Uprising Artist @iamEmmaline's "The Path EP"

Introducing Emmaline

Hello everyone how's it going? It is an honor of me to introduce you to this beautiful loving female artist, she goes by the name of Emmaline. She is from two different parts of Australia, Sydney and Melbourne but now the artist is living in Atlanta. I've been supporting Emmaline for a while now, believe she is an amazing outstanding talented singer plus a great songwriter, she's awesome. Emmaline and I talked on and off about her music and what she's been working on in the studio so she is currently working on her debut EP project titled The Path which is coming soon. 

After watching her debut video interview, she is explaining about her new single self-titled "The Path" also explains who is featured on the EP and much more. Did I mention that she did songs with T.I.'s son Domani Harris and No Genre Lebel's recording artist London Jae. Emma is on her way up there, it's her time to shine. I want everyone to be on the lookout for Emmaline's upcoming debut project The Path and expect to hear more from her, she's awesome.
The Path EP Coming Soon!!

Emmaline's Info


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