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(New Chris Miles) @RealChrisMiles "Let's Be Friends"

New York's new upcoming young artist Christ Miles is getting prepared to release his debut album titled Milestone in 2016. Three months ago, Chris put out a song called "All in Your Mind" but now he's back with a new record. This is his Christmas music gift to his dedicated fans, this new record called "Let's Be Friends" produced by Janetik. Get ready for Chris's new album Milestone coming soon!!

Young Prince of the Bay @MarteenEstevez "OMW" & "Head Up"

Man, December is Tsunami season right now. Yesterday, Samaria just released her new mix-tape The Story of Right Now and yesterday young 14 year old Marteen Estevez dropped his first single "Head Up" off his new upcoming mix-tape which is on the way. And now Marteen just released another new record "OMW (On My Wave)" featuring his Tsunami label mate Ambre Perkins. Soon as Marteen release his mix-tape, he did tweet saying you are about to learn a lot on his project so stay tuned everyone. TSUNAMI IS THE MOVEMENT!!

Voicemail Queen @Samariasmusic "T.S.O.R.N"

Young Voicemail Queen
Man, There's a new music label team that's blowing up and taking over the industry very heavily and it's outstanding. The label that I'm talking about is Tsunami which is originally based out in Oakland, CA. Tsunami has the greatest members who has great personality, talented artists and knows the way of push themselves forward to a higher level, which is amazing. There's great music singers/songwriters who are part of the mob, they're names are Kehlani, Samaria, Ambre Perkins and Marteen Estevez and these are the type of artists that everyone including radio stations, hip-hop websites and magazine issues should be paying attention to. I would say that 2015 has to be the best year for Tsunami; you've had Kehlani put out her second mix-tape YSBH, Ambre dropped her Wanderlust, young 14 year old Marteen put out his new single "I Wanna" and now next up is the young Voicemail queen Samaria to take her shine.
The young 19 year old …

(New Mixtape Review) @OfficiallyZero "Paradise Campground"

Philadelphia's New Artist: Zero
What's up everyone? Well here we go with another mix-tape review on an artist project and let me tell you about this new artist, he's really dope as me. This new young rapper coming straight out of Philadelphia; name is Zero and he's only 18 years old. I just met this kid just two days ago on Tuesday, he was in Vegas shooting a video from his new mix-tape he just dropped. His new project is titled Paradise Campground and this mix-tape is dope as fuck. As I was listening to Zero's mix-tape, all the songs on the project sounds pretty good but there was something about him rapping, as I was listening to him; he sounds exactly like Eminem. He has the same rawest craziest lyrics and punchlines just like Em and maybe that's where he gets flow from. When Zero and I met up on Tuesday, we just started getting to know each other and I was getting to know his music more, I do believe he's very talented and pretty awesome wi…

(New Music) @iamDaniLeigh "D.O.S.E"

Los Angeles upcoming new singer/songwriter Danileigh just released her new song cover to Bryson Tiller's "Don't" "Exchange" & "Overtime", Tory Lanez "Say It" and Drake "Scholarships". Be on the lookout for more new music from Danileigh,show her support. Watch her video:

(New Kehlani) Kehlani x @JahaanSweet "Tore Up"

Following up on her feature on G-Eazy's sophomore album When It's Dark Out which is available in stores right now, go buy it now. Singer/songwriter Kehlani is still on her YSBH European tour, she releases some new free music for her dedicated Tsunami fans. New song "Tore Up" artwork by Stix and record is produced by my favorite idol as a producer Jahaan Sweet, check it out. Be on the lookout for Kehlani's debut album coming near in 2016...Tsunami Mob!!

