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(New Mixtape/Review) @Kid_Ink x @BatGang4bs "4B's"

I been rocking with BatGang and Tha-Alumni since day one, my advice for you un-listeners is to clear your ear wax and start listening and keep up with the movement. This whole team is the hardest out right now and stay connected to their music. Once you download this mix tape, you will hear the hard body work ethic from these artists who you never heard of, that's why you need to download this mix tape and get to know who BatGang and Tha-Alumni is. Just in case you didn't know, it's BatGang x Alumni all day until the end and if you can't down with that then i don't know who you are.
It's been 2 years since Kid Ink released his last mix-tape Rocketshipshawty, but he's back in the mix-tape scene with his crew Batgang for their first exclusive hard work collaborative mix-tape titled "4B's". This mix-tape is hosted by DJ Tech and Adrian Swish, it has plenty verses from Ink, Hard-Head, Shitty Montana, Louie Batz, Math Allen and Juliann, and as you…

(New Mixtape) @BizzyCrook "No Hard Feelings"

Miami's artist Bizzy Crook just dropped his new mix-tape titled "No Hard Feelings" today available right now online and iTunes. I am just getting to know who Bizzy is and getting to know more about his music to hear what he's saying and I must say that he's dope. Bizzy Crook is the type of artist who everyone really needs to be on the lookout for and must stay listening to him, his lyrics will put you to sleep. Bizzy's new mix-tape "No Hard Feelings" holds 22 tracks, but if you buy it on iTunes you will get 3 bonus tracks so if you want the bonus tracks, buy it on iTunes now. This project has features from Lloyd, Michael Francis, Haley Small, Guordan Banks and plus more and producers by Viruss Beats, SkipOnDaBeat, Hunga, Boi-1da, Johnny Boy and many more beats by other producers. For my respective advice for everyone is to go download Bizzy's new mix-tape, listen to it very carefully and listen what he's saying in his lyrics.  Buy it on iTu…

(New Music) @KillaWhale_FnF "Landing Strip"

Aye Whats up everyone? This is my friend/brother from NY, his name is Killa Whale and he is preparing to release his new EP titled Darkside Airlines on August 31st. Here's Killa's new single "Landing Strip" featuring Samantha Antonia,download and listen to it.

(New Mixtape/Review) @Kehlanimusic's "Cloud 19"

Welcome to "Cloud 19"
Whats good everyone?? I want to tell you about this young r&b singer/songwriter from Oakland,CA, and her name is Kehlani. I found her on someone's Twitter, it just happened that I went to take a listen at her music and after listening couple of her tracks, I was amazed by the wonderful lovely voice she has. So I payed more attention to her and stayed focus on what she's been working on, and basically she just happened to release her debut mix-tape titled "Cloud 19". This new project has features from Kyle Dion and IamSU, producers by Tommy Hitts, Prophit, Jahaan Sweet and many plus more. I really expect everybody to please pay a lot more attention to Kehlani, stop sleeping on her and keep focusing on her music because she's the type of artist who you want to listen to and talk about everyday.  Go Download "Cloud 19" Right Now!!

(New Mixtape/Review) @TyDollaSign's "$ign Language"

Go Download "$ign Language" Now!!
While Ty Dolla Sign is still on tour with his Taylor Gang affiliate Wiz Khalifa, Ty has been working on his debut album "Free TC" which will be releasing later this year. Ty$ prepping his new mix-tape "$ign Language" available right now and this project holds 11 tracks with features from Rick Ross, Dom Kennedy, Jay 305, T.I., Yo Gotti, Fabolous, YG, Juicy J and many more and production beats by DJ Mustard, D-Mile, Metro Boomin, DRUGS, Dun Deal and more. My favorite songs on this mix-tape would have to be Dead Presidents, Lord Knows, Stretch and Can't Stay. I expect everybody to download "$ign Language" right now and tell a friend to do the same as well.

