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Chicago Rapper @Davionss "4 The Hell Of It" EP

Born and raised in out West of Chicago new rapper Davion is here to share his debut EP titled 4 The Hell Of It. This is your new type of artist who you need to give a listen and share his name out to your friends. Listen to Davion's EP and stay tuned for more new music later on,for more information follow him on his social media.
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Davion's Q & A
1) For those who don't know who Davion, Tell a little something about yourself? Who is Davion?
Davion: What's good? Davion, newly 20 year old out of the West of Chicago. Don't do much, just chill and record music.
2) What made you wanted to be an artist? And What were you doing before rapping?
Davion: I honestly can't remember when I haven't took interest in music, so when I decided to start writing and recording (which was almost 3 years ago) it w…

World Premiere @ErickaGuitron "Mascara Tears"

Raised in Walnut, California, Ericka Guitron discovered her voice at an early age and now she’s all grown up. The songstress grew up being inspired by Lauryn Hill, Jackson 5 and more. Guitron is getting ready to release her upcoming EP, A Thousand Skins,which will be dropping soon. Her new single is called “Mascara Tears,” produced byByram. “Mascara Tears” is a positive soulful message about accepting emotions that we often try to suppress that are in fact healthy for us to release. This is the type of record that can get you to feel that little pinch-feeling inside and wanting to let it all out. Ericka is happy to share her music with the world and is ready to create a big impact with her career. There will be more to be talked about in the upcoming year. 
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Las Vegas Artist: @Shinefield_NLV "Hell On Earth" EP

Las Vegas may not be well very known for the music industry but it is known as the underground entertainment.  There are good talents out here, you just need to go out and find them at small local places at Fremont. Speaking of talent, Vegas upcoming artist Jerry Shinefield is here to express who he is as a human being. Shinefield's new six-EP H.O.E. (Hell On Earth) examines the darkness and angels, late nights with his low-key flow. 
Jerry is a type of artist who goes out in the morning and daylight looks all blurry to him but he's the Darth Vader at late nights. Shout-out to the productions by 45, PaqboyGrazi, Executive Produced by David Margolis and mixed/engineered by Jerry himself. If you like listening to that darkness music, Jerry Shinefield is your type of artist that you should be listening to.
For more information, Follow Jerry on his social media and stay tuned for more music from him soon!
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New Artist: @J_Swiftizm New Single "Anitbroke"

Last week, I got to meet with this new upcoming rapper J-$wift from San Diego, CA. The rapper wants to share off his new single of 2018, "Antibroke" prod by Yung Keise and hopefully to hear a full project from him soon this year, we'll see. Follow him on social media and share this record.

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New Music: @SummerJad37 "It Doesn't Matter"

Chicago new upcoming star Summer Jade delivering her new song "It Doesn't Matter", hopefully we get a solo project from her at anytime soon. I really believe that Jade can definitely make a great impact of herself as a female artist. She just needs that right perfect team and manager to push her forward in the industry. Go follow Summer on social media and download her music,stay tuned for more!!
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