(New Mixtape Review) @Majillamusic "L.O.T.U.S."

What's going on everyone? I love listening to new upcoming artists to express what they say in their songs and having new listeners to believe in their talent. I would like to introduce this young talented 19 year old artist coming from Akron, Ohio; her name is Kat Majilla she's a rapper. Six months ago, Kat released her debut mix-tape Naked Bliss and now she's back with the release of her new second mix-tape titled L.O.T.U.S. (LOVE OVERPOWERS THE UGLY SOUL). When I first heard Kat, I actually liked her style of music and the way she flows and she's much different than any other artists who are independent or major. Kat and I been talking for a while and getting to know each other but most importantly it was important of getting to know her and her music lifestyle because it's always about the artist and they're music. Kat been Facetime with me and sharing sneak preview tracks off the L.O.T.U.S. project and they sounded dope.

I got the time to do a interview with Kat, ask her couple questions about herself, her music and etc. Now this new project has ten songs all songs written by Kat herself. As I'm listening to the project, it sounds pretty good and all the songs and only have one feature Justin Witter. I really would like for everyone please give Kat a listen, check out her new mix-tape and share it out to everyone and social media,etc. Sorry for the short interview quesitons, Kat just been so busy working on this outstanding project and trying to make it to sound perfect for her fans to listen to and enjoy it.

Kat's Q & A's

1) For those who doesn't know who Kat Majilla is...Explain your story background and where you from? what's been going on in your life?

Kat: I'm Kat Majilla, I'm 19 years old. I'm from Akron, Ohio and I like to wear sweats, smoke cigarettes, and make music. Nah, but my story? I don't really know where to start, I moved all over the states ever since I was three and ended up living in Oklahoma for like six or seven years until I graduated. During those years in Oklahoma, it was weird because I'm androgynous and people looked at me crazy as hell. Like "what the fuck is she?" I would get the occasional "Are you a boy or a girl?" question, but I eventually got over it. It was just mad awkward for me though. I was a trouble maker too. I didn't take authority well at all and I was always angry at everyone for reason either, but that's another story. But I just moved to Ohio in May of this year and I was supposed to go to college but I already knew that I wasn't going to go. It just isn't for me. I'm super introverted and I don't like being around people at all. I literally stay inside all day and just write and record the days I'm available to. I haven't told my family or friends that I make music either so it's tough finding time alone to just zone out and do my thing.

2) So How did you come up with the name Kat Majilla? Is that your real name or you just ran with it?

Kat: That's funny, people always ask me "what's your real name?" and I tell them it's a secret. Only a very select few people know my real name. Kat is the first name it's short for Kathryn and Majilla came about from the song "Niggas In Paris" when Kanye says "What's that jacket Margiela?" and I was like "yoooo this is mad dope" so I just changed it to Majilla. People seem to fuck with it though regardless if they can pronounce it correctly or not. They think it's Spanish and I'm just over here like nah haha.

3) When did you start getting into the music? At what age did you start singing and rapping? 

Kat: Honestly, I just started making music in March of this year. That's like what, six months ago? I'm 19 about to be 20 in January so not that long ago. I dropped my first mix-tape Naked Bliss in April unexpectedly and people fucked with it. I haven't listened to it since I dropped it. It's trash to me since I'm not in the same mindset you know? I would take it down but I want to show my progress from Naked Bliss to LOTUS. It's definitely going to be a major switch up and change form the 90's vibes brought into Naked Bliss. LOTUS is something else. Oh, I'm not a singer though, I rap, I just wasn't in a rapping mood in Lotus, I mean i still rap on it just not as much as Naked Bliss.

4) Was music the only opportunity that you really wanted to do?  and Why?

Kat: Actually no, I always wanted to be in the WNBA. I got game both on and off the court lmfao. No but things got complicated in high school. I was on the varsity team up until 9th grade, because my vision turned shitty, I had terrible grades and I was in too much trouble to even be able to participate in school activities. It was some other shit too, but it's all good. I told myself I would be famous one day whether it be for basketball or not. It's happening slowly, but surly.