Ty Dolla $ign - Sign Language

(New Music) @RayvenJustice ft @JoeMosesBSM "Forgot Your Name"

Oakland, CA artist Rayven Justice returns with a brand new club banger single titled "Forgot Your Name" featuring a west-coast affiliate Joe Moses presented by Young California and DJ Carisma. Also his new EP "I Have A Dream" is still available right now on iTunes:

(New Music) @JustineSkye ft @Tyga "Collide"

You may remember this young r'n'b singer/songwriter Justine Skye last summer from her collaborated record "Messing with You" featuring Joey Bad-Ass off her latest project "Everyday Living" EP. Now Justine is back with a brand new single titled "Collide" featuring West-Coast rapper Tyga and produced by another west-coast native DJ Mustard. Her new single is now available right now on iTunes,Go buy it now:

(New Mixtape/Review) @RavenFelix "Valifornia"

Whats up everyone? I would like to introduce you to a young 19 year old female MC who goes by the name of Raven Felix. I don't know who she is but I was on Hotnewhiphop's website and it just happened that I found this new upcoming female mc and this is her debut mixtape titled "Valifornia". I said to myself "who's this chick? let me go check her out and listen to her project". So I listened to the mixtape and this girl Raven is dope as hell, she can spit. I went on twitter, followed her and gave her a shout-out and she replied back. Nobody knows who she is but ever since she dropped "Valifornia", everyone seems to know who she is right now and I like to see new upcoming female mc's coming out of nowhere and hip-hop needs more female artists in the game like Raven Felix. Raven is now part of my top favorite female artist and I currently love to hear a lot more from her so I expect everyone to pay more attention to Raven, download her mixta…

(New EP Album) @Jayy_Perry's "Muses EP"

Los Angeles new uprising unsigned singer/songwriter Jacqueline Perry Adams aka Jayy Perry. Jayy is an independent upcoming artist who released her new/latest project titled "Muses" EP three months ago on May 1st. This project is written by Jayy Perry, Michael Pekarski and Catherine L Carey, she worked with producers such as OSYM, Beebs Production. I really really really expect everyone to download this project and be on the lookout a new project and listen to it carefully and put your mind on her. Download "Muses" EP Now:

(New T.I.) @Tip ft @SkylarGrey "New National Anthem"

Among the protesters going very stronger in Ferguson,Missouri, T.I. decided to take his own opportunity to release a new strong delivery single titled "New National Anthem". This new single is a follow up on Tip's new upcoming album Paperwork dropping later this Fall, "New National Anthem" is featuring Skylar Grey, take a listen at this record. Hustle Gang Over Everything,"Paperwork" album coming soon!!

(New Music) @BizzyCrook ft @Lloyd_YG "Take Your Bitch"

Miami rapper/producer Bizzy Crook is preparing to release his new upcoming mix-tape titled "No Hard Feelings" next week on the 27th of this month. Here's Bizzy's new record "Take Your Bitch" with a feature from Lloyd produced by Johnny Boy so make sure you download No Hard Feelings when it drops.

(New Music) @MrSeanBrown "Cold Nights"

While we are still waiting for Mascot 2 project which is coming soon, Tha-Alumni rapper/producer Sean Brown decided to deliver new music for his dedicated fans who has been holding him down since day one. This new record titled "Cold Nights" produced by Joey Castellani. If you missed Sean's tweet on Twitter earlier today, he will be releasing an exclusive new song next week for his DayOneKru fans so stay tuned. Mascot 2 Coming Soon!!

Sean Brown - Cold Nights

(New Video) @RealMandyRain's "Riot"

Please Show Support and Buy Mandy Rain's new hit single "RIOT" Available now on iTunes:

(New Jeezy) @YoungJeezy ft @RickyRozay @TheGame "Beautiful"

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy is preparing to release his new upcoming album "Seen It All: The Autobiography" which will be releasing in stores on September 2nd. While we are waiting for the album to be released in September, Jeezy dropped another record off the album; this new record is called "Beautiful" with features from The Game and Rick Ross.

(New Music) @LyricaAnderson "Freakin" (Remix)

After releasing Lyrica Anderson's new video "Feenin" featuring Kevin Gates and her album King Me 2 is still blowing up all over. Mr.R&B singer Eric Bellinger also released his new video "Kiss Goodnight" ft Kid Ink, DJ Carisma and Young California would like to give out the exclusive brand new music by Lyrica Anderson "Freakin" (Remix) with features from Eric Bellinger and Taylor-Gang artist Wiz Khalifa,check it out right now.

