech recently put out his new latest record "I Do It" featuring Tha-Alumni recording artist Vee Tha Rula. Now he's back with another smash hit track "W.Y.T.T. (Who Yo Talkin To)" prod by LaydownMusic. Listen to Tech's music below and buy his merchandise below.
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Exclusive New Music: @Sarakashani_ "Shoulda Known Better"

Los Angeles new upcoming singer Sara Kashani put out her latest breakthrough record "Do It To You" couple months ago but now she returns with something new and smooth. Sara's new 2017 r&b/soul single "Shoulda Known Better" with a fire verse from Hustle Gang rapper Translee. The first new single off Sara's debut EP titled Tonight at Midnight dropping on September 26th. Please go share her music, support Sara and be on the lookout for her EP.
Sara Kashani's Social Media Twitter: Instagram:
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New Music: Brand New @SummerJad37 "Trouble"

There's nothing better of hearing new music on Monday's and Friday's. Chicago singer/songwriter/model Summer Jade is currently working on her way up to finish up her debut EP which is coming soon. Her new record "Trouble" produced by CBMix and NickEBeats. This is that type of song that you catch your boyfriend flirting with other females and you want to get in a fight with those skanky females. Check out "Trouble" below.

New EP: @MickeyShiloh "Summer Wasted" EP

Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh who have been writing for big artists names like Janet Jackson, LL Cool J, Cassie, Britney Spears, Pitbull and many more you can think of. As a fan, I've been a real big supportive of Mickey's career since the beginning and can I just say that she's one of the best independent artist/songwriter. When I first listened to Mickey, I said to myself "okay let me stay focus on this artist and see what's her next move going to be." It's finally here, FINALLY!! I have been waiting so long for Mickey to put out a full album, mix-tape or an EP but yet she finally granted my wish.
Mickey's first born baby, her six-tracks debut EP Summer Wasted with no features, production engineered by Prince Christhan and Hugh Anderson III. I would like for everyone please show Mickey lots of support and go check out Summer Wasted online now. 

New Mixtapes: @MrSeanBrown "86 Camaro" @Faahz "Noisey"

Two beat makers from California, Tha-Alumni's rapper/producer/songwriter Sean Brown and Traklife radio host/actor/voice talent/beatbox Faahz. And let me just say that you unknown artists better start contacting Sean and Faahz for their beats because they're beats is FIRE!!
 Last week on June 30, Faahz dropped his first debut beat mix-tape Noisey with seven instrumentals. Today, Sean Brown released his 20 beats all produced by him, of course. 
Purchase 86 Camaro on iTunes:
"The energy of the tape is unrefined, controlled chaos" - Faahz Take a Listen to Noisey below

New Artist Alert: Listen to @Ariana_Nova "Permanent"

Emerging new young artist from South Carolina, Ariana Nova is showing off her sexiness by sharing her debut song "Permanent". If you are interested listening to new young artist then Ariana Nova is that artist you should definitely check out. Be on the look out more new music soon from her and listen to her new song below!
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Download "Permanent" below

New Music: @LexiiAlijai "Family Feud" Remix

Yesterday the icon Jay-Z released his 13th ten track album 4:44 and there's has been so many great reactions to this album. Everyone is enjoying playing the album on repeat including Lexii Alijai. The young Minnesota female emcee put out her remix to HOV's "Family Feud", a fan asked her did she sleep and she responded back.....By the way, Lexii's new mix-tape is on the way!!

Download "Family Feud" below!!

New Music: @JaylaDarden "Idea 422"

Yet again the Atlanta singer/producer Jayla Darden is back with another Idea series, couple days ago she put out "Idea 441". Now we got the newest one "Idea 422", of course produced/lyrics written/mixed & mastered by the talented Jayla. I am very amazed by this young artist, I believe Jayla is the next upcoming artist to blow up. Go check out Jayla's music and hopefully we'll get a full project from her anytime soon.

New Music: @MandiRose_ "If You Like To"

21 year old R&B/Pop singer Mandi Rose put out her new latest single "Bout to Ride" couple months ago but now she a new record as a summer anthem. Her new song "If You Like To" prod by Polo is a Reggae, R&B-Caribbean music for you to dance to and drink to. You can play this song while you driving out to beach in California. Go check out Mandi's new song, show support to her!

New Music: @OfficiallyZero "Anyway"

The young Philadelphia rapper Zero tagged Lox Chatterbox and Ryan Oakes to jump on this new banger "Anyway" prod by Andre Meoray. Be on the lookout for more new free music from Zero and new mix-tape on the way, probably. Check out "Anyway" below!

