(Exclusive EP Review/New Artist) @Julis.sa "All Around Me" EP

New Artist: Julissa Rodriguez Acosta

Hello everyone, I have someone who you are going to enjoy and love and this young person is really talented, like really trust me. First I didn't know we were following each other on Twitter but I went on her page, sent her a tweet and notice that she has a Sound Cloud page. So I checked out her music and she has a nice voice, I like her music. This young talented singer who I'm talking about is a 16 yr old high school student Julissa Rodriguez Acosta who is a junior and will be graduating in 2018, congrats to her by the way. Julissa and I made contact with each other, talked about her music and etc and as I got to know her, she has a bright career in the future that she's following. She lives in the Northeastern Pennsylvania and seems like she has put out two EP's back then but here's her brand new third EP titled All Around Me with five tracks includes two bonus tracks with two features. The young singer Julissa did pretty much everything on this EP...she produced,mixed,mastered and etc all by herself and that's what I call a great talented music artist. I got the chance to ask Julissa couple questions about her and her music, so feel free to read the interview below and take a listen to her new EP out now, follow her social media.

Julissa's Q & A
1) For those who don't know you...Would you mind telling a story about yourself? Who is Julissa?

Julissa: I am 16 years old. I write, sing, produce, arrange and mix all of my music. I love food, being funny, and speaking up in what I believe in. I also love to write stories, dance and watch shows and movies. I work hard for what I want, I'm ambitious, I love making people happy and I take music very seriously.

2) How long you been writing music and singing? What made you wanted become a singer?

Julissa: I wrote my first song in 3rd grade then I stopped. I'd have a few little stints every now and then, but in 9th grade I tried again, it stuck. From then on, I've been really consistent in songwriting. Somewhere around 200 songs were written in the past two years. I've been singing since I was eight. I have always been into music, I think just growing up really made me love music because I was exposed to so much of it from a young age.

3) How's the feedback coming along with the release of your new single "Let Me Groove"? 

Julissa: It's good. I expected a little more, but I'm good. I'm not losing anything. I'll just make something better this time around.

4) You don't have a title for your upcoming EP which will be dropping next week on the 23rd, What is this project going to be basically about? Like what's the concept of the project?

Julissa: I'm a very indecisive person, so I keep changing things over and over again until the last possible minute. It seems bad to do to most artists, but I'm alone during the creative process for the most part. I do everything alone and set my own deadlines. It's liberating. I eventually just decided to name the EP after one of the songs on it, All Around Me. The songs are biographical so it's relevant to the project as a whole.

5) How many tracks will be on the EP? Is there any features? Who is the mixing, mastering and producing the project?

Julissa: There are five songs on the EP but bonus tracks with two features from Quindon and Sik Vik.

6) What drew you into this album? How long you been working on the EP? 

Julissa: Just the need for me to release a project. I hate sparse releases. I always try to release something every month. I know I shouldn't rush my music and whatnot, but like I said, I'm on my own. I have friends who help and guide me, but as a brand I'm on my own. I'm a one-woman band and team all in one. For now, I'm okay with that. I do what I want. I also have a lot of free time on my hands, so why not? Other than that, I'm just stressed about a lot, so I wrote it down. I've been working on A project (not THE project) since March after I dropped Heart, but I always change my mind. The final copy of the EP is what came out of the trial and error that came from the past six months.

7) Is there an artist that made you wanted become a singer and influenced you? If so why?

Julissa: Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, That is all.

8) If you could do a song with any artist, Who would it be? 

Julissa: Beyonce is an obvious answer but it's unrealistic. On that list I also have Drake, Rihanna, Princess Nokia, Babeo Baggins, Zayn, Justin Bieber, Lil'Wayne, Kendrick (unrealistic), Tinashe, Chance the Rapper, and Tory Lanez. 

9) I did mention that you and Willow Smith have the same vibe of music, Do you see yourself working with her in the near future? 

Julissa: Thanks! It's a compliment but mine doesn't come near hers. I feel like I'm experimental with my music but not to the same extent as she is with hers. I could see myself working with her, but not for a few years.

10) Are you nervous of releasing your project? Like is you nervous of getting feedback on what the listeners are going to like it or not?

Julissa: Of course I am, I'm not dreading it though.

11) You have any words to say to friends and family who have supported you?

Julissa: Love you all!


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