(New Zplc Mixtape Review) @Zplc914 "In Zplc We Trust"

In Zplc We Trust
What's up everyone? Now let me tell you about these dudes right here, I've been supporting these guys for years now since day one and they put out the hottest music and projects. Zplc stands for Ziploc Radio, Ziploc is a big crew coming straight out of White Plains, NY the area of 914. Couple years ago, mix-tapes was dropping members names like Swagga boys, Dream Team, Malley, Big City, Oh2wo and Tay. These guys been taking over White Plains and they're still taking over, I believe they taking NY to another level and doing what they love to do and that's making music for the day one fans. 
Ziploc did everything, put out clothing line, hosting cookouts and did radio shows but now they release the new mix-tape Xi.xii.xv: In Zplc We Trust and drop it on Big City's 27th birthday as of a celebration. We're still in process of waiting on City's new upcoming album which will be dropping in 2016 but this mix-tape is just a warm up for the people to…

(New Ead3n Music) @Ead3n "Tell Your Friends"

After the process of putting her debut EP mini-album Nine, the young beautiful singer/songwriter/soul healer Ead3n is great at doing remixes to The Weeknd, Miguel and Drake. She just released her two new remix covers to The Weeknd's hit singles "The Hills" and "Tell Your Friends". Ead3n is amazing and very talented, please support her and spread her name out. Check out her new remix to The Weeknd "The Hills":

(New Music) @DevinCruise ft @SonyaEelise "God $peed"

Producer/singer/rapper Devin Cruise is still in process of working on his upcoming mixtape project (don't know when it will drop but hopefully at around 2016). While we wait on Cruise's mix-tape, he's been in the studio making beats for King Los and others but now it's his time to put out his new joint "God $peed" featuring Sonyae Elise produced by Silins. You may recognize Sonyae from hearing her on The Game's new album The Documentary 2 which is in stores now.

(New Music) @Majillamusic "Change"

I've been supporting very heavy for Kat Majilla since day one and I love the music that she puts out. Kat and I been texting and Facetime for few times, we talk about music and how big she can be to get yourself out there into the real world. She is currently working on her third mixtape project and it will be out in 2016 so stay tuned. This is a new record by Kat, it's called "Change"produced by Jesus Sanchez, co-produced by Kat herself. Download Now!!

(New Abrina EP) @Abrinamusic "Cupcaking EP"

2015 is right around the corner and this young talented singer/songwriter Abrina had a great year this year. A month ago, Abrina and Heartbreak linked up together to do a female version cover to Drake's hit record "Hotline Bling" and they killed it. Couple weeks ago, Abrina announced that she was going put out a FREE early Christmas EP called Cupcaking which is out now. Cupcaking EP only has three tracks, this is just a warm up to get her fans ready for more new music from her in 2016. Everyone please support Abrina, download her new EP out now and go buy her latest project My Playground available now on iTunes. 

(New Music/New Artist) @OfficialEril "Only 1"

Another new upcoming singer from LA/Florida, her name is Eri L and she just released her debut song "Only 1" which was premiered by RnBass. Also there's a video to watch so check it out below and be on the lookout for more new music from her next year, hopefully a EP from her, let's see. Watch video:

(New Krizia Remix) @KriziaOfficial_ "Hello"

California's new upcoming singer Krizia is doing really well this year, after celebrating her birthday with a new birthday record "Wild" is out now. Now Krizia putted out her new remix cover to Adele's new hit single "Hello", check it out.

(New Alus Music) @AlusOfficial "YLML"

Singer/songwriter Alus getting ready to release her second sequel of Alustrious 2 coming soon in 2016, stay tuned. While we wait on that project, Alus just dropped her new record "YLML" produced by Lee on the Beats, check it out.

(New Mickey Music) @MickeyShiloh "Drunk on the Mic"

I've been supporting and rocking with this young artist Mickey Shiloh for awhile now and she's blowing up this year. Young Mickey been putting out new music every each week and she's going hard. Mickey put out new music of her own and collaborations with other artists, but this new record she has out now called "Drunk on the Mic" produced by Sham-trax. Stay tuned for more new music from Mickey Shiloh and hopefully we get a new project from her by next year. Download "Drunk on the Mic" Free below!