New Music: @Ayellemusic ft @Nakalaviiv "Rush"

Los Angeles singer Ayelle and U.K. singer Nakala joined up together to do this slow wave up-tight record titled "Rush" produced by Sixviiv and mixed/mastered at Waterworks. I suggest everyone to keep their eyes on these talented ladies, these artists are working very hard. I have been catching up on each of them for a while and I am liking the process that they are doing. Be on the lookout more new music from Ayelle and Nakala and go purchase Ayelle's new single on iTunes now.
"Rush" on iTunes now:
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Nakala's Social Media: Twitter: Instagram:

New Music: @KazzyChase x @OnlyyyJayy "July 1st"

It's the first of the month...HAPPY JULY 1ST!! 
In the honor of celebrating this month, start rolling up a blunt, smoke it out and vibe out to this new record by Very Vegas; Kazzy Chase and Jayy "July 1st". This track is prod by JC Beatz, go vibe out to this new Kazzy and Jayy, play it at party events/house parties and share it out on social media.
Kazzy's Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Sound Cloud:
Jayy's Social Media: Twitter: Instagram:

New Music: @LexiiAlijai "Young Black America (Remix)"

There's new best female rapper and she's a young 19 yr old from St.Paul, Minnesota, her name is Lexii Alijai. A month ago, she put out her Beyonce remix "Me, Myself and I" but now here's her new remix to Meek Mill's new single "Young Black America". Young Lexii is about to shut the whole summer down as soon as she release her new mix-tape....BE READY!!

New Music: @SamieSaya ft @MeshBanga "Like That"

Making her way out of Los Angeles, new upcoming artist Samie Saya goes in on this record standing up for the ladies! Fellas fall back if she's not into you, stay in the friend zone she just doesn't "Fuck with you like that" hot fire verse from female emcee Mesh Banga
Record produced by Kidd Jove , mixed and mastered by Sean Brown. Samie is currently working on her debut EP project which will be releasing soon so stay tuned. Check out the new record "Like That" below, show Samie a lot of support and love and share it to friends and DJ's.
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New Mixtape: @PeterLaBeaud "Walking on Water"

New Orleans newest upcoming rapper Peter LaBeaud is a young hard working artist who I can see is definitely going to make his way out there. This is my first time listening to a full project from Peter, "Hand Over Fire"ft Lexii Alijai was the first record that got me hooked on Peter's music. When I first heard Peter's flow, I was amazed by the way he was rapping and his music is a good vibe out to.
Title of his new mix-tape Walking On Water: The Prelude has twelve new tracks with features from Lexii Alijai, Kay Anthony, Mehkai Orion, and much more and producers he worked with Cee B, Mubz Beats, Jake Uno, Terrace Martin and more. My favorite tracks on this project is Hand Over Water, Who's with You and You've Got Something/Where U Been. 
I'm a say that this new Peter project is something special and very deep to listen to. I really would like everyone please go LISTEN to Walking on Water: The Prelude. Share this mixtape to friends and family, tell them ab…

New Music Video: Go Watch @TheRealJuliann "Vibe"

After recovering from the shooting incident, the rapper Juliann Alexander is healing up much better and staying strong as always. I'm pretty sure Juliann is working on his new upcoming project which is coming soon but he did release his new single "VIBE" prod by Zale x S.L.M.N. Go grab the new single on iTunes, Spotify and watch the video above.


New Music: @Farahneoteric ft @sheisBaegod 'Icy"

Two months ago coming from Corona,CA female singer Farah put out her debut project XELF but she's back with something new to keep ya'll warmed up. My thoughts on Farah is a talented artist and I want to see her to make it all way more further. Farah was hot but now she's feeling so Icy and sexy. She linked up with Baegod to do a record together, I suggest ya'll go listen to this "Icy" record, download it and share it please.

New Music: Brand New Ana Vee "Play it Again"

Jersey got a new R&B artist blowing up and she's doing it on her own. Ana Vee's last new record "Without You" reached over 2,000 plays on Sound Cloud, produced by Thomas Crager and yet he produced another hot record for Ana. Go check out the new song "Play it Again" and be on the lookout for more new music from Ana Vee.

