(Exclusive EP Review) @MrSeanBrown "The Ground Up"

"The Ground Up"

What's up everyone? How's it going? Well yet again, Tha-Alumni recording artist/producer Sean Brown is back again with a new hot project to get his fans pumped up. Sean's latest project Solitude which it was released back on June 24th, that project became big when it was released. Now I been supporting Sean for a long time since day one, when I first heard him was when he was featured on "Tha Alumni Anthem" track with Devin Cruise and Kid Ink. After Sean released Solitude, he took a break to continue on with his father hood spending time with his new son Jasiah who is growing up fast and looking just like his dad, once again congratulations to Sean and Denise. While Sean was on his fatherhood, it didn't stop him at all from working on more music for his dedicated fans. Couple weeks ago, Mr.Brown announced he's releasing a new EP project and yet, it's out right now on HNHH and Datpiff websites. Title is called The Ground Up and can i just say that this new Sean Brown project is bangin, great new tracks and productions sounds poppin. 

The Ground Up has three features from Designer Kid, J.Harris and R-Mean and all the songs is produced by Sean Brown himself. I would like for everyone to download The Ground Up right now, share it and tell friends/family and others about this project and spread Sean's name out everywhere. Because most of you unknowns is sleeping on him. Be on the lookout for more new music and new upcoming things from Sean Brown for 2016, he's on his way to the top.
Download The Ground Up !!

Sean Brown's Q & A
1) Man Sean how's the family? How's your little man doing? He's growing up looking fresh just like you? 

Sean: Family and son doing great, thank you!

2) Why the title The Ground Up ? What made you go along with that name?

Sean: The cover is a 12 year old version of me, The Ground Up states that I've had a passion for music since the beginning. I've had dreams and aspirations to do this for a long time. I literally started from the ground up.

3) How many tracks are on the project? And who's featured on the project?

Sean: Eight songs. R-Mean, Designer Kid and J.Harris.

4) Now from your last project Solitude. what was the feedback you was getting from the fans? By the way, Grampie is my favorite song, hoping you could shoot a video for that.

Sean: Feedback was great, also got label offers for the first time. 3 different labels but respectfully declined due to creative freedom.

5) Saw the track list on the new project, You leaving two free instrumentals of two songs on the project and did the same on Solitude....Did you wanted to do that so that some of your fans could do their own little recording on the beats?

Sean: This is an EP so just wanted to do something cool. Solitude didn't have any instrumentals. It had one song with no words...but it was still a song part of the project.

6) What is the fans going to hear on The Ground Up? Are they going hear new growth and more new punchlines in the lyrics?

Sean: Every project displays my growth so most definitely.

7) Is there a song on the project that the fans should play and put on repeat?

Sean: ALL of em!

8) Do Mr.Brown have plans for 2016? Should we expect an actual full length album? And new upcoming DayOneKru clothing? 

Sean: More great music, consistency. Couple new surprises I can't really discuss but it's going to be amazing.

9) Have you heard Pusha T's new single "Untouchable"? What's your thoughts on that? The song is produced by the legend Timbaland, Can Sean Brown handle Timbaland's beats?

Sean: It's dope. I can handle any type of beat from any producer, you questioning my skills??

10) Should we expect you going on more yours? And you gotta do a show here in Vegas.

Sean: Yes

11) Any thank you's and shoutout's to your fans friends and family?

Sean: S/O to my son Jasiah. He saved my life. Prior to him being born I contemplated suicide. I no longer do.


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