(New Abrina Music) @Abrina ft @ItsDonBenjamin "Get Money"

California's young breakthrough singer/songwriter Abrina is getting prepared to release her new upcoming EP Cupcaking which will be dropping in December around holidays. While we wait, Abrina just released her new single "Get Money" featuring Don Bejamin and the lyric video is out now, official video is on the way. Lookout for more new music from Abrina and more new collaboration remixes from her and Heartbreak. Watch "Get Money" Lyric Video:

(Exclusive EP Review) @MrSeanBrown "The Ground Up"

"The Ground Up"
What's up everyone? How's it going? Well yet again, Tha-Alumni recording artist/producer Sean Brown is back again with a new hot project to get his fans pumped up. Sean's latest project Solitude which it was released back on June 24th, that project became big when it was released. Now I been supporting Sean for a long time since day one, when I first heard him was when he was featured on "Tha Alumni Anthem" track with Devin Cruise and Kid Ink. After Sean released Solitude, he took a break to continue on with his father hood spending time with his new son Jasiah who is growing up fast and looking just like his dad, once again congratulations to Sean and Denise. While Sean was on his fatherhood, it didn't stop him at all from working on more music for his dedicated fans. Couple weeks ago, Mr.Brown announced he's releasing a new EP project and yet, it's out right now on HNHH and Datpiff websites. Title is called The Ground Up an…

(New Sean Brown) @MrSeanBrown ft @RMean "Run Up"

Tha Alumni recording artist Sean Brown is doing it big this Fall season right now, three days ago he just released the first track off his new upcoming EP The Ground Up (November 23rd) song called "The Gospel". Now today, Sean released the new track "Run Up" featuring R-Mean and it's produced by Mr.Brown himself. All the tracks on The Ground Up EP is produced by Sean Brown so be ready to download it in three days premiered on Hotnewhiphop's website. Also I will be doing an exclusive article review on the project for my blog so stay tuned everyone!! The Ground Up EP November 23rd!!

(New EP) @NessieBlaze "It's Necessary EP"

Hey everyone whats going on? I never heard of this girl's music but it is an honor of me to give her a listen and check her out. Singer Nessie Blaze just release her new project titled It's Necessary, producers she worked with are DJ Prezzident, TreezyMadeIt and more. Check out her new EP out Now!!
Watch her new video "DM": Listen to "It's Necessary" above

(New Artist/New EP Review) @Beverley_Ely's New EP!!

Honestly, I don't know who this new artist is but I am fortunate of checking her out and give her music a listen. The singer/songwriter Beverley Ely is from the UK and just happened to release her new debut project titled Second Chance at a First Impression available now on iTunes to buy. This new project has six new tracks plus with her three hit singles Say Goodbye, Me First and Heartbeat and this project has two features from Daniel D and Mercston. Buy Now on iTunes:

(New Felix Music) @RavenFelix ft @WizKhalifa "All On You"

So Taylor-Gang's newest member Raven Felix been doing great lately this year, dropping new free music every single each week and getting her fans prepared for her new upcoming second mix-tape Valifornication coming soon. While we wait on that project, Raven linked up with her Taylor Gang label mate Wiz Khalifa to jump on her new record "All On You" produced by Lil'Jon and Mike Free.  Stay tuned for Valifornication coming in 2016!

(New Music Monday) @MrSeanBrown "The Gospel"

Tha-Alumni recording artist/producer Sean Brown getting prepared to release his upcoming EP project titled The Ground Up on November 23rd. Mr.Brown just released the first track off the EP, this new record is called "The Gospel" produced by himself. This record has that feel-good,chill and lay back type of record. I'm really feeling this song right here. The Ground Up EP drops on November 23!! Download "The Gospel" below

(New Mixtape Review) @MilaJ "The Waiting Game"

Man, I've been waiting for this artist to release something new and it's finally here. Los Angeles very own (Jhene Aiko's older sister) Mila J just released her new mix-tape titled The Waiting Game. This past few weeks, Mila been dropping couple tracks off the mix-tape and wanted to give her fans something new because they haven't heard anything new from her in a while. She is currently working on her full length debut album which will be releasing in 2016. Now this new project The Waiting Game is a following up from her latest mix-tape #Westside and this new project has a song called "Freaknic" it features Future and others is just remixes she did.  Download The Waiting Game Out Now!!