New Vegas Artist: @OnlyyyJayy "Lost & Found" EP

Every each city create their own sound in music genre but Las Vegas sound is much more different than the others. The only rapper who's really blowing up from Vegas is Dizzy Wright and there's are different artists make their own music. I only listen to R&B singers from Vegas but never listened to any rappers at all though but I believe I found one and he's hella dope as fuck. This young artist Jayy who I just discovered this past weekend performing along side with Las Vegas affiliate Zelly Vibes
As I was watching Jayy's performance, I said to myself "Okay this dude is nice! I think i found my new favorite Vegas rapper."I was feeling his vibe, his style and he's so energetic when he was performing. After the performance, we chopped it up and told him that he did a great job performing and followed him on social media, asked him questions about himself and his music. Jayy is a positive person, he's a very chill guy. 
I got the chance to give a l…

New EP: @MyiahLynnae "Back In The Daze"

Who's here enjoying the new generation of R&B Soul? I know I am...
There's are so many young talented female singers who are the new generation of R&B/Soul and they are killin it. New generation R&B artists like Milly Roze, Kiya Lacey, Bella Moon, Brandy Nichole, Maya Milian and much more but there's another female singer who's been doing her thing for a while. Douglasville, GA's new upcoming singer Myiah Lynnae returns releasing her debut EP Etheral in 2016, here's her brand new second project Back In The Daze and can I just say that Myiah puts out some real R&B music. 
Back In The Daze has nine new tracks and one feature guest by her boyfriend whom is also an singer/rapper/producer Oshea. Oshea also did put out his new mixtape Cadillac Beach a month ago and Myiah is on that project as well. People who are fans of Myiah's music, they are really enjoying the new Back In The Daze and here's some the reactions from them. I would like for e…

New Music: @Elise5000 ft @JAnthny98 "Neva Chase"

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Elise 5000 is currently working on her upcoming project which is coming soon. While we wait, the singer linked up with Champions Only recording artist/producer/songwriter J.Anthny to jump on their new collab record "Neva Chase", prod by M-Millz. Be on the lookout for Elise's project soon and go listen to the new song below.

New Music: Toronto Artist @HaleySmall "Chocolate"

After releasing her debut EP Heart of Gold, Toronto's new upcoming artist Haley Small is working her way up to the top and doing it very well. Shoutout to her producer Megaman producing all of her hot tracks plus including her new record "Chocolate" which is produced by him. Go check out Haley's music below and pay close attention to her movement.

New Music Video: @_JonnyPrise "Temperature"

White Plains, NY emcee Jonny Pri$e getting ready to turn up the heat with his new HOT summer record "Temperature" prod by NA the Producer. Jonny got something cookin up in the studio working on a new music and upcoming project, let's all stay tuned for that. Watch his new video above and listen to the audio version below.

Video directed by UpstateGroove

Jonny's Social Media:

New Music: @Cymphonique's New Single "Between Us"

Cymphonique, the daughter of New Orleans icon Master P, who is also the princess of No Limit Records is working on her upcoming EP titled No Days Off no release date yet. The young singer-songwriter recently released her new slow jam "Between Us" featuring Jeremih out now on her Sound Cloud page. Press play below, listen to Cymphonique's new single and be on the lookout for her new EP dropping soon.

New Love Music: @Trahnay's New Single "Honest"

Looking for that new R&B/Soul?
Emerging from Baltimore, Maryland singer-songwriter Trahnay got something to get off her chest and she would explain it in her new record "Honest". If you have feelings for that special someone who you want to be in a relationship with, well this is that type of song that can put you in a loving mood. 
Trahnay is currently taking her music very slow but she really wants to do it very seriously and I believe in her. Please go check out her new single "Honest" below, share it to friends and family and tell your peoples about Trahnay.
Song written by Tamyra Trene Prod by Tyler Moonlight Arranged by Tyler and Tamyra
Trahnay's Social Media"

New Music/New Artist:Chicago @Davionss New Single "Rise"

19 year old young emcee from Chicago; Davion is pursuing on making his dream to become a big artist out of his city. As for now, Davion is currently working on new upcoming solo projects but taking it slow. I suggest ya'll to please take your free time to listen to this kid music and share it to people who are really into real music. Davion's new latest single "Rise" featuring chorus vocals by Dhani and Sam Dillard (cousin). This record is basically about full blown energy and listening to fun lyricism.
Prod by Aced Spade Engineered & Recorded at Classick Studios in Chicago
Davion's Social Media:

New Music: Nashville Singer @219lee "Make Me Forget"

