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(New Music) @NiykeeHeaton's "Girlfriend (Boyfriend Remix)"

The young and beautiful talented singer/songwriter Niykee Heaton  just released her own remix yesterday to Justin Bieber's latest hit records "Boyfriend" and changed it up to "If I was your Girlfriend",Download it and check it out.

WORLD PREMIERE of @DJKhaled's "They Don't Love Me No More"

Now the King of the Anthem DJ Khaled has been speaking about his new single and who was going to be featured on the record, the new single is finally here. DJ Khaled's brand new single "They Don't Love Me No More" has great features from Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana and Brooklyn's own Jay-Z, yes that's right Khaled got Sean Carter on the record. Let's stay tuned for his new album (no details yet) but this happens to be the NEW summer anthem. Check it out now:

(New Music) @JustinBieber "We Were Born For This"

Mr.Bieber himself just released another new track for his dedicated fans, this track is called "We Were Born For This" and he also released a new joint called "Hard 2 Face Reality" featuring Poo Bear. So Check out both of these new tracks from Justin.
Also Check out "Hard 2 Face Reality":

Go Listen to @LukeChrisMuzic's Music!!

I just started listening to Luke Christopher's music, I was really liking his new single "Life Jackets" and this kid is pretty good and I assumed for everyone to go check out his music and be on the look out for him. Now Luke is signed to RCA Records and he just released his first official single titled "Life Jackets" which is out now on HotNewHipHop's website. Luke is currently working on his debut album (no title yet) which will be releasing later this year so stay tuned for that. You can go to his Sound-Cloud music page and check out all his music includes the new music he putted out a month ago and couple days ago which includes "Bedroom Trip", "Puzzle In My Mind" and "Rhyme Like Me",check them out now.

Brand New Music @LukeChrisMuzic's "Life Jackets"

Alright Ya'll may not know who Luke Christopher is and he's also signed to RCA Records but you are about to find out for yourself with his first official single titled "Life Jackets" produced by himself. Now on this new record, not only you will hear Luke rapping but you will be checking out how good his singing vocals sound and this new record will be available on iTunes on April 30th, also he will be releasing his debut album later this year in 2014,stay tuned.

Luke Christopher - Life Jackets

(New Music) @Ant_Billions "The Moment"

Aye Brand new music by Ant Billions featuring DK produced by L.A. Chase, Download this new shit and check it out.

(New Music) @JoeMosesAOB's New Single "Kum Thru"

West-Coast rapper Joe Moses just released his new single "Kum Thru" produced by A1, this new track will be appearing on Joe's new upcoming project titled "All Out" which will be releasing on June 3rd,stay tuned for that.

(New Music) @Hit_Boy "Grindin My Whole Life"

Producer/Rapper Hit-Boy and his team HS87 is preparing the world to release a new compilation album titled "We the Plug" which will be releasing on May 6th. Apparently will be HS87's first compilation project of 2014, following from the compilation mix-tape from last year "All I've Ever Dreamed Of". Here's Hit-Boy and HS87's brand new track titled "Grindin My Whole Life" with line up features from Audio Push, Kent M$NEY, B Mac The Queen, N.No, B.Carr and Big Hit and of course the production is from Hit-Boy. So be on the look out for HS87's new album "We the Plug" in stores May 6th.

Hit-Boy - Grindin' My Whole Life

(New Logic Music) @Logic301 ft @BigSean "Alright"

Baltimore rapper Logic been teasing the fans about this collaboration that features Big Sean and now it's finally here. This new Logic and Big Sean collaboration record is titled "Alright", no word that this will be on Logic's debut major album so it seems like we still have to wait until he release the album. Logic will continue on releasing free music for his fans until the album is out so enjoy this new Logic and Sean Don record.

Logic - Alright

(New Music) @LOrangeMusic "Mind vs Matter"

North Carolina artist L'Orange just released brand new music titled "Mind vs. Matter" features a verse from Queens,NY rapper Homeboy Sandman, this record will be appearing on L'Orange's new album called The Orchid Days which is out right now on iTunes:
Check out his new song "Mind vs. Matter" ft Homeboy Sandman:

(New Chevy Music) @ChevyWoods "30 Deep"

Now I been listening to Chevy for a while right now ever since his latest mix-tape Gangland 2 last year and he has been releasing hard music. Last time I heard from Chevy was his latest song "R.N.D." but now he happens to release a brand new track titled "30 Deep" with productions by Big Jerm, Jay Card, Dru-Tang and ID-Labs and this new Chevy record is out now on iTunes:

(New Mixtape) @Dropolo's "Black & Purple Label"

HAPPY 420 STONERS!! Hustle Gang's own Young Dro has decided to release two mixtapes today titled "Black Label" and "Purple Label", HotNewHipHop is presenting "Black Label" as an exclusively and "Purple Label" is presented exclusively on DatPiff. Now "Black Label" has features from T.I., Yung Booke, Zuse, Trae the Truth, Spodee and many more, production beats by FKi, Dun Deal, DJ Spinz, Stroud, Yung Carter and many more. As for "Purple Label" has features from Yung Booke, BG Marco, Spodee, Kief Brown and Just Ty and productions from Stroud, Lil'C, Audioklique, Yung Carter, Go Grizzly, Democratz and many more.  DOWNLOAD "BLACK LABEL":