5) Your first mix-tape "Naked Bliss", What was going on with that project? Like What was the feedback you were receiving from the listeners? What was the concept of that project?

Kat: Maaaan, that project was so spontaneous. It was mad 90's vibe and old school as hell. People fucked with it from what I saw and heard. Some people didn't and that's cool too. At the time I didn't have a mic so the quality was low but lyrics wise I was preaching. My features Jay Yung, Quindon Johnson and Loveafirstsound were dope too. They killed their verses and worked on it. Jay actually mastered it for me with his friend Avery so it was dope. Really wasn't a concept behind it, I just saw that everyone was making music and they were all talking about the same thing and they sounded the same so I wanted to bring myself into the mix and add some diversity to it. I'm not like everybody else when it comes to lyrics or how I want my music to sound. My sound is just different. I think being gay helps too haha.

6) Who's the artists you grew up listening to? Does that artist influenced you to be part of music?

Kat: My mom played a lot of Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Biggie, Boyz2Men, Usher, Alicia Keys, R.Kelly a lot of old school and classic sounds. Once I started growing up and realizing what I liked, I started listening to Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks, The Beatles, Tupac, Mos Def, Nas Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and so on. The artist who caught my attention though and who inspired me to want to start music was Eminem. The way he breaks his syllables, and how he rhymes is just dope to me. And he tells it how it is. He isn't afraid to be himself.

7) Who's the artists are you listening to right now in your playlist?

Kat: I been listening to Roy Woods, Bryson Tiller, Drake, Post Malone, Jhene Aiko, Quidon Johnson and The weeknd a lot lately. Some dope artists. I listened to my friends too, supporting them always.

8) The title of your mix-tape "L.O.T.U.S.", What's the concept of that project? And are you excited to release this project?

Kat: So I basically just wanted to talk about my past relationships, my present relationship and just myself in general. I mean I didn't open up personally but emotionally I feel like I somewhat did. I'm very excited to release this project, I just hope people take it well.

9) How many songs will be on the project? Who's the artists and producers you worked with?

Kat: I'm aiming for 10 tracks to be on this mix-tape. There were supposed to be about 3-4 features but I ended up scrapping the original track list and started over with rewriting songs so I ended up with my friend Justin on "Madness,Money,Misbehaving" who I think put a dope verse on it. Producer wise, just a bunch of talented and pretty dope people.

10) Where do you see yourself in the music industry in the next 5 years?

Kat: Oh that's tough,umm...the next 5 years? I'll be 24 so, I see myself being nominated for a Grammy, as for wining that's hard to say. Definitely nominated though. Writing for other artists, I really don't know to be honest, just success is in my future is all I can say, but I will always remain  humble.

11) Is there any artists or producers do you see yourself working with?

Kat: I fucks with Kanye, Illangelo, Doc McKinney, just to name a few but as working with, I'm very picky so I'll just have to see where things go but I'm always down to work with my friends.

12) If you weren't doing any music right now, What would you be doing?

Kat: I'd probably be in college or working some random job that I'd hate.

13) Since L.O.T.U.S. is dropping on October 24th...What can the listeners expect to hear on this mix-tape? Do you have any Thank you's/Shout-out's you want to say to your fans and others?

Kat: A lot of poetically explicit -- no I'm kidding, just some of my emotion, past relationships with women, and catchy hooks. Some very lyrical songs, the people need to scrap the beat and listen to what I am saying. Then they'll understand, and once they do, they will be ready for the next chapter because I'm definitely not finished, but L.O.T.U.S. is officially over. The next chapter.. I haven't decided how I want to approach it yet, but I'm going to take my time on my next project. I'm always working though when it comes to music. Yeah, of course, I appreciate every person who hits that play button whether they fuck with me or not. Everyone who supports me, and I don't like to say fans because I'm not that type of person. I don't think I have fans in honesty but the people who like my music and spread the word, those people who I direct message private links to hear the songs before they come out, everyone, thank you!


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