New Music: @PapiChuloTeej "Aaliyah" (R.I.P Aaliyah)

First off, moment of silence to pay respect to the lovely Aaliyah. Her legacy will still be forever remembered....Rest in Paradise Aaliyah, We love and miss YOU!! 
Las Vegas uprising rapper Teej is currently back in the studio working on new upcoming tunes to drop next year. This past summer he put out the hottest indie album Spotlight which got so many great responses. If you need a new artist and new tunes to put you in a good mood, Teej is your new favorite artist right now and everyday. 
The Vegas artist is back with new tunes for ya'll to vibe out to. Teej is here to share his new single titled "Aaliyah" prod by the dope-st beat maker Will Steller, engineered by the one and only Dawson. Teej is now working on an EP and Spotlight 2 for 2019 so stay tuned for that. Go follow this talented artist on social media, check out his music and share it with your friends. 
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New Music: @QueenPheena New Single "Thrilla"

Los Angeles singer and songwriter Queen Pheena is currently working on her upcoming album which will be releasing real soon. Just a month ago, singer Pheena put out her new latest single "P*ssy Miles" but she return with another banger. Singer just released her second song "Thrilla" prod by Jacob Plant and lyrics written by Pheena herself. Please stay tuned for more Pheena music and hopefully she will put out an album this year or early next year. Go check out the new single Thrilla out now!!

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New Exclusive Music: @WhoIsaiahJordan "The Single"

My new up and coming artist Isaiah Jordan is going back and forth in the studio taking his time working on the album which is coming very soon in 2019. Let me just say that I really believe in this guy and all I'm trying do is become the best manager for him and take him to that next level to become the best new artist in the new industry. 
Isaiah teamed up with WunLuv affiliate rapper Bandman Herbo produced by Ellusive and Eljay. New record "The Single" behind is that new trap wave. I really want everyone to show Isaiah full support and share his music with your friends and on social media. Stay tuned for his album and much more new music on the way. 
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World Premiere: @Cybermuaa New Single "Worth It"

Las Vegas has delivered a new young artist and this young songstress is going to be something in the future. Megan Williams been working on her music for awhile, took a little break but hey she's back!! This record is such a loving song. Megan is currently working on her upcoming debut EP which will be dropping real very soon, stay patiently waiting. 
She's here to to deliver her new single "Worth It" prod by P-Dub, mixed and mastered by C.Ray. I would like for everyone to go download Megan's new song, show her full support and share it out on social media. I'm very super proud of Megan, I'm looking forward of being her music manager and take her career to the next level. 
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Brand New @SamieSaya New Song "Watchin Me"

Now it has been awhile since the singer songwriter Samie Saya has put out new music but guess what, she's back!! I have been supporting this young lady for a year and she's a dope artist, believe me. Samie is back in the studio working on more new music and her upcoming EP is still definitely on the way, please stay patient. 
Samie made a return with her new record "Watchin Me" produced by my guy Til Dec, mixed and mastered by Tha-Alumni dope-st producer/artist Sean Brown salute to him. This song is basically about Instagram and men not texting their women back. I want everyone please go support my friend Samie go download her new single on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.
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New Music: @Hopemusic30 New Single "Try Me"

Las Vegas Pop/R&B singer songwriter Hope been on the grind for years with her music career. I'm really very fond of this young lady she's super very talented and work really hard. I stay contact with Hope few times each day to check up on her and see what's the new update on her music, she's really working. Vegas singer is already on her way to open up a big event for Houston's dope-st rapper Kirko Bangz and that's amazing!! 
Las Vegas artist is currently in the studio everyday working on her debut album, already got six songs done mixed not mastered yet but her project is coming real very soon. Hope is here to share her new single "Try Me" featuring Monique prod by Theory. 
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New Exclusive: Jasmine Carter Debut Single "Selfish"

Been friends and family with this young lady for years since the jerkin movement was going on in 2008 and this girl mean so much to me, she's super very special to my heart. A great best friend/sister of mine Los Angeles own Jasmine Carter did a little modeling at first for a while but now she got another talent that she's good at. My young sister is here to share her very first single "Selfish (Down for You)" produced by Vegas DOPE-ST producer ever, my guy Jackel
This is type of record that you want to play if a guy or girl breaks your heart and that person is being so very selfish and rude to you. I'm super proud of Jasmine, she's something and hopefully we'll get a EP from her soon next year. Stay tuned for more from her coming soon!
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