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New Music: @_Jasminebmusic New Single "Come Up"

21 year old female singer Jasmine Brown from Springfield, Illinois but moved to Long Beach,CA. She's getting prepared to release her debut EP in February 2018, be on the lookout for that. Jasmine would like to share her new single "Come Up" prod by Dramatic beats. This record is about making new loyal friends and making a name of yourself out in the world. Check out Jasmine's new single, lookout for her EP dropping next year!
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Download "Come Up" below

Artist Fear of Failing to Success!

Are artists fearful to accomplish success? Yes... because they're afraid to get the negative feedback from their listeners. AND they don't have the right team. An artist needs to slap themselves and get their shit together! A lot of artists have fear of what the listeners are going to say about when they put out that one big "hit record." They just need to have full confidence in themselves. Some artists do have confidence in themselves because their fans believe in what they do. But if the listeners aren't feeling that kind of mood from the musician they will say "okay this song is alright but what's the meaning of it? the lyrics need to be worked on more."
As an artist, you need to accept that failure is a part of growth... don't give up and figure out what works for you. Artist need to identify themselves as the creator of their position. Be confident with yourself and be confident with your art craft. Failure is inevitable. A lot of artist …

New Album: Las Vegas @WickedB_ "Diaries of Youlanda"

Breonna O'Bryant (Wicked B) is an new up and coming singer-songwriter hailing from Las Vegas. Songstress just had a released party last week to celebrate her new album Diaries of Youlanda. The meaning behind of this project is specially dedicated to her mother Youlanda who had a birthday last week. Project includes ten new tracks with features from PartyHari 2/3 member of a group FreePlay777. Go take a listen to Breonna's new album and share it to your friends.
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New Album: @MickeyShiloh "Thereapy 1"

Los Angeles Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh is dominating 2017, she's not finished and wait until what she got for 2018. The songstress released a record "Bitch Nigga" and as for today, she announced another RNDM EP and her song "Woke Up" with Kev Decor both materials coming real very soon. While we wait, Mickey released a new album titled Therapy 1 all tracks prod by CookBeats and Source
I want everyone to deep listen to this album before you say anything about it. On this project, you are going to hear real emotions and you'll notice that Mickey is singing her heart out. Out of all the recent projects she put out this year, she's not afraid to tell her real emotions. She's showing that don't be afraid to put your true feelings into the music just let it all out and share it.
Please go listen to Therapy 1 now

New Las Vegas Artist: @ItsRayiGuess "Bored at Home" Album

Las Vegas is building up a different music scene, young artists as well. There's so many of them creating their own movement. I have my eye on a couple who I support. The Las Vegas rapper itsRayiGuess began gaining traction with the release of his solid debut Bored at Home album in November 2017. 
This album is basically showing that it's okay to be yourself. Whether you are feeling angry, happy, sad, sexy, goofy, etc. It's okay to be a human being and not to be afraid of the world to judge you. Go check out Ray's new album, play it for your friends and share it on social media.
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New Shiloh Music: @MickeyShiloh "Better Than Drake"

There's nothing that's going to stop Mickey Shiloh to be making great music, she's unstoppable!! After putting out her acoustic album Organix, she put out a new record titled "Better Than Drake". In this song, apparently Mickey is saying that Drake is cool but she's a way better artist than him so Drizzy, watch out she's coming for your title. 
Check out "Better Than Drake" below

New Music: @MickeyShiloh "Like We Usd 2"

Multi-Platinum Singer/Songwriter Mickey Shiloh been on the grind putting out the hottest new music and albums since this past summer. If you don't know who Mickey is, do your homework on her and catch up on her music, she's the best at it. Now the songstress just recently put out her new acoustic album Organix includes eleven new tracks. Last week, Mickey released her new single "Like We Usd 2" produced by Gekko
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New Alyxx Music: @AlyxxDione "Swimming Pools"

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Alyxx Dione is working on a lot of her tunes to release in 2018. Alyxx decided to put something out for ya'll to vibe out to. Her new record "Swimming Pools" prod by Scott Supreme, mixed and mastered by Alyxx. This new track have that new 808 bounce, R&B/Soul vibe and she would like to share it with you new listeners.
Listen to "Swimming Pools" below and share it on social media.