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(New Mixtape Review) @Majillamusic "L.O.T.U.S."

What's going on everyone? I love listening to new upcoming artists to express what they say in their songs and having new listeners to believe in their talent. I would like to introduce this young talented 19 year old artist coming from Akron, Ohio; her name is Kat Majilla she's a rapper. Six months ago, Kat released her debut mix-tape Naked Bliss and now she's back with the release of her new second mix-tape titled L.O.T.U.S. (LOVE OVERPOWERS THE UGLY SOUL). When I first heard Kat, I actually liked her style of music and the way she flows and she's much different than any other artists who are independent or major. Kat and I been talking for a while and getting to know each other but most importantly it was important of getting to know her and her music lifestyle because it's always about the artist and they're music. Kat been Facetime with me and sharing sneak preview tracks off the L.O.T.U.S. project and they sounded dope.
I got the time to do a interview w…

(New Music) @AlyxxDione "The Hills"

My best friend/favorite singer Alyxx Dione is working very hard in the studio to release enough more new music. Here's her new song cover to The Weeknd's hit record "The Hills", check it out. Hopefully we get an EP or something this year or next year.

(New Mickey Music) @MickeyShiloh "Jason and Freddy"

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Mickey Shiloh continues on putting out more free music for her fans and they are enjoying her music but I'm still waiting on her to put out a EP or mixtape. The singer Mickey wanted to celebrate Halloween by coming out a new record called "Jason & Freddy" featuring singer/producer/songwriter Prince Chrishan and this track is produced by J Maine, check it out.

(Mixtape Review) @LexiiAlijaii "Joseph's Coat"

What's up everyone? I just released my new review on Shaun Sloan's mixtape but now here's my new update on the next come up in the music industry, her name is Lexii Alijai. Who is Lexii Alijai? Glad you asked that question, Lexii is a 17 year old coming straight outta Minnesota and she's this talented young rapper who spits the illest hottest bars that will put you to sleep. Lexii is the type of the artist that tell you stories, once she put you sleep you wake up in the morning and forget what you listening to. I would like to introduce you to Lexii's third new mix-tape titled Joseph's Coat was released yesterday same as Shaun Sloan. When I first heard Lexii was from her project feel.less and that project made me listen to her every day non-stop. Now this new project having people being addicted of listening to it and the stores that she's telling, it''s so inspirational. Once you listen to Lexii, it's like you listening to J.Cole. People claim…

(Mixtape Review) @RealShaunSloan "The Process"

For those who doesn't know Shaun Sloan, glad you ask that question...Shaun Sloan is a young teen artist coming straight out of South Central Los Angeles, CA. Shaun is somewhere at the age of 18 or 19, not pretty sure but he's very talented at a young age and confident with his lyrics. He is signed to 10 Summers Records own by the hottest producer DJ Mustard, ya'll may seen Sloan before way back in when he did his performance on 106 & Park. I didn't know who he was before on 106 but now I know who he is when I started listening to him. The first time I listened to Shaun was when he did that "6 God" remix with his girlfriend Lexii Alijai and right after that, I kept on listening to Shaun a lot more. He and Lexii putted out a collaborated project called Same Struggle.Different Story earlier in the beginning of January, I believe so or last year but any way that project is still the best one out now, Crown would have to be my favorite song. 
Now the wait is …

(New Shaun Music) @RealShaunSloan "Takeover"

The wait is finally over!!! Young California teen rapper Shaun Sloan whom is signed to DJ Mustard's label 10 Summers Records. Shaun is getting prepared to drop his new mix-tape The Process this Friday plus his girlfriend Minnesota's best youngest feMC Lexii Alijai dropping her new project Joseph's Coat on Friday as well. After Lexii dropped her new record "By Your Side", Sloan just dropped his new record "Takeover" off his new project. This new track is produced by Refuuj and Q.B. Smith.  The Process & Joseph's Coat drops this FRIDAY!!

(New Ty$ Music) @TyDollaSign "Airplane Mode"

Taylor Gang;West Coast artist Ty Dolla Sign is getting prepared to release his debut album Free TC on November 13th,go pre-order the album now on iTunes. While we waiting on his album in November, Ty just announced he will be dropping a new mix-tape Airplane Mode tomorrow. Check out the self-titled song out now,produced by Ty$, Eazy and Nate 3D.

(Mixtape Review) @JoeMosesBsm "From Nothing 2 Something Pt.3"

Now I've been following up on Joe Moses career for awhile and hearing him on other people's projects by Ty Dolla Sign, DJ Mustard, YG and others. I fuck with Moses, he's one of the hardest independent artists coming straight outta West Coast. After Joe dropped his two latest projects All Out and his new album Brackin, those projects been getting great responses and fans are still fucking with it but when Joe released his album Brackin, he had the whole streets going crazy on that project. My favorite track on the album is "Get Off On Slauson" featuring RJ. 
South Central West Coast rapper Joe Moses is back with his new upcoming mix-tape From Nothing to Something 3 hosted by DJ Holiday. Now this project right here is having the streets going nuts and sharing out their favorite tracks on the mix-tape. I'm going have to say that record "Messy" is the hardest track with a female rapper who I've never heard of; her name is Mariah Leilani and record …

(New Raven Felix) @RavenFelix "Trippy"

The young princess of Valifornia; 20 year old rapper Raven Felix been putting out new free music each week and opening up shows for her Taylor Gang affiliate Wiz Khalifa. First, shout-out to her mom Veronica Felix for raising an outstanding rap monster. Young Raven is getting prepared to release her second upcoming mix-tape Valifornication which is a follow up from her first project Valifornia back in August 2014. Here's Raven's new track "Trippy", it's just a new free music to get ya'll get ready for her to release the new mix-tape at sometime soon this year or so.

(New Music/New Artist) @JoyceWrice "Ain't No Need"

Los Angeles new upcoming singer/songwriter Joyce Wrice is prepared to release her first debut mini-album titled Stay Around EP it's on the way, just stay patient. Singer/songwriter Joyce just released her new single "Ain't No Need" written by herself and Sir, produced by Mndsgn and DJ Harrison. You can go buy her new single on iTunes now, just be ready for her new project Stay Around EP coming real soon this Fall. "Ain't No Need" on iTunes: Watch Official Video:

(New Music/New Artist) @LeeCeeMusic "Love Talk"

Young 19 year old singer/songwriter Alicia Sanford aka LeeCee coming straight outta Las Vegas, this is her new single titled "Love Talk" produced and recorded by Haskel Jackson and written by Leecee herself. The singer/songwriter explained the concept of the song and here what she said... "My song "Love Talk" talks about finding and experiencing real love. When it happens it's new and breathtaking. A special someone comes along and suddenly everything in the universe seems brighter and more beautiful. So when people hear this song I want them to feel as if they are walking on cloud 9.