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(Exclusive Mixtape Review) @MrSeanBrown "Mascot 3"

Just recently two months ago, Tha Alumni recording artist/producer Mr.Sean Brown just released a new free album Life Of A Dreamer and the fans are still enjoying that incredible outstanding project, Sean is still currently shooting videos off the album. Sean just post a status on FaceBook announcing that every Monday in the entire month of October he will be releasing new music videos on his YouTube channel so stay tuned for those videos. I'm still enjoying Life Of A Dreamer and i love the project but I still need another one from Sean. I was looking through all of his great projects he has put out since the beginning then I looked at Mascot and Mascot 2
Sean's latest Mascot 2 was released last year in October 2014 and therefore; he made a big surprised announcement putting out official cover photo of his new mixtape Mascot 3. I got too hyped up when he announced the project and I believe this new Mascot is going be his best one, actually all the projects he has put out is …

(Exclusive EP Review/New Artist) "All Around Me" EP

New Artist: Julissa Rodriguez Acosta
Hello everyone, I have someone who you are going to enjoy and love and this young person is really talented, like really trust me. First I didn't know we were following each other on Twitter but I went on her page, sent her a tweet and notice that she has a Sound Cloud page. So I checked out her music and she has a nice voice, I like her music. This young talented singer who I'm talking about is a 16 yr old high school student Julissa Rodriguez Acosta who is a junior and will be graduating in 2018, congrats to her by the way. Julissa and I made contact with each other, talked about her music and etc and as I got to know her, she has a bright career in the future that she's following. She lives in the Northeastern Pennsylvania and seems like she has put out two EP's back then but here's her brand new third EP titled All Around Me with five tracks includes two bonus tracks with two features. The young singer Julissa did pretty muc…

(New Artist/New Single)'s New Single "Let Me Groove"

I really would like to introduce everyone to a young 16 year old talented singer from Northeastern Pennsylvania, she's a junior in high school; her name is Julisa and she's been singing since eight years old and later at 2013, she took the singing thing very seriously and can i just say that she's really good. Now Julisa is currently working on her debut EP project which will be releasing on September 23rd and while we wait, she recently released her new single titled "Let Me Groove" and she did everything on the record such as wrote the lyrics,produced, mastered and mixed by herself. 
The concept of her new record is about prejudice disguised as a song about dancing. The person just wants to dance and have fun without being bothered, which translates to being about people who are judged here in the US who just want their freedom. The song is a mid-tempo disco, r&b, and pop record. Listen to her new single below..
Let Me Groove by Julissa

(New Artist) @Ana_Veeee's New Single "Stranded"

New Jersey's new upcoming independent singer Ana Vee just premiered her new single titled "Stranded" on RnBass website and it just happened that I had to give her new record a listen and I like her record, it's so smooth and wavy. The 22 year old singer single "Stranded" is written by her, produced by N-Soul and mixed/mastered by Sinical. The concept of this record is about if you were on a road trip, and brought all  your belongings with you then your car broke down but you were left in the middle of nowhere; you would be....stranded. Please take a listen to Ana's new song, share it and play it to friends and others.