(Exclusive Album Review) @MrSeanBrown "Life Of A Dreamer"

Hello world, how's everyone doing today? Well here we go with another new hot project from Tha Alumni recording rapper/producer Sean Brown titled Life Of A Dreamer. Sean been quite lately since April but he's been busy with daddy duties taking good care of his son and working on new music secretly. The last project that I listened from Sean Brown was The Lost EP and right after that, he went on going back and forth from daddy duties and working on new music for his fans. These past couple months, Sean been working on a new free album for his dedicated fans and yet the album is finally here. Album titled Life Of A Dreamer, this project has seventeen new tracks, great features and great productions. Features from Daniel Peter, Kunceal, Ariez Onasis and Phil Ade and productions by Sean Brown himself, Crazy T, Bankroll and much more producers he has worked with on this album. I would like for everyone to download this album right now, support Sean Brown and share his name/music to friends and family because he's the type of artist that you would claim as your favorite, trust me. 

Sean Brown's Q & A's

1) First off, How's your summer going for you right now?

Sean: Summer's going great, been hittin' the gym and locked in the studio a lot. Spending a lot of time with my son.

2) The album title "Life Of A Dreamer", Why that title?

Sean: I'm a dreamer, a big dreamer. I go after my dreams by any means and this album takes you on my journey as my life as a dreamer.

3) What's the concept background on this album about?

Sean: This album is for those who want more out of life and go for it. People who aren't afraid to take huge risk for major success to accomplish their dreams.

4) How long you been working on this album? What was it like working on this project?

Sean: I want to say about six months, maybe seven months. I took a little more time than usual and wanted to make sure I was fully satisfied with the end result. I was in the zone during the entire process of creating this album. Got inspired by life around me and that gave me the push to keep going.

5) Who is featured on this project? and who's the producers you worked with? 

Sean: I got my bro Phil Ade from Wale's camp EBM. He's been doing this music thing just as long as I have and he's always been dope to me, the record we got is on some heavy vibes. I got Ariez Onasis, we worked on "The Greatest" in the past and I felt it was time to reconnect. I got singer/songwriter Daniel Peter. He's a talented young individual with amazing vocals and I have Kunceal, from the IE, who is an upcoming rapper with huge potential. As for production, Crazy T did the majority, I produced 3 tracks, I have Static Beatz on there, I've got Snizzy, my day one bro Joey Castellani, Bankroll, MadReal and TezzLife.

6) How do you balance your music with other obligations- your son, family and others? 

Sean: I think in order to stay happy you have to find and have balance with all things in life. When I feel that I'm doing too much, music my conscious tells me to take a break and that's when I go and enjoy time with family. When I feel like I'm being unproductive that's when I get back to work. You have to listen to the voice within and act upon.

7) What's your favorite song on the album that you had fun recording?

Sean: They're all my favorite, this album is my favorite. Had the most fun recording "Around". It's just a feel good joint.

8) Is there a song that the fans should play and listen to on repeat and feel the vibe?

Sean: ALL 17 SONGS!!! lol

9) Since Kanye is your favorite rapper, Do you see yourself creating a crazy genius music videos like him?

Sean: I do see myself creating really dope visuals and more of my creative input being applied in the near future, but of course I would be able to do more with a greater budget. Soon it'll all fall into place I just have to keep working.

10) Album is out now....You have any words to say to the fans who has supported you all the way?

Sean: I'm thankful. Anyone who has ever bought a song/album, merchandises, came to my shows, re-tweeted, liked, commented, reposted, downloaded, spread the word, played my music and continues to do so I want to thank you!! Without the support I would be nothing. Get ready for my best album out now, LIFE OF A DREAMER. Thank you Zachy!!


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