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(New Music) Happy Birthday @LexiiAlijaii "18"

Big Happy 18th Birthday to the youngest best female artist Lexii Alijai!! I been a big fan of Lexii since her second mix-tape Feel Less and I'm still rocking with her until the end. After dropping incredible mix-tape Joseph's Coat last year in October, young Lexii continues on dropping new free music for her dedicated fans. So lately she dropped two remix covers to Bryson Tiller's "Exchange" and Kanye's "Real Friends" and no wonder what's the next remix cover she's going to murder. 
Now young Lexii is 18 today, in honor of celebrating her birthday she just recently released new music titled "18" produced by Cyht and Clint Ford. And not only it's her birthday, today is the 2 year anniversary of her very first project she dropped Super Sweet 16's amazing project. I'm very glad to claim her as my ONLY female rapper as an idol so Lexii thank you for inspiring me and influencing me with your music to keep me moving forward …

Uprising Artist @iamEmmaline's "The Path EP"

Introducing Emmaline
Hello everyone how's it going? It is an honor of me to introduce you to this beautiful loving female artist, she goes by the name of Emmaline. She is from two different parts of Australia, Sydney and Melbourne but now the artist is living in Atlanta. I've been supporting Emmaline for a while now, believe she is an amazing outstanding talented singer plus a great songwriter, she's awesome. Emmaline and I talked on and off about her music and what she's been working on in the studio so she is currently working on her debut EP project titled The Path which is coming soon. 
After watching her debut video interview, she is explaining about her new single self-titled "The Path" also explains who is featured on the EP and much more. Did I mention that she did songs with T.I.'s son Domani Harris and No Genre Lebel's recording artist London Jae. Emma is on her way up there, it's her time to shine. I want everyone to be on the lookout f…

World Premiere @Abrieelmusic's New Single "All In"

What's up everyone? I would like to introduce you to Las Vegas's new upcoming female singer/songwriter Abrieel. She and I been talking non-stop about how she going to pursue her dream into the music industry and her music as well. I found Abrieel on Twitter, started listening to her latest single "Waves of Love" and that's right when I kept my eyes on her. Soul singer/songwriter Abrieel is getting prepared to release her new project mixtape titled Soul II Soul which is coming soon and yes I will be world premiering it. 
While we wait on her mix-tape being finished, Abrieel just released her new 2016 single "All In" produced by RickyVela. The concept of the record "All In" is about wanting to build a relationship with someone but not knowing if they are completely ready and all in the way you are, because of their past and what they were put through.

(Exclusive New LV Artist) @LeeCeeMusic "Beautiful"

What's up everyone? Just last night, I just released a great review on female singer Morgan's debut single "Late Night Interlude" and that record sounds amazing. But now here's another young talented female singer coming straight out of Las Vegas, her name is LeeCee (Alicia Sanford) and we've been talking non-stop ever since I listened to her latest record "Love Talk" last year. Now LeeCee got so much going on with her music, now she is currently working on her debut mix-tape titled Before My Time but she's planning on releasing an EP project titled Closer to My Dreams so stay tuned for everything. Also I will be doing an big exclusive video interview with LeeCee, Abrieel and Essbee so that is on the way too. I need EVERYONE'S FULL 100% support for LeeCee's new single,share her music to friends and family, re-post it on social media,SUPPORT LeeCee!! Click the link -->

(Exclusive New Artist) @Sunnydayvis "Late Night Interlude"

Hey Everyone what's going on? Sorry I haven't been updating new music on here but I'm back now. I would like to introduce this new upcoming singer coming straight out of Las Vegas but she's basically originally from Detroit. I got the chance to chat with her on FaceBook and get to know who she is and she's telling me about getting into the music industry. Her name is Morgan and apparently she got everything going on with her but this music thing is perfect for her. Morgan's first debut single "Late Night Interlude" is produced by Cameron Love. She explained what is the song about and this is what she told me.... It's just about waiting for someone to finally be done with their bullshit whatever that may and come find the true meaning of love...with me. Morgan is currently working on her debut EP project titled "Love 4 The Weak" which will be dropping in spring this year and yes I will be doing an exclusive article on her project so stay…