Nashville is BACK!! @MillyRoze New Single "Honest"

Nashville,TN is breaking out new young female artists and they are so super talented. Much love to Bella Moon, Kiya Lacey and others, they're going be big stars in the near future in the music industry. It's been two years since this young beautiful talented artist put out new music. First, she got married and now she became a wonderful mom raising a beautiful child, congratulations to her. But guess what people, Nashville's own Milly Roze is back with a new single and hopefully she'll be releasing a new album soon next year because I cannot wait and I'm happy to hear this record. 
Milly's new single "Honest" produced by Ford Heacock and co-produced by Milly, co-written by Milly and Brooke Alexx. I would like for everyone to please go stream and download this new record by Milly Roze and share it out on social media, tell your friends and family about it. Send it to your local radio stations. Stay tuned for more new music from Milly coming soon.

Stream @MickeyShiloh "Whatever This Is" EP

Music icon Singer-Songwriter label owner Mickey Shiloh just recently released her summer EP project To Be Brutally Honest back in August but you know what? She ain't done yet. Shiloh been super heavily busy working on her Kick It Spot she has accomplished, still working on creating more upcoming materials for HRDRV Records and much more, shit is POPPIN!! 
Let's just say the Bun Qui Qui ain't done with her legacy as a young musician. Mickey just recently released her new surprising EP project Whatever It Is with three new songs produced by AJOXTB, Arza Arzito, NSD Beats and Antmtdi. I really would appreciate for everyone to go follow Mickey on social media and stream her new EP on Sound Cloud only. She's a great influence to young independent artists, no joke.
Stream Whatever This Is EP on Sound Cloud only

Stream @MickeyShiloh New EP "To Be Brutally Honest"

This whole entire summer has been so CRAZY!! So many new music been releasing from Hrdrv Records since May and we have more new Hrdrv music on the way in September. But the boss Mickey Shiloh has nonstop putting out new music. Singer/songwriter/entrepreneur Shiloh been putting out new singles after singles and summer projects throughout this entire summer. First it was I'm Fine EP, the recent single I Tried, compilation album Vose St, WARP album, ISLAND EP, new single with T-Town. 

Mickey been working so very hard continuing finishing up the Kick It Spot for her creators to be involved in. She's working crazy and making sure everything works perfectly and making her labels BDRM Records and HRDRV Records keep maintaining. But now Shiloh just recently released her new summer EP project Tbbh (To Be Brutally Honest) with three tracks produced by Arza, NSD and Anmtdi and it's only streaming available on Sound Cloud.

Go ahead and stream/listen to Tbbh EP on Sound Cloud above. F…

Nashville Artist @BellaMoonMusic "Good Loving"

Nashville new upcoming beautiful talented R&B/Soul singer/songwriter Bella Moon been taking it slow by dropping new music one at a time. Now Bella is currently working on her next upcoming project which will be dropping anytime soon this year or next year, don't know but we just have to wait and find out. The Nashville songstress is here to share her new summer single "Good Loving" produced by P-Dub The Producer and engineered by The Awde
Good Loving is a new following record from her last latest single "Want It All" which was released couple months ago. I really recommend everyone to follow Bella on social media, tune into her music and tell your friends about Bella Moon. 
Bella Moon's social media Twitter: Instagram: Sound Cloud:
Stream "Good Loving" only on Sound Cloud

Stream @MickeyShiloh's New Summer EP "Island"

The multi-talented Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh who owns two of the most best independent record labels BDRM Records and HRDRV Records. If you don't know who Mickey is, well she has written songs for Vic Mensa, Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears, LL Cool J, Iggy Azalea, and many more. Shiloh has non-stop dropping singles after singles and projects after projects every each month. 
Oakland's biggest music icon legend E-40 just recently released his newest 28th studio album Practice Makes Paper a month ago and that's INSANE!! Check this though, throughout Mickey's independent career she has put out 24 albums and 500 singles/features (watch out E-40, Mickey is coming for your title). I don't think anyone has EVER done that in the independent industry. Let's just face it, MICKEY SHILOH IS THE GODDAMN GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!
Mickey Shiloh has just released her newest recent album WARP a month ago (not on streaming platforms) you can only purchase the album on her web…

New Video: @MikeXavierMusic "Not Meant To Be"

It's been seven months since Las Vegas rapper Mike Xavier released his recent studio album Still Dreaming which is available now on every streaming platforms. Mike is an outstanding talented lyricist coming from the West Coast. I'm still catching up on Mike's artistry movement and see where his career will be taken off to, he's awesome.

Still Dreaming is a type of album that you do NOT want to skip and it's also the type of project that you want to claim as your favorite of 2019. Mike Xavier is definitely that artist who you want to claim as your favorite, by far. I want to recommend everyone to keep your eyes, ears and spread the word around about Mike Xavier and tell them that Mike is the next new upcoming artist in the new industry. Go watch his new video "Not Meant To Be" above and keep on streaming his album to people who haven't heard his music.

By the way, if you live in the Vegas area or you're in town for a vacation go buy tickets to his …

@Jazsarae New Summer Single "All That Matters"

Las Vegas young upcoming soul singer/songwriter Jazsarae been on the soulful hustle for minute and not too long ago, she just recently dropped her very first debut EP project Metamorphosis of Luv includes six wonderful songs. Her new latest record Make U Mine is a big hit but everyone is truly loving her song 2 Much because that record is very personal and special to her. Jazsarae would like to share more new music with ya'll and she got plenty more. 
LV's own Jazsarae is here to share her new summer single All That Matters. I would like for everyone to go stream and purchase this new record of hers including her EP project as well. Must support this young talent right here, she is something and you're new favorite artist. 
Stream/Download below iTunes:
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