(New EP Album Review) @LyricaAnderson "Hello EP"

Hello World! Who is Lyrica Anderson? That's a great question to ask; Lyrica Anderson is a R&B singer/songwriter coming straight outta Los Angeles, CA. This talented beautiful artist has wrote hit records for artists ya'll listen to such as Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, Jeezy, Keri Hilson, Tinashe "Pretend", Beyonce "Jealous" and etc. Now I been a big fan of Lyrica for a while now, I got caught up listening to her when she released King Me 2 and I haven't gotten the chance to check out part 1 but I already know it's dope. Young Lyrica wrote hit records for artists like Tinashe "Pretend", Beyonce "Jealous", Chris Brown, Diggy Simmons, Demi Lovato and much more names you can think of. When I first heard Lyrica's music, I could not stop listening to her and I continued on rocking with her since then. Her latest project King Me 2 was a great outstanding album and her hit singles "Feenin" ft Kevin Gates, …

(New Music) @AlyciaBella "Sade and Juicy J"

Bay Area singer/songwriter Alycia Bella, you may remember her from her latest hit record "Fuck Boy" with E-40 on the track but she's back with some new music "Sade and Juicy J". Alycia is currently working on her upcoming debut project L.I.L.Y. which is coming soon in 2016 so stay tuned.

(New Music) @JessicaJarrell "Getting Right"

I've been a fan of Jessica Jarrell for a long time, she's really very talented and a great singer. After the result of releasing her latest hit single "Gold Blooded", Jessica is back with a new single titled "Getting Right", a smooth, sexy record. Hopefully we could get an EP from Jessica at anytime soon next year but keep on supporting her music. Buy it now on iTunes:

(New Music/New Artist) @Taliwhoah "Lost In The Sauce"

I love listening to new upcoming artists coming from the United States and United Kingdom but listening to new artist from the UK, who are female singers that's who I'm very interested in of listening to. This new artist I found on RnBass's website, she's coming straight from the UK and her name is Taliwhoah. Tali just released her new powerful single "Lost In The Sauce" which will be the self-titled for her upcoming project coming soon. Check it out the official video:

(New Music) @PaulaDeAnda "Believe in Love"

You've may heard of this artist featured on Honey Cocaine's latest project The Gift Rap EP , the singer/songwriter Paula DeAnda is currently working on her own project right now and still no details when she's dropping it. Paula continues releasing new music for her fans, including this new record "Believe in Love" produced by D Lux Burgess and written by Hi W. Jackson. Check it out!!

(New Single) @Thuy_Music "Ain't No One"

Young talented singer/songwriter Thuy is currently working on her upcoming debut EP coming soon in 2016 stay tuned for that. Couple months ago, she dropped her first single "Hands on Me" but now Thuy returned with a new record titled "Ain't No One" produced by Waymond. It's available now on iTunes:

(New Artist/New Single) @MissMollyMoore "Peace of My Heart"

Hey Everyone how's it going? Who is Molly Moore? Good question, Molly is a young talented singer/songwriter; born and raised in Bronx,NY. After growing up in NY, Molly moved to live and pursue her music career in LA and yet she did. She followed me on Twitter, got the chance to take a listen to her music and just got finished listening to her new single "Peace of My Heart" which will be appearing on her upcoming debut mini-album dropping in December. I'm really excited just as she is of releasing her first project. You can now pre-order her new single on iTunes now, it officially release this Friday. Pre-Order:

(New Mixtape Review) @Majillamusic "L.O.T.U.S."

What's going on everyone? I love listening to new upcoming artists to express what they say in their songs and having new listeners to believe in their talent. I would like to introduce this young talented 19 year old artist coming from Akron, Ohio; her name is Kat Majilla she's a rapper. Six months ago, Kat released her debut mix-tape Naked Bliss and now she's back with the release of her new second mix-tape titled L.O.T.U.S. (LOVE OVERPOWERS THE UGLY SOUL). When I first heard Kat, I actually liked her style of music and the way she flows and she's much different than any other artists who are independent or major. Kat and I been talking for a while and getting to know each other but most importantly it was important of getting to know her and her music lifestyle because it's always about the artist and they're music. Kat been Facetime with me and sharing sneak preview tracks off the L.O.T.U.S. project and they sounded dope.
I got the time to do a interview w…

(New Music) @AlyxxDione "The Hills"

My best friend/favorite singer Alyxx Dione is working very hard in the studio to release enough more new music. Here's her new song cover to The Weeknd's hit record "The Hills", check it out. Hopefully we get an EP or something this year or next year.

