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(New Artist Alert) Who is @ItsNicolina ??

Introducing Orlando Artist Nicolina
Who is Nicolina? That's a great question to ask, I asked myself that same question; got the answers right here. A friend of mine was telling me that I should do a review on this singer Nicolina and yet I did my research on who she is. She's a young female singer/published model coming straight out of Orlando, Florida and can I say that she is really very beautiful and gorgeous. I've got the time to take a listen to Nicolina's music on her Sound Cloud page, love her new record "Tell Me". When I was listening to the record, it has that Dru Hill sample so I gotta give the producer props to adding that sample. I followed Nicolina on social media to check out more of her music, she's a pretty good artist. 
She is currently working on her new upcoming EP project which will be releasing real soon this year. Nicolina releasing her new video "Tell Me" this weekend then she will be putting out her new first single "…

(New EP Review) @TokyoJapJunkie "Tokyo Tales"

A young beautiful 21 year old singer/rapper coming straight out of New Jersey making it real big as an independent solo artist, she is doing it very well. Her name is Tokyo Japjunkie and I have been keeping my eye out on her for a while now, she's a dope artist so I have to give her props. She did couple covers and freestyles over artist's tracks. Tokyo Japjunkie just released her second project Tokyo Tales EP following up from her first project Ms.New Jersey which was released three months ago. Her music has been played on radio stations in NY such as HOT 97 and Power 105.1, 5 million plays on Sound Cloud and plenty words to say about her. Her new EP only has four tracks and it would be great if you could give Tokyo a listen of your ears, follow her on social media. Twitter: @TokyoJapJunkie Instagram: @TokyoJapJunkie YouTube: Bookings: Tokyo's Q & A 1) For those…

(NEW RNBASS ARTIST ALERT) @LoloZouai's New Single "Options"

I been following up on newcomer artists on Rnbass music website and they got a lot of great new artists from U.S and U.K; but this new artist who've I been paying attention to for a minute now. A month ago, producer Swagg R'Celious told me about this new female singer from New York and so I followed her on both Instagram and Twitter, I was being very patient waiting for her to put out new music and yet she did. Today's a special day for her cause today's the release of her new debut single "Options" featuring rapper KR and this record is produced by Swagg R'Celious. Kiki Ireland and Lolo are like one of my most top favorite artists who I have paying very closely attention to. I would like for everyone to stay focus on Kiki Ireland and Lolo because these two young ladies are your next NEW favorite singers, trust me!! Check out Lolo's new single below!

(New Music) @TreyDayOfficial "Change Up"

Here's another free music from a young independent artist who I've been supporting since day one, Trey Day dropped a new joint "Change Up" produced by JCorrea Beats. Basically this track is about becoming better like is a song about becoming the best version of yourself and everybody around you know when being about able to see the change in your presence change up as a song that it relates to what I'm going through right now personally it's me changing up. Everybody around you being able to see it. Check out Trey's new song out now!!

(New Music Friday!!) @MsTaylorChanel "In Common (Remix)"

I've been supporting this beautiful talented singer since the beginning and she's a real humble artist of herself. Coming out of Los Angeles, CA; singer/songwriter Taylor Chanel is making her comeback from her latest 2015 single "Side Chick", Miss Taylor is back with her own remix cover to Alicia Keys hit record "In Common". Now Taylor is currently still working on her debut EP project which will be releasing later this Fall 2016 so please be on the lookout for that. So while we wait on Taylor's EP, go listen to her remix cover and share it to friends and others.

(New Music) @MajillaMusic's New single "Down for You"

Ohio's own rapper/singer/songwriter Majilla has been on a down low for a while now, she's been hella busy trying to make her new upcoming EP Cigs and Silence to sound perfect and very wavy. That project including my exclusive review on my blog coming soon. Here's Majilla's new 2016 single "Down for You"produced by Goddy Beats. Concepts of this new single is about just being down for your girl despite everything you and her both been through and only keeping those that you trust in your circle.

(NEW Artist Alert!!) @IylaBlue's New Single "Go There"

Los Angeles new upcoming Pop/R&B singer/songwriter Iyla Blue (Bella Blue) just released her new debut single "Go There" produced by Maui Black. She did singles with Snoop Dogg, Lance Bass and others. Hopefully we get to hear a full EP project from Iyla at anytime soon this year or so but check out her new single out now.

(New Album Review) @TheDistrictSoul "Thinking of You"

Hey everyone how's it going? Who's enjoying the new summer music right now? Well get your ears ready for new album from these young talented siblings coming straight out of San Jose, CA. Molia and her brother Ryan Wild formally known as The District. Now I been supporting Molia's music since her latest self-titled EP which was released a year ago. A year after that, Molia and her brother linked up to work on a collaborated project together and wanted to give the fans something new and wavy to vibe to. The title of their album is called Thinking of You with ten new tracks, no features just Ryan and Molia and great productions as well. I suggest everyone to take a listen to this project, share it and tell friends to check out The District Soul new album, they need your full support on this project. Listen to Thinking of You album: Follow District Soul social media Twitter:…