(Exclusive EP Review/New Artist) @WelcomeToSaturn "IOU" EP

Man, it is an great honor of myself to introduce to someone who I have known for years and supporting since day one. This young talented girl coming straight out of South New Jersey; born and raised. Back then, she was dancing at a young age and may I say that her dancing skills was on point and I know she still got the moves, also she had a clothing brand called Little Gods. Now she's trying pursue her dream of becoming a music artist and that's where I come in to support her to the fullest as always. The young girl that I'm talking about is my friend/sister Saturn, short for Saturn Alexander. This is her very first debut EP project that she just released which it is out right now on her Sound Cloud page. She put out couple new tracks off the project to get ya'll warmed up for the EP. Title of her EP is called IOU and I would like for everyone to please give my sister a listen, she's new at this and share her EP to friends/family and much others please. 
Saturn's Social Media
Email: Yowelcometosaturnn@gmail.com

Saturn's Q & A
1) For those who needs to know who Saturn is, explain background about yourself.

Saturn: Well, I'm Saturn, short for Saturn Alexander. I'm a 21 year old artist from south Jersey and I would like to take over the world. I used to dance when I was younger, and I had a clothing brand called Little Gods that eventually transformed into Humble Gods which is the collective I'm a part of.

2) Have you always wanted to make music? Because first you was a dancer and making a clothing brand.

Saturn: Honestly, I've always wanted to sing. I was kinda discouraged from it when I was younger by my mom cause she said I couldn't sing (lol) so I just pushed it to the side but always wanted to. I tried dancing, and making clothes because I honestly just love being creative in any way possible, but music has always been my first love, I was just holding myself back from doing it.

3) When did you start singing and writing? What was your passion to write music of your own?

Saturn: I started singing and writing only about eight months ago, so I'm almost a year in and I'm proud of that. I'm kind of a scatter brain, so it's hard to get me to stick to one thing (I couldn't even grow my hair out for a year without shaving the whole back haha) but I honestly was so scared to write and now that I am and have, I love love love it. I've always wanted to write my own stuff.

4) The title "IOU", why that title? What's the concept of this EP? 

Saturn: The title was pretty much like an "IOU" to all of the things that have happened to me recently. Whether good, bad or indifferent, I'm thankful for them because they've shaped me. That's also the concept for the project, kinda like growth.

5) How many tracks will be on the EP? 

Saturn: There are going to be seven songs on the EP because it's a God's perfect number. But I decided to do seven because it's the number that respects mankind and our mortality and rawness.

6) Is there any features or it's just yourself? Cause when independent artists put out their first EP, they don't put no features on it.They want the project to be all about them.

Saturn: There are two features on my project, my brother Chad and my brother Aston. It's on the track i have called 99+2. It's going to be type of a family affair type of track, since we're all paster's kids.

7) Who produced mastered and mixed on this project?

Saturn: There are an extensive amount of producers on the project, all found from Sound Cloud, and it's mainly mixed by me and my brother Aston, and my brother Chad.

8) Do you think music is the future career that you want to do?

Saturn: That's a hard question. Like I said I want to take over the world. I want to do music, I wanna design, hell, I wanna bake cakes and shit too haha. I honestly just want all creative freedom to do whatever, but I'm a always do music.

9) If you could do a song or write a song for any artists, Who would it be?

Saturn: I wouldn't ever want to write for anyone, honestly. Because I feel like it takes away from the craft for the other artist.

10) Any words you want to say to friends, family and others?

Saturn: I love ya'll so much, Thank you to everybody who supports me it means so much more than you know guys. The fact that people believe in me is so surreal and amazing, I'm just so thankful.


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