(New Artist/New Single) @Julis.sa's New Single "Let Me Groove"

I really would like to introduce everyone to a young 16 year old talented singer from Northeastern Pennsylvania, she's a junior in high school; her name is Julisa and she's been singing since eight years old and later at 2013, she took the singing thing very seriously and can i just say that she's really good. Now Julisa is currently working on her debut EP project which will be releasing on September 23rd and while we wait, she recently released her new single titled "Let Me Groove" and she did everything on the record such as wrote the lyrics,produced, mastered and mixed by herself. 

The concept of her new record is about prejudice disguised as a song about dancing. The person just wants to dance and have fun without being bothered, which translates to being about people who are judged here in the US who just want their freedom. The song is a mid-tempo disco, r&b, and pop record. Listen to her new single below..


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