Nashville's Own @MillyRoze Share's "Hibiscus" EP

Nashville, TN has some great talents out there, and here comes Milly Roze to represent it from her new project Hibiscus EP.

Nashville has been delivering new independent female artists who I have never heard of, and I am amazed of hearing great new voices. New voices from that city such as Bella Moon, Kiya Lacey, Mia Reona and last but not least, Milly Roze. The singer has a great interesting independent career, and received her bachelor degree at The Art Institute, then began on pursuing her music career. I am just now getting to know her a little bit more and paying more attention to her music. I believe she's going to blow up and be the new artist to watch out in 2017. 

Title of Milly's new upcoming project Hibiscus EP dropping this Friday. EP features five tracks with no features. I believe the new listeners are going to enjoy this new music from Milly. She's the next new artist because: her lyrics are very poetic, her voice is passionate and the music is on point. I had the chance to chat with Milly and I am very happy to do this write up on her project.

Milly's Q & A

1) For those who don't know who Milly Roze is, Would you mind explaining a story background about yourself?

Milly: I'm just a young woman trying to get through life just like everyone else. The only difference is I happen to be madly in love with this thing called MUSIC. I'm 24 and of mixed race (Mother is Korean, father is African American).

2) How long you been singing and writing music? And What made you wanted become an artist?

Milly: I've been singing since the age of five. I lived in Milwaukee, WI for the first few years of my life and my mother enrolled me into the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. That didn't last very long, only because it was way to expensive for my mom. She was a struggling/single parent and didn't have much. We ended up moving to Nashville when I was seven for a fresh start. My mom has always played guitar so I was always around her while she played. I just kind of always loved music and began to find my voice once we moved here. She definitely influenced that a lot. I was involved in School Choir and attended to W.O Smith Music School for piano from ages 9-14. I always had a notepad with me and would write little poems in it. When I was 15, two friends and I started a girl group called Kep Infinity. That was the first time I was introduced to recording in a studio and performing on stage. I always knew I wanted to sing and be an artist but this was the start of actually pushing to do it professionally. There's a difference between liking to sing and doing something professionally, you know?

3) Who did you grow up listening to? Who were the artists did you love listening to every day?

Milly: I'm a 90's baby so I grew up listening to people from the early 2000's. I loved Brandy, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera when I was younger. My first CD I was every given was the Christina Aguilera Genie in a Bottle record. My mom listened to a lot of Jimi Hendrix, Heart and Pat Benetar, so I was also introduced to old school rock as well. Once I got a little older, I began falling in love with people before my prime like Janet Jackson and Madonna. Those are my spirit animals.

4) How important music is to you? and Why?

Milly: Music is so very important to me because it's the only hobby that I fell in love with at a young age. 

5) Do we have a title for the upcoming EP project? and Why that title?

Milly: Hibiscus to me means growth and an organic ability to create something on your won. I completely produced and wrote this whole EP at my house. It's very raw to me. Hibiscus doesn't really have much to do with the flower itself, but more the meaning behind it. I picked the Hibiscus flower to represent this growth because it was my grandmother's favorite flower. She passed away from cancer few year ago,

6) How many tracks are going to be on the project? Any features?

Milly: No features. 5 tracks.

7) Who's the producers are you working with?

Milly: I produced this myself.

8) What drew you into of making this EP to be important to you?

Milly: I kind of did it for myself. That sounds weird and kind of cocky but I mean well by it. I have never produced a whole EP by myself. So I did this to challenge myself and really dig deeper musically.

9) If you could do a song with any artist in the world, Who would it be? Dead or Alive?

Milly: FRANK OCEAN!!! His writing abilities are amazing. I also really love Andre 3000. That would be so amazing.

10) Do you see yourself traveling all over the world with your music? Like going overseas.

Milly: Yes. I hope to one day go to the UK.

11) Where do you see yourself in five years in the music industry?

Milly: In five years I hope to have at least toured an album around the world have landed a publishing deal with a major and start a family. I'm 24 and I don't want to be 40 with kids. I rather start early. Hopefully in five years I'll be able to make a living off of doing music.

12) Any words to say to your fans who supported you?

Milly: Thank you so much for believing in me. To even get one like and one share means so much. To have someone like something that I've created means the world to me. I really have faith in my dream and I know that God has it waiting for me just as long as I never give up. My supporters help my faith stay strong.

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