(New Mickey Music) @MickeyShiloh "Jason and Freddy"

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Mickey Shiloh continues on putting out more free music for her fans and they are enjoying her music but I'm still waiting on her to put out a EP or mixtape. The singer Mickey wanted to celebrate Halloween by coming out a new record called "Jason & Freddy" featuring singer/producer/songwriter Prince Chrishan and this track is produced by J Maine, check it out.

(Mixtape Review) @LexiiAlijaii "Joseph's Coat"

What's up everyone? I just released my new review on Shaun Sloan's mixtape but now here's my new update on the next come up in the music industry, her name is Lexii Alijai. Who is Lexii Alijai? Glad you asked that question, Lexii is a 17 year old coming straight outta Minnesota and she's this talented young rapper who spits the illest hottest bars that will put you to sleep. Lexii is the type of the artist that tell you stories, once she put you sleep you wake up in the morning and forget what you listening to. I would like to introduce you to Lexii's third new mix-tape titled Joseph's Coat was released yesterday same as Shaun Sloan. When I first heard Lexii was from her project feel.less and that project made me listen to her every day non-stop. Now this new project having people being addicted of listening to it and the stores that she's telling, it''s so inspirational. Once you listen to Lexii, it's like you listening to J.Cole. People claim…

(Mixtape Review) @RealShaunSloan "The Process"

For those who doesn't know Shaun Sloan, glad you ask that question...Shaun Sloan is a young teen artist coming straight out of South Central Los Angeles, CA. Shaun is somewhere at the age of 18 or 19, not pretty sure but he's very talented at a young age and confident with his lyrics. He is signed to 10 Summers Records own by the hottest producer DJ Mustard, ya'll may seen Sloan before way back in when he did his performance on 106 & Park. I didn't know who he was before on 106 but now I know who he is when I started listening to him. The first time I listened to Shaun was when he did that "6 God" remix with his girlfriend Lexii Alijai and right after that, I kept on listening to Shaun a lot more. He and Lexii putted out a collaborated project called Same Struggle.Different Story earlier in the beginning of January, I believe so or last year but any way that project is still the best one out now, Crown would have to be my favorite song. 
Now the wait is …

(New Shaun Music) @RealShaunSloan "Takeover"

The wait is finally over!!! Young California teen rapper Shaun Sloan whom is signed to DJ Mustard's label 10 Summers Records. Shaun is getting prepared to drop his new mix-tape The Process this Friday plus his girlfriend Minnesota's best youngest feMC Lexii Alijai dropping her new project Joseph's Coat on Friday as well. After Lexii dropped her new record "By Your Side", Sloan just dropped his new record "Takeover" off his new project. This new track is produced by Refuuj and Q.B. Smith.  The Process & Joseph's Coat drops this FRIDAY!!

(New Ty$ Music) @TyDollaSign "Airplane Mode"

Taylor Gang;West Coast artist Ty Dolla Sign is getting prepared to release his debut album Free TC on November 13th,go pre-order the album now on iTunes. While we waiting on his album in November, Ty just announced he will be dropping a new mix-tape Airplane Mode tomorrow. Check out the self-titled song out now,produced by Ty$, Eazy and Nate 3D.

(Mixtape Review) @JoeMosesBsm "From Nothing 2 Something Pt.3"

Now I've been following up on Joe Moses career for awhile and hearing him on other people's projects by Ty Dolla Sign, DJ Mustard, YG and others. I fuck with Moses, he's one of the hardest independent artists coming straight outta West Coast. After Joe dropped his two latest projects All Out and his new album Brackin, those projects been getting great responses and fans are still fucking with it but when Joe released his album Brackin, he had the whole streets going crazy on that project. My favorite track on the album is "Get Off On Slauson" featuring RJ. 
South Central West Coast rapper Joe Moses is back with his new upcoming mix-tape From Nothing to Something 3 hosted by DJ Holiday. Now this project right here is having the streets going nuts and sharing out their favorite tracks on the mix-tape. I'm going have to say that record "Messy" is the hardest track with a female rapper who I've never heard of; her name is Mariah Leilani and record …