(New EP Review) @TokyoJapJunkie "Tokyo Tales"

A young beautiful 21 year old singer/rapper coming straight out of New Jersey making it real big as an independent solo artist, she is doing it very well. Her name is Tokyo Japjunkie and I have been keeping my eye out on her for a while now, she's a dope artist so I have to give her props. She did couple covers and freestyles over artist's tracks. Tokyo Japjunkie just released her second project Tokyo Tales EP following up from her first project Ms.New Jersey which was released three months ago. Her music has been played on radio stations in NY such as HOT 97 and Power 105.1, 5 million plays on Sound Cloud and plenty words to say about her. Her new EP only has four tracks and it would be great if you could give Tokyo a listen of your ears, follow her on social media.
Twitter: @TokyoJapJunkie
Instagram: @TokyoJapJunkie
Tokyo's Q & A
1) For those who don't know who Tokyo Japanese Junkie is, Explain a background about you. Who is Tokyo Japanese Junkie?
Tokyo: Mostly known for my club songs, Shake That Donkey and Bouncin; which have over 5 million plays. I am an artist, who makes hip-hop, R&B and club music.
2) How long you been writing music? What made you want to become a music artist?
Tokyo: I have been writing music since I was 14. My father inspired me to start rapping.
3) Is there an artist that made you wanted become who you are right now?
Tokyo: Arsonists like Lauryn Hill, Lil'Wayne, KRS ONE influenced me to become an artist.
4) What is it like being born and raised in New Jersey? Growing up in same state with Joe Budden, Fetty Whap, Redman and etc; New Jersey is different. To make a name for yourself you really have to grind, there is no handouts in Jersey.
5) Where did the name Tokyo Japanese Junkie come from? Who gave you that name?
Tokyo: From my grandfather, he calls me Tokyo Rose.

6) EP title "Tokyo Tales", why that title? What's the concept on this project?

Tokyo: My EP was named "Tokyo Tales" because each song tells a story. The concept of the project is heartbreak and overcoming being broken and prospering.

7) How many tracks are on this EP? Any features and who's the producers you have worked with?

Tokyo: There are 5 songs, one feature by a singer from the duo, 185 and I worked with Jersey producers and used mainstream beats.

8) What drew you to the album in the first place?

Tokyo: I wanted to make an album that my female listeners can relate too, most females been through a break up that probably changed their life.

9) If you could work with any artist or producer in the industry, Who would it be? and why?

Tokyo: If I could work with any artist it would be Drake because he's so versatile! We would make good music.

10) What song on the EP did you have trouble recording? or putting so much emotions in?

Tokyo: No song was hard to record, but my "One in a Million" song is very emotional, it's one of my deepest songs.

12) Any shout-outs and thank you's you want to say to the fans who supported you since day one?

Tokyo: Shoutout to my management team, my friends and family and those who gave me inspiration to make Tokyo Tales.



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