Nashville is building up great talents and this young man got those type of talent. New R&B singer Lee is currently working on his debut EP which will coming real soon. While we wait on that, he happens to put out his new wave record "Make Me Forget". Be on the lookout for Lee's new project coming soon and pay close attention to him, he's up next.
With this selection we experience the justification of the dysfunctional mechanism's used by Lee to cope with his pain. Through passion, emotion and Hi-hats Lee expresses a trait we've never seen before in Lee, vulnerability.
"I don't wanna do this no more, This ain't even what I asked fore. Feelings that I can't ignore, losing myself cause I'm still yours" - Lee

New Music: Go Listen @SummerJad37 "No Chill"

Chicago's upcoming artist Summer Jade still working on her debut EP (no title) but it's coming soon. Summer release another club banger record "No Chill" prod by Chris Barnett. Now Chris has made beats for big main stream/independent artists like Lil'Durk, Young Dolph, Vic Mensa and much more. I suggest everyone to give Summer Jade a listen and please be on the lookout for her debut project coming soon.
Summer Jade's Social Media:

New Video: Las Vegas Artist @JesssicaManalo "Maybe"

Las Vegas is building up so many new upcoming artists with great talent and this young girl right here is one of them. As a fan, I been supporting Jessica Manalo for a yea or two now and she's blowing up. She's currently performing at public places in Vegas, she do have a new show performing at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, May 27th. I suggest everyone go see her perform live and support her. Be on the lookout for Jessica's new upcoming project, new music on the way including shows as well. Please watch her new video "Maybe" above and share it to friends and family.

Jessica's Social Media:

New Single @lilxrosie "Chemical Reaction"

New artist from California, Rosie Marie return with a new smooth R&B love song for you and your bae to vibe out to. She's in the studio working on her upcoming project which will be dropping soon. Check out her new record "Chemical Reaction" prod by Mixsurgeons and I expect everyone to take a listen to Rosie, she's your new favorite artist.

Rosie's Social Media:

New Music: Go Listen to @Ayellemusic "Lacuna"

London singer-songwriter Ayelle is back with a new record from her following up single "Issues" couple months ago. Her new R&B/Soul smooth record "Lacuna" prod by ChenBeats and hopefully we get a new project from Ayelle at anytime soon this year. Lookout for Ayelle in the future and check out her music below.
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Ayelle's Twitter: Ayelle's Instagram: Sound Cloud:
Listen to "Lacuna" below

New Music: @LexiiAlijai "Me,Myself and I" Remix

Young Lexii Alijai is working on her next upcoming project which is coming real soon. "Nasty 19" was the last latest record Lexii released on her birthday in February but she's back now. Lexii's new remix freestyle is over Beyonce's classic record "Me, Myself & I", stop sleeping on this girl and keep your eye out on Lexii, she's the next best female rapper. Be on the lookout for Lexii's next project.

New Single: @BritneyJalone's "Alcoholic Wisdom"

California got a brand new breed of talent and I would like to introduce you to this new singer Britney Jalone and she delivers something for ya'll to turn up. Britney is your new type of artist who you can listen to every day and vibe out to. Her official first new single "Alcoholic Wisdom" featuring Humble and it is available now on every platform.
Purchase "Alcoholic Wisdom" on iTunes:

New Music: @LilyMassie "Love You More"

Young teenage female emcee/singer coming from New Jersey, Lily Massie been doing really well this year. She went on tour this past February through March, signed to a label, put out two new music and now she's working on her debut album. I'm very proud of her, I can't wait for her to go all the way with her career. Lily did something very special, she wrote a lovely Mother's day song for everyone to play for their moms to celebrate. New song "Love You More" is something about how much Lily appreciates her mom's support,love and caring. So everyone share this song with your mom, grandmother, aunties and whoever is a mom and tell them that you love them so much.

New Artist,New EP: @CheneyParsons "Sad Gurl"

Emerging U.K. singer-songwriter Cheney has finally, FINALLY released her debut four-track EP Sad Gurl. Her last hit record was "Astronomy" and now the London artist is back with her debut project, everything produced, mixed/mastered by Echo Knolls and of course songs written by Cheney. I really suggest everyone to go take a listen to Sad Gurl share it to friends, family and social media; tell them that Cheney is their new favorite artist.
Cheney's Social Media:

New Music Friday: @ToodamnSoulful "Ambition"

Toronto is bringing out a lot of new talents and this new artist is one of them. This new upcoming artist Soul and seems like he's been making music for a while now. I'm just now discovering him and getting to know his music. Soul just recently released a new love song for you and your girlfriend or boyfriend to vibe out to, title of the song is called "Ambition", produced by Drew Taylor and mixed/mastered by Emerson Brooks. Keep your eyes out on Soul and wait on more new music from him soon.
Soul's Social Media:
Download "Ambition" below

New Music: @MrSeanBrown "Ocean Waves"

Sean Brown; Tha Alumni Music Group artist hasn't put out new music in a while since his last latest "Zombie" back in December 2016. Now Sean is back with a new hot record "Ocean Waves" produced by himself, something to put you in a wavey moment. Sean Brown is currently working on his new upcoming project which will be his last one so keep your eye out for that. Download "Ocean Waves" below and show your support to Sean Brown!

