Philly New Generation: @Marzsss "Mayfair" Mixtape

It's Mayfair Season: Philadelphia 22 year old rapper Marzs shares his long waited mix-tape Mayfair.

Nearly a year and a half young emcee from Philadelphia; Marzs had a great year of putting out his latest second project 2935 in September 2015. Marzs is back with a new sound and new hot lyrics on his new mix-tape Mayfair.

Back in September 2015, Marzs had the best year of releasing his second tape 2935 along with seven tracks and his smash hit single "Kyoto" became everyone's favorite song. The Philadelphia emcee is back with a new body work of his new upcoming tape titled Mayfair. Emerging the internet, Marzs is you're new favorite rapper from the east coast. Reason you need to listen to Marzs is because: lyrics is on point, music is fire and beat is the type of sound you can vibe to. Supported him for a year or two and very passionate, amazed of his hard work ethic he has put in for his music career. The Philly emcee mention that his new project is going sound different and it's his best project he has worked on. I suggest you new listeners to take a listen to Mayfair including his other projects he has put out, he's a great artist.

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Marzs Q & A

1) Man here we go with another one huh, How long can you keep this up putting out good music?

Marzs: (Laughs) Putting out product I know is 100% is something I'll do until I close my eyes for good.

2) There's people who don't know who Marzs is, so explain your background?

Marzs: Well I was born overseases. Born in St.Lucia but grew up in Northeast Philly. I got attached to skateboarding while in middle school but as I went into high school transition into music. And I've been working on it ever since.

3) How's the feedback from your latest project 2935?

Marzs: My two latest proejcts Irie and 2935 has gotten me so many supporters. The feedback and love I get from those projects is the reason I go so hard. 

4) Now for this next project Mayfair, How important is this mix-tape going to be when it releases? 

Marzs: It's going to be soooo important. Mayfair hits close to home. And it's a story I've been waiting to tell. 

5) Why the title Mayfair? What's the concept of this project?

Marzs: Mayfair is a neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia and I've moved from there ever since 2012 but this year I've been hanging out there so much. Even wrote the songs for this project while I was staying in Mayfair at a friend's house.

6) How many tracks are going to be on the mix-tape?

Marzs: Eight tracks

7) Who's going to be featured on the project and who's the producers you have worked with?

Marzs: Mayfair is more me. I didn't really do any features, I wanted to be the one telling this story.

8) Have you ever had trouble working on a song that became very hard to record?

Marzs: Yeah literally there's over 60 songs that we recorded but none of them will make it to Mayfair. Maybe one day I'll give it all to a special fan.

9) What drew you to this mix-tape in the first place? Was there any excitement or something?

Marzs: The girl who is now my girlfriend drew me to complete Mayfair...I love you Maura.

10) What are the listeners going to be hearing on this project?

Marzs: There's gonna hear a story and a lot of emotion.

11) What's next after Mayfair releases? 

Marzs: I'm dropping videos for every song on Mayfair. I'm gonna visually show you Mayfair.

12) Any words you want to say to the fans who have supported you?

Marzs: I wouldn't be who I am without you guys. I appreciate every single person who supports my movement and I hope I get to meet you one day to tell you this in person.


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