(New Mixtape) @TaylorJTakeover @DJAdvance "Morning High"

HAPPY EASTER 420!!! If You have your blunt rolled up,well go download and smoke to Minnesota rapper Taylor J's new special 4/20 mix-tape titled "Morning High" hosted by DJ Advance. Taylor J is saying he has the best weed smoking songs, go download the mix-tape and check it out for yourself, this project is imprinted by Taylor's independent label Scenious Society. This new project has features from Meezy, James London, Chrishan and Soulja Boy and productions beats by Cardo, Chrishan Lou, Young Chop, Supa Dupa Fly and more plus this is another HotNewHipHop premiere.

Taylor J - Morning High (Hosted By DJ Advance)

(New Music) @Tiara_Thomas "Money Don't Change"

Division 1 female R&B singer/songwriter Tiara Thomas just happens to release her brand new record titled "Money Don't Change" but on this track she is rapping and this song is produced by Boi-1da. By the way, Tiara is currently working her debut album Sallie Mae and planning on to be releasing the album later this year.

(New Music) @ChanelWestCoast -"West Coast" (C.W.C. Remix)

The last recent track that Chanel putted out was that record "Creepin" which was released a month ago but the Young Money female recording artist happens to release her remix version to Lana Del Rey's song "West Coast". Chanel add a couple verses on the track and she continues to show off her talented skills so go check it out right now and hope to hear another mix-tape from her again later this year.

(New Mixtape/Review) @iamPries's "Revenge Of The Nerd"

First off, Congratulations to Pries for doing an outstanding amazing job with his career, he's been delivering incredible mix-tapes and FREE albums and sharing his lifestyle with his dedicated fans. I been a fan of Pries's music since he and Kid Ink did that song "STFU" which is off Pries's FREE album "Copy,Paste,No Glue" and I must say that Pries is an amazing artist who is coming straight out of Denver. I don't think there's anyone out of Denver like Pries who been on the grind and delivering great music for his fans and he never let his fans down without giving them the best music. As a fan of Pries, I sincerely think that Pries deserves to be part of XXL's 2014 Class Freshman because he's been on the grind for a very long time and his hustle never stops, he continues to giving out more music for the fans who been rocking with him since day one. 
Last year October 2013, Denver rapper Pries released an incredible FREE album titled &qu…

(New Music) @LyricaAnderson ft @WizKhalifa "Freakin"

L.A's new uprising singer/songwriter Lyrica Anderson is releasing her brand new album "King Me 2" which is the second squeal from her first one. Lyrica just released a new track titled "Freakin" featuring Taylor-Gang's own Wiz Khalifa and you can go pre-order her project on iTunes now which includes her new single "Freakin": By the way,Check out her new video "Unfuck You" ft Ty Dolla Sign:

(New Mixtape) @FiendBassy's "Two Weeks Notice"

Dreamvillain MC Bas is a new uprising artist from Jamaica,Queens and he just happened to be a friend/label mates with North Carolina's own J.Cole. Bas will be releasing his debut LP "Last Winter" on April 29th and the reason he named his new mix-tape "Two Weeks Notice" is because two weeks away until Bas release his debut album on the 29th of this month. Now this new mix-tape "Two Weeks Notice" only has 6 songs with no features but as soon as his album drops, I'm sure we will see some features on there. Go Download "Two Weeks Notice"!!

Bas - Two Weeks Notice

(New Music) @iamPries's New Song "Real One"

Denver's independent artist P ries has been releasing a couple few tracks from his new and last mix-tape "Revenge of the Nerd" which will be releasing this Wednesday. Here's Pries's last track off the mixtape and this song is called "Real One",check it out right now!!

Pries - Real One

(New Music) @KanaryD's New Song "I Ain't Her"

Watts, California female artist Kanary Diamonds is back with a brand new song titled "I Ain't Her" and the track is produced by Young Yonny,Go Check it out right now!!

(New Music) @SamMight69her "Fly Nigga"

California's young independent artist Young Sam is back with a brand new record called "Fly Nigga",it's produced by DJ Flip so I want everyone to go download this track and keep on the look out for Young Sam releasing more new music and new mixtapes.
Young Sam - Fly Nigga

(New Music) @ThemPRangers ft @YunqIncredible "Cake Tho"

Track Produced by Xavier J

Download song here:

(New Video) @TheRealJuliann - This Is What It Feels Like

Track Produced by Young n Fly

(New Taylor J.) @TaylorJTakeover ft @Kwony_Cash "Hit It"

Brand new music from Minnesota rapper Taylor J featuring Kwony Cash "Hit It" and the track is produced by Kwony himself, don't know where this song is going to be at but Taylor J will be releasing more and more new music so be on the look out.

