(Exclusive Mixtape Review) @MrSeanBrown "Mascot 3"

Just recently two months ago, Tha Alumni recording artist/producer Mr.Sean Brown just released a new free album Life Of A Dreamer and the fans are still enjoying that incredible outstanding project, Sean is still currently shooting videos off the album. Sean just post a status on FaceBook announcing that every Monday in the entire month of October he will be releasing new music videos on his YouTube channel so stay tuned for those videos. I'm still enjoying Life Of A Dreamer and i love the project but I still need another one from Sean. I was looking through all of his great projects he has put out since the beginning then I looked at Mascot and Mascot 2

Sean's latest Mascot 2 was released last year in October 2014 and therefore; he made a big surprised announcement putting out official cover photo of his new mixtape Mascot 3. I got too hyped up when he announced the project and I believe this new Mascot is going be his best one, actually all the projects he has put out is his best ones. Mascot 3 has nine new tracks with three great features and incredible productions by great unknown names like Crazy T, Static Beatz, David King, Eric Vargas and many more production on the project.
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Sean Brown's Q & A
1) How's the feedback coming from your new album Life Of A Dreamer? Everyone is enjoying it very much.

Sean: Feedback has been fucking amazing, still getting props on the project by the day.

2) Are you still shooting more videos from the album? I know you have one or two new videos on the way, right?

Sean: Yeah, shooting a few off both albums and I'll release them soon.

3) Any new updates you have upcoming? Any shows?

Sean: Gotta show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA on September 22nd opening for Futuristic. Also have some overseas stuff possibly in the works.

4) Now Mascot 3, Why did it take so long to deliver the third one?

Sean: Can't force a project, Life Of A Dreamer was supposed to be Mascot 3 but when I was done with all the songs it gave me a different feel and vibe so I decided to hold off on Mascot 3 at that time. It just had to fit.

5) How many tracks are on this new mixtape?

Sean: Nine tracks

6) Who's being featured on this project and who's the producers that you worked with?

Sean: Features from King Midas, KTLN and June B. Producers Crazy T, myself, David King and couple others.

7) Which songs on Mascot 3 did you have fun recording?

Sean: All of them, the entire Mascot series is all about having fun, having confidence, being care free.

8) Out of the three Mascot mixtapes, Which is your most favorite?

Sean: Mascot 3 but all of them are special to me.

9) Is Whole Foods 3 going be next after Mascot 3?

Sean: That's a possibility. As of now I'm just focused on getting the music out. Keeping my foot on the gas. I haven't stopped recording since the release of LOAD (Life Of A Dreamer) and I'm still going even though Mascot 3 is finito.

10) What is everyone going to hear on this mixtape?

Sean: A new and improved Sean Brown. Lyrically, creatively. Dope ass beats, crazy flow patterns. A good time.

11) Any words you want to say to the fans?

Sean: Love ya'll to the fullest!!


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