Los Angeles New Artist: @Danellemusic's "Broken Sentence" EP

Los Angeles new singer/songwriter Danelle got some vulnerable music to share with you. 

Emerging around the network looking for new music to relax, vibe to, and there's plenty out there; but this new artist is something. It is an honor of me to introduce everyone to this talented singer Danelle Sandoval. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danelle been keeping this raw emotion for a very long time and now she's ready to express it into her music. A couple months ago, Danelle releases her first record "Numb" (produced by Salda) which has 937 plays on her Sound Cloud. Danelle is the next breakthrough artist of 2016 and 2017. The singer/songwriter is getting ready to put out her debut EP Broken Sentence which will be available on iTunes. 

To all new listeners, when you listen to this project you are going to hear something very deep of and maybe you will cry. I got the chance to chat with Danelle, and ask her a couple questions about herself and her music. She gave me some great inspirational answers. Broken Sentence EP features four new tracks and all songs are written by her. Everyone follow up on Danelle's social media and get to her music. 

Danelle's Q & A

1) So for the new fans who are just now listening to your music, would you please explain a background about yourself? Who is Danelle? 

Danelle: I really want my music to showcase the vulnerability of being human. Just that raw emotion put into pretty melodies and comforting lyrics. I want my listeners to be comforted when they listen to me.

2) How long have you been singing and writing?

Danelle: Singing since two yrs old, writing since ten and played a guitar since twelve.

3) How did you get interested into music? and Why?

Danelle: My family has always been into music. It wasn't until the moment I bought John Mayer's room for squares where I wanted to write my own songs and take it seriously. I became obsessed with making music.

4) What drew you of becoming a positive person and found something that you know you can do it as a career?

Danelle: The moment someone came up to me after a little show I had at a coffee shop, it all changed. She told me that she was really touched by my music and just wanted to hug me. I didn't know I could have such a positive impact on someone and I wanted to just keep on sharing those good vibes.

5) What's the title of the EP? And Why that title?

Danelle: Broken Sentence -- It's a line from my track "Numb". I decided to name it Broken Sentence because sometimes in life sentences aren't complete, it's just a bunch of thoughts and words in your mind that you try to put together.

6) How many tracks will be on the project? Who's the producers and writers did you work with?

Danelle: 4 tracks. I wrote all the tracks myself.

7) Have you ever had any trouble of trying to write a song, you couldn't figure out the rest but then you asked for help?

Danelle: I usually write a song in ten minutes or less. If I have to break away from it, I'll usually come back the next day, but that's always the hardest. It always either gets done, or it doesn't.

8) Who's the artists did you grow up listening to?

Danelle: Amy Winehouse, Carole King, John Mayer and Norah Jones.

9) Who's your favorite singer? and Why?

Danelle: Amy Winehouse. She was a true artist and so unique.

10) Is there any music artists that you would love to work with or write a song for?

Danelle: There are so many different artists I'd love to work with. One the more urban side I'd love to work with Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean or The Weeknd. I'd also love to do a collab with Flume or Louis The Child.

11) Where do you see yourself in five years in the industry? 

Danielle: Touring the world. Making more music.

12) Back to the EP, What kind of emotions are the fans are going to be hearing? 

Danelle: Vulnerability, comfort, heartbreak, strength.

13) What's your favorite song you ever recorded?

Danelle: I loved recording "Numb". It's a song I hold really close to my heart.

14) Now you're project is releasing on Friday, You have specials words to say to the fans, friends and family who has supported you?

Danelle: I just want to thank everyone who has ever supported me and my music. I'm so excited to share this body of work with all of you and can't wait to move forward to new projects! Love you guys so much!

Danelle's Social Media:
Email Contact: Danelle@danellemusic.com


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