Taylor J - Hit It (Prod. By Kwony Cash)

(New Mixtape) @KevinMcCall's "A.D.H.D"

R&B singer/songwriter/producer/rapper Kevin McCall has delivered the world his new mix taped called "A.D.H.D." includes the first leak "Yo Chick" that he released couple days ago and the song features Ty Dolla $ign. This mix tape has 10 new tracks and features from Ty Dolla $ign, Constatine and Calico West,Download this mix tape now and tell your friends to do it as well.

Kevin McCall - A.D.H.D

(New Music) @ElleVarner "Little Do You Know" & "See Me Tonight"

RCA recording singer/songwriter Elle Varner has been releasing some new music for her dedicated fans and currently working on her upcoming album titled Four Letter Word which is planning on to be releasing later this year. But Elle Varner just dropped two new songs called "See Me Tonight" and "Little Do You Know",Check them out and be on the look out for her new album.

(New Mixtape/Review) @SQJinsu @DJCarisma "Built To Last"

Who is Jinsu? 
Who is Jinsu?? Hmm that's a great question to ask because there's a lot of you don't know who Jinsu is and I'm here to tell you who he is. Jinsu is an young artist coming out of Rhode Island, he started rapping at a young age and how did he get the name Young Jinsu? It was his grandfather who noticed the Young Jah-Youth Lopez and as he gave his grandson that name, Jinsu just ran with it and he was getting well-known all over in New York. He opened up shows for Tyga, Lil'Wayne, Method Man, Diddy and many more. Now as for myself, I didn't know who he was really before but when I heard him on Jahlil Beats track "All I Do" along with West-coast rapper Problem. And when I heard Jinsu's verse on that record, I was like "Aye this dude is nice!!", that was the last time I listened to him but I do believe that he's a dope artist.
His first mixtape "The Triumph" was released back in September 2012 but now he just dropp…

(New Music) @Ant_Billions "Shots Fired"

Brand New music from Ant Billions it's called "Shots Fired" produced by Kritter Beats,Check it out right now!!

(New Music) @Tiara_Thomas "You Do"

Songwriter/singer Tiara Thomas been gone for a while but she's back with a brand new love record titled "You Do", she will be releasing her official single pretty soon and releasing a new project soon later this year so stay tuned.

Tiara Thomas - You Do

(New Song-Cover) @JustineSkye "I Don't Need You"

New York R&B singer/songwriter Justine Skye is currently working on her second EP right now but while she's getting her fans warmed up for her new project, she release a new cover song titled "I Don't Need You",Download it now.

Last Kings Presents @EstyLK's "Darkroom" EP

Last King's newest singer/songwriter Esty has been making a great accomplishment with her new hit record "Killing Your Ills featured with her label mate Tyga. The whole project is produced by Jess Jackson, Please go download "Darkroom" right now and enjoy this new Esty.

(New Tuki Music) @TukiCarter "On One"

It's been a while since I heard music from Taylor-Gang's own Tuki Carter but he's back with a brand new 2014 record called "On One" and this will be on his new upcoming project "LATL" will be dropping soon,stay tuned for more updates.

Tuki Carter - On One

(New Laso Music) @ItsLaso "Fire Inside"

Aye Brand New Music from Laso "Fire Inside" produced by Mizzy,I want everyone go download this new Laso record right now and be on the look out for his new mix-tape "Laso Angeles" dropping on May 7th.

Laso - Fire Inside

(New Music) @KatlynnSimone's New Single "Beautiful Lie"

Big Congratulations to BET's "The Game" star Katlynn Simone just got signed a major record deal with Jay-Z's label Roc-Nation. In the honor of celebrating her signing deal,Go Download her new hit single "Beautiful Lie" which debuted on the show "The Game",single is out now on iTunes:

Brand New @MrSeanBrown "Hunger" (Prod by Superville)

After a great success of releasing an incredible mix-tape "Mascot" couple weeks ago and "Mascot" got everyone on the internet talking about plus it is everyone's favorite mix-tape from Tha-Alumni's own Sean Brown. Tha-Alumni rapper Sean Brown just dropped off a new song for the fans, track titled "Hunger" and it is produced by SuperVille,check it out. Go Download "Mascot" NOW:

Sean Brown - Hunger

(New Music) @MarshaAmbrosius "Run"

After the release and success of her new EP "Fvck & Love" couple weeks ago, the beautiful and talented singer Marsha Ambrosius release a new song called "Run" and she is releasing a new project titled "The Friends and Lovers" at some time soon later this year so stay tuned. Also Go Download "Fcvk & Love" EP right now:

@HotNewHipHop Premieres @MarkBattles317 "Man of the Year"

HNHH presents a brand new exclusive freestyle from Mark Battles spittin' over SchoolBoy-Q's hit record "Man of the Year". Be sure to go download Mark's new latest mix-tape "Black Einstein" which is out right now,also check out his new freestyle. Download "Black Einstein" Now:

Mark Battles - Man Of The Year (Freestyle)