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(New Deni Rosa Music) @iamDeniRosa "Match That"

New Jersey rising newcomer Deni Rosa is getting ready to put out new materials for 2017. Three months ago, fresh off her latest EP Like That and now couple months later, she's back with new music. Songstress Deni Rosa and RetroI$Awesome came together to vibe out to a new record "Match That" EZ Rah production. I suggest everyone to take a listen to this new record, share it on social media play it on repeat.

(EP Review) NY Singer @isthat_Isa "Mirrors Vol 1"

New York newcomer talented American female singer/songwriter/model Isa Marina Lopez, better known by her stage name Isa. This month, the singer released her second EP project Mirrors Vol.1.
Emerging around listening to new music artists coming from United States and outside of the country. Listening to new artists from RnBass names like Lolo Zouai, Kiki Ireland, Abrina, WhoIsHeartBreak and many more. This new RnBass artist is something special and I believe she's the next artist to watch out in 2017. New York newcomer singer Isa Marina Lopez, better known as Isa release her second EP Mirrors Vol.1 and this project is the type of music that everyone should be listening to. 
I suggest everyone to give Isa's EP a listen, play it on repeat and share it to friends/family and social media. Isa Lopez is your new favorite artist and pay attention to.
Social Media: Download Mirrors Vol.1 for free: Website: Twitter: h…

New Artist: @SingLikeKwame "Remember My Name"

Seems like New Jersey is delivering new independent talent.
Coming straight from New Jersey; R&B artist Kwame like to share his new single titled "Remember My Name". The record is written and recorded by Kwame himself, released in February 2016 and produced by Ricardo Mendoza of R&J studios. You should go listen to Kwame because: he has a great voice, lyrics is soulful and beat is on point. Keep your eyes out for this guy next year.

World Video Premiere: @LexiiAlijaii "Cold Hearted"

Two months ago, St.Paul, Minnesota's young 18 year old female emcee Lexii Alijai released her remix to Meek Mill's "Cold Hearted". Now she just recently released her official first video to the record, directed and edited by Jake Handegard of Morningside Films. Watch the video,LISTEN to the lyrics carefully,like the video, leave comments below the video and share it on social medias.

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Philly New Generation: @Marzsss "Mayfair" Mixtape

It's Mayfair Season: Philadelphia 22 year old rapper Marzs shares his long waited mix-tape Mayfair.
Nearly a year and a half young emcee from Philadelphia; Marzs had a great year of putting out his latest second project 2935 in September 2015. Marzs is back with a new sound and new hot lyrics on his new mix-tape Mayfair.
Back in September 2015, Marzs had the best year of releasing his second tape 2935 along with seven tracks and his smash hit single "Kyoto" became everyone's favorite song. The Philadelphia emcee is back with a new body work of his new upcoming tape titled Mayfair. Emerging the internet, Marzs is you're new favorite rapper from the east coast. Reason you need to listen to Marzs is because: lyrics is on point, music is fire and beat is the type of sound you can vibe to. Supported him for a year or two and very passionate, amazed of his hard work ethic he has put in for his music career. The Philly emcee mention that his new project is going sound …

New R&B Soul: @LamarJayYup "Under the Sun"

After releasing his debut mix-tape Devotion last year, Long Beach new rising artist Lamar Jay is back with a brand new R&B/Soul flow. His new song "Under the Sun" produced by Jamal Batiste. The meaning behind this song is about: nothing we go through in life, addiction, love, mistakes. It's all been made before that you're not alone, lift your head up and know nothing's new. Pretty sure Lamar is in progress working on a new upcoming project for 2017. Be on the lookout for Lamar Jay's new music next year...Listen to "Under the Sun" below.

Jersey's New Artist: @hellosemii "Call My Line"

Elizabeth, Jersey newcomer 21 year old rapper Semii is taking her music thing slow, step by step. Her latest 2016 record that she put out was called "Bait" but she came back with a new hot song. Semii's new song called "Call My Line" produced by Seeo Beats.
Pretty sure that Semii is being a hard worker creating new music. Therefore, hopefully *crossing fingers* she put out a mixtape or EP in 2017. Keep your eyes out for Semii, she's that type of new artist you are looking for. Go give a listen to Semii "Call My Line", share it on all social media and be ready for more new music from her.

New Nashville Artist: @WLeeIII "Unfinished Business"

Emerging for more new music; Nashville is becoming a new music movement and they have some awesome talent.
Nashville has been creating R&B movement filled with successful artists like: Bella Moon, Mia Reona, Milly Roze and Kiya Lacey. Nashville's' new musician Lee, has made it his mission is to revive the music scene in his city. I am just getting to know Lee's music and see what he's going to accomplished as an independent artist. Lee is in progress working on his first EP project, which will be out in mid or later 2017. He is the next music artist to come from Nashville, so be on the lookout for Lee.
Lee's new single "Unfinished Business". produced by Taylor King, is emotional song with great lyrics to complement it. The concept of the song: relationship with a girl that a guy really liked, that didn't go anywhere. She got into a relationship, now her man isn't treating her right. So he wants tell her that he's there for her, and that h…

Los Angeles New Artist: @Danellemusic's "Broken Sentence" EP

Los Angeles new singer/songwriter Danelle got some vulnerable music to share with you. 
Emerging around the network looking for new music to relax, vibe to, and there's plenty out there; but this new artist is something. It is an honor of me to introduce everyone to this talented singer Danelle Sandoval. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danelle been keeping this raw emotion for a very long time and now she's ready to express it into her music. A couple months ago, Danelle releases her first record "Numb" (produced by Salda) which has 937 plays on her Sound Cloud. Danelle is the next breakthrough artist of 2016 and 2017. The singer/songwriter is getting ready to put out her debut EP Broken Sentence which will be available on iTunes. 
To all new listeners, when you listen to this project you are going to hear something very deep of and maybe you will cry. I got the chance to chat with Danelle, and ask her a couple questions about herself and her music. She gave me some…

Nashville's Own @MillyRoze Share's "Hibiscus" EP

Nashville, TN has some great talents out there, and here comes Milly Roze to represent it from her new project Hibiscus EP.
Nashville has been delivering new independent female artists who I have never heard of, and I am amazed of hearing great new voices. New voices from that city such as Bella Moon, Kiya Lacey, Mia Reona and last but not least, Milly Roze. The singer has a great interesting independent career, and received her bachelor degree at The Art Institute, then began on pursuing her music career. I am just now getting to know her a little bit more and paying more attention to her music. I believe she's going to blow up and be the new artist to watch out in 2017. 
Title of Milly's new upcoming project Hibiscus EP dropping this Friday. EP features five tracks with no features. I believe the new listeners are going to enjoy this new music from Milly. She's the next new artist because: her lyrics are very poetic, her voice is passionate and the music is on point. I …