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(Album Review Exclusive) @JoeMosesAOB "L4T5"

Last year in December, after dropping his last latest project Flight 54 he went back in the studio to work on a new album for his real dedicated fans who's been supporting him since day one. Los Angeles rapper Joe Moses been in the game for awhile now, you may recognize him linking up with other West Coast artists such as Ty$, Jay 305, DJ Mustard, RJ, YG and plenty more you can think of. As a fan of Joe Moses, I been listening to him since his From Nothing to Something Pt.1 and I just kept on listening to his music all day everyday. Right after dropping Flight 54, JM was working a new album and other tracks with artists like Ty$; speaking of Ty$ he and JM are in process of working on Whoop 2 (coming soon so stay patient). Joe did say he is working on Brackin 2 so that's on the way as well. While we wait on those projects, the LA rapper just recently dropped his new album last night Live 4rm The 5ive and this project has 20 brand new tracks, features from Jay …

(New Music/New Artist) @HelloSemii "Bait"

Elizabeth, Jersey's new upcoming female singer Semii just dropped her new joint called "Bait" produced by Makaih Beats and she's on her way to the another level. Be on the lookout for more new music from Semii and hopefully we get to hear full length project from her later this year. Go listen to Semii's new music out now!!

(Exclusive EP Review/New Artist) @WelcomeToSaturn "IOU" EP

Man, it is an great honor of myself to introduce to someone who I have known for years and supporting since day one. This young talented girl coming straight out of South New Jersey; born and raised. Back then, she was dancing at a young age and may I say that her dancing skills was on point and I know she still got the moves, also she had a clothing brand called Little Gods. Now she's trying pursue her dream of becoming a music artist and that's where I come in to support her to the fullest as always. The young girl that I'm talking about is my friend/sister Saturn, short for Saturn Alexander. This is her very first debut EP project that she just released which it is out right now on her Sound Cloud page. She put out couple new tracks off the project to get ya'll warmed up for the EP. Title of her EP is called IOU and I would like for everyone to please give my sister a listen, she's new at this and share her EP to friends/family and much others please.  Saturn…

(Exclusive Album Review) @MrSeanBrown "Life Of A Dreamer"

Hello world, how's everyone doing today? Well here we go with another new hot project from Tha Alumni recording rapper/producer Sean Brown titled Life Of A Dreamer. Sean been quite lately since April but he's been busy with daddy duties taking good care of his son and working on new music secretly. The last project that I listened from Sean Brown was The Lost EP and right after that, he went on going back and forth from daddy duties and working on new music for his fans. These past couple months, Sean been working on a new free album for his dedicated fans and yet the album is finally here. Album titled Life Of A Dreamer, this project has seventeen new tracks, great features and great productions. Features from Daniel Peter, Kunceal, Ariez Onasis and Phil Ade and productions by Sean Brown himself, Crazy T, Bankroll and much more producers he has worked with on this album. I would like for everyone to download this album right now, support Sean Brown and share his name/music t…

(New Music) @KayCola "Almight Dollar"

The whole world is going out of control with the police officers shooting unarmed young and older African-American males and it's really ridiculous. Last week, two grown black men were shot and killed for just because of their skin color plus the big riot in Dallas, TX. The Lucid Queen singer/songwriter Kay Cola has something to say about it of releasing this new song titled "Almighty Dollar". Please Listen to this song and share it to friends and family.

(New Artist/New Single) @SarshaSimone "Casualty"

Here's a new upcoming singer/songwriter coming straight out of Sydney, Australia; the singer's name is Sarsha Simone. Yesterday she made her first debut by premiering her debut single "Casualty" on RnBass's website. I want everyone to go buy her new single on iTunes out right now, share it to friends and spread her name out there. Hopefully we get to hear a lot more from Sarsha so stay tuned and keep your eyes out on her. "Casualty" on iTunes Now:

(New Debut EP Review) @FuckShorts "Long Story Short"

Welcome to the Long Story Short
What's up everyone? It is an great honor of myself to introduce to ya'll to someone who I been friends with for years and years back when I was growing up in New York. This grown man is a big brother of mine, coming straight outta White Plains,NY; his name is Jaycen Johnson aka Shorts. Long Story Short is the title of Short's debut mixtape with six tracks includes the hit record Good Space featuring Breeze Mantana. This project has two features from Breeze Mantana and Kayne Precise and can I just that this happens to be Jay's best body work on this project. I really would like for everyone EVERYONE please support my big brother, listen to his debut project Long Story Short, share it to friends and family, take it to the barbershop and house party's as well.  Short's Social Media Twitter: Instagram: Watch the video:…