(New Mixtape) @MarkBattles317 "Preseason"

This artist is blowing up so fast, I don't think any other artists and including me can't keep up with his hard work with music. This new upcoming rapper Mark Battles been releasing free music for his dedicated fans and by the way, he is working on a collaboration project with Dizzy Wright and Euroz so you will see/hear more from Battles. Mark Battles just released his new mix-tape titled "Preseason" with features from Chris Webby, Derek Luh, Curren$y, Terry Jamz, Myah Evans and this whole project is produced/recorded/mixed by J-Cuse. I really want everyone to pay more attention Battles, if you listen to his music, you will claim him as your new favorite rapper and be sure to tell everybody all about Mark Battles. Go Buy "Preseason" on iTunes Now:

Mark Battles - PreSeason

(New Rozay) @RickyRozay "Supreme (Remix)"

After releasing the official original video "Supreme" off of Rick Ross's album Mastermind, Rozay just released the official remix record with features from Fabolous, Ma$e and Big Krit and intro/outro by Katt Williams,check it out.

(New Single) @NyemiahSupreme ft @KCamp427 "No Questions"

This new female artist coming straight from South Jamaica Queens, NY; her name is Nyemiah Supreme and she is featured in a new reality show Sisterhood of Hip-Hop on Oxygen Network. Now here's her new single titled "No Questions" featuring Atlanta rapper K-Camp produced by BIG Fruit. Go Buy "No Questions" on iTunes Now:

(New Music) @Abrinamusic ft @EricBellinger "Actin Up"

I have heard about this new uprising R&B/Pop singer/songwriter Abrina from San Diego,CA; last time I got the chance to listen to her was when she putted out her new single "Blowin" featuring Jeremih. Now the young, beautiful and talented Abrina just released her new hit single "Actin Up" featuring Eric Bellinger. This new single "Actin Up" will be available on her new EP preview album titled My Playground which is available right now to pre-order before the release September 2nd. Pre-Order "My Playground" EP Now on iTunes:

Go Download @ReneBrownMusic's "Keep to Myself"

Whats up everyone? It would be an great honor of myself to introduce this new upcoming talented female artist, she goes by the name of Rene Brown and she's coming straight out of Los Angeles,CA. I was lurking around on HotNewHipHop and it just happened that I found Rene Brown's new song "Chasing Dreams" is on the website. When I listened to that record, I was like "this girl looks familiar?" and she does, I remember she was here in Las Vegas opening up a show for Scoolboy-Q's Oxymoron Tour couple months ago in April and Rene killed it on the stage. Rene Brown just released her very first debut EP titled "Keep To Myself" produced, recorded and mixed by Atlanta producer Tommy Ross and I really expect everybody to please pay more attention to Rene Brown, keep your eye on her and look out more music from her. Go Buy "Keep To Myself" on iTunes Now:

(New Album/Review) @KayCola's "Rem: The Prequel"

Welcome to Kay Cola's "Rem The Prequel: Nightmares and Lucid Dreams"
I been listening to this amazing talented artist for a while right now, it's something about her music that keeps me calm and not to cause any anger and it really helps me tho. This talented singer/songwriter is an Grammy nominated artist coming straight out of the west coast Los Angeles and she happens to be the daughter of world known Jazz musician Hubert Laws, her name is Kay Cola. Now Kay Cola has written songs and featured on artists such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ne-Yo, The Game, Talib Kweli, Nas and Pleasure P. I'm proud and happy to be a fan of Kay's music cause she is an amazing outstanding singer who has that lovely voice, her last project The Fifth Element was awesome when it was released and it still is. 
Kay Cola just released her anticipated EP album titled "Nightmares and Lucid Dreams" which has electric melodies, 808's and Electronic. On this new project, Kay is shari…

(New Pries Music) @iamPries "Freeway"

Denver rapper Pries just released a new free music for his fans, this track is called "Freeway" produced by G-Money and he did say this record will be on his new album American Fairy-tale" which is coming soon. Also Go BUY "Hide and Seek" on iTunes now: