World Premiere @Abrieelmusic's New Single "All In"

What's up everyone? I would like to introduce you to Las Vegas's new upcoming female singer/songwriter Abrieel. She and I been talking non-stop about how she going to pursue her dream into the music industry and her music as well. I found Abrieel on Twitter, started listening to her latest single "Waves of Love" and that's right when I kept my eyes on her. Soul singer/songwriter Abrieel is getting prepared to release her new project mixtape titled Soul II Soul which is coming soon and yes I will be world premiering it. 

While we wait on her mix-tape being finished, Abrieel just released her new 2016 single "All In" produced by RickyVela. The concept of the record "All In" is about wanting to build a relationship with someone but not knowing if they are completely ready and all in the way you are, because of their past and what they were put through.


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