New Music: @BellaMoonMusic "Bump and Grind"

Nashville singer-songwriter Bella Moon decides to put out something sexy for you and your bae to get freaky with, if you know what I mean. Last year, Bella put out her first EP Pink Potion then two months ago she released the "Teach Me" remix ft DC artist Vann. But now she's back with a new sexy single "Bump and Grind" and yes same title as R.Kelly's hit record back in 1993. Bella's new record has that new smooth R&B freaky vibe; song written by her, produced by Donato and engineered by TMcGee. Listen to Bella's new single and be on the lookout for her new upcoming project.

Brand New Music: @BrittanyB_Music New Single "Wind Down"

Compton have a new queen of the city and her name is Brittany B. The 26 year old talented singer/songwriter came a long way writing lyrics for artists names like Lyrica Anderson, Brave Williams, Chrisette Michele and more. The singer Brittany is currently working on her new upcoming album Things Change which will be releasing soon this year. 
She happened to put out the first single "Wind Down" off the album, new record is available now on iTunes, etc. Be on the lookout for Brittany's new album dropping real soon but for now, take a listen to her new single and share it to friends, family and social media. 
Purchase "Wind Down" on iTunes:
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Please Support Brittany!!

New Music: @SummerJade77 New single "Charlie Brown"

You like new music? You like listening to new artist? Well here you go...
Los Angeles new upcoming female singer Summer Jade is currently working on her debut upcoming EP which will be dropping soon this year. Here's her new single "Charlie Brown" and it's a new vibe, new energy record for you to check out. Be on the lookout for Jade's debut EP coming soon, share her music and please support her...Thank you!
Summer Jade's Social Media:

Streaming: Listen to @Julissaucy "Surroundings" EP

It is an honor of me to introduce you to this new young artist Julissa Rodriguez, 17 year old from Pennsylvania and on her way to graduate in 2018, congratulations to her. Following up from her latest project All Around Me, Julissa just recently released her five track EP Surroundings with no features. All songs written, produced, mixed and mastered by herself and I really would like for the new listeners to take a listen to Julissa's EP, share it on social media and tell your friends family about her. Go listen to Surroundings below and follow her social media networks.
Follow Julissa's Social Media:

New Music: @FromIvanB New Single "Need You Still"

Oakland rapper Ivan B is getting ready to put out his new upcoming album Forgive Me For My Honesty coming soon. Here's the first single off the album; new record "Need You Still" featuring Keith Fontano produced by Kevin Peterson. Go listen to Ivan's new single below and be on the lookout for his album dropping soon.

New Music Listen: @CheneyParsons "Can't Be Friends"

England singer/songwriter Cheney just recently put out a new record "The Coming" yesterday but now she's releasing the official first single "Can't Be Friends" off her debut upcoming Sad Gurl EP. Now her EP is coming soon but while we wait, go ahead and listen to Cheney's two new tracks and be ready for Sad Gurl EP. 

New EP Listen: @Altheaoxi "Cold Thoughts" EP

London has created so many talented artists and Althea is one of them. This young female artist just recently released her new EP project Cold Thoughts includes five new tracks. I suggest everyone to support these new independent artists and share their music out. Listen to Althea's new EP below, share it out and be on the lookout more from her.
Purchase Cold Thoughts EP Stream:
Althea's Social Media: Twitter Instagram

New Music: @Lizzylandmusic's New Single "Beat Goes On"

There's a new artist from Los Angeles who's building her dream in the making. New artist singer/songwriter Lizzy Land recently put out her new single "Beat Goes On" and hopefully we get to hear an EP from Lizzy later this year. Check out her new record below and be on lookout for Lizzy in the industry.
Lizzy's Social Media:

New Music: @CheneyParsons "The Coming"

England female singer/songwriter Cheney is currently working on her upcoming project Sad Gurl EP which is coming soon. As we wait, here's the release of her new record "The Coming" and you can watch the music video below.

Cheney's Social Media:

Watch "The Coming" music video below: