(New Mixtape Review) @OfficiallyZero "Paradise Campground"

Philadelphia's New Artist: Zero

What's up everyone? Well here we go with another mix-tape review on an artist project and let me tell you about this new artist, he's really dope as hell...trust me. This new young rapper coming straight out of Philadelphia; name is Zero and he's only 18 years old. I just met this kid just two days ago on Tuesday, he was in Vegas shooting a video from his new mix-tape he just dropped. His new project is titled Paradise Campground and this mix-tape is dope as fuck. As I was listening to Zero's mix-tape, all the songs on the project sounds pretty good but there was something about him rapping, as I was listening to him; he sounds exactly like Eminem. He has the same rawest craziest lyrics and punchlines just like Em and maybe that's where he gets flow from. When Zero and I met up on Tuesday, we just started getting to know each other and I was getting to know his music more, I do believe he's very talented and pretty awesome with his music. Let me just say that Zero is a real cool dude when you meet him in person, trust me.

I want everyone to keep their eyes out on Zero, he's definitely the young artist up next in the game doing it independently, google his name and check him out. Paradise Campground  has sixteen new banging tracks with features from Tory Lanez, Futuristic, Blake Winters, Andrew Meoray, Huey Mack, Deek and Shannon Harron. Producers he worked with were Andrew Meoray, Stacks Beatz, Mars Blackman and more. I expect ya'll go to DatPiff's website, click on Zero's Paradise Campground , download it, listen to the project and share it on social media. I got the chance to chat with Zero and get to ask him couple questions about himself and get to know his music, check out the interview below.
Zero's Info

Zero's Q & A's
1) For those who don't know who Zero is, Who's Zero? Explain your background.

Zero: I am 18 years old, Philadelphia based rapper trying build my name along with everybody else.

2) You're stage name Zero, who gave you that name? What made you to go along with that name?

Zero: My father gave me that name when I was like six years old. It was a childhood nickname from him so when i started rapping it was just the obvious go to for me. I decided to fully go through with this name when my father passed away in 2013.

3) At what age did you start getting into the music? and when did you start rapping? 

Zero: I used to play guitar when i was six till about ten. I started rapping at ten years old.

4) You mentioned you're born and raised in Philadelphia, What part of Philly? and did you grow up listening to Cassidy, Meek Mill, Will Smith, Freeway and whole State Property crew?

Zero: I'm actually not from Philadelphia, i just get categorized as a Philadelphia rapper. I grew up listening to Meek Mill in 2008. My brother always also had Beanie Sigel on all the time.

5) I looked at your website and it looks like you put out few projects, How many did you put out lately?

Zero: I put out four projects this year, Paradise Campground being my fourth. I'm hoping the momentum picks up with this one.

6) Explain the concept of your new record with Tory Lanez "All The Time", who produced it? and how did you and Lanez linked up to do a record together?

Zero: All the Time is pretty much just an ignorant song to talk about anything. No concept, just a fun song to rap on. Produced by my biggest musical right hand Andrew Meoray. I met Tory when i was sixteen at his concert, told him i was a big fan, and he called me this past May. I still don't know how he got my phone number, and we got the record done in August. I guess he heard my music online again or something. Shout out the boy.

7) Paradise Campground, Why that title? What's the background of that project?

Zero: In a short story Paradise Campground means don't judge a book by it's cover. I just to go with this name for obvious reasons. Very long story on why it means that, if i do a video interview i'll explain further in to detail.

8) Who's featured on "Paradise Campground" and who's the producers you worked with?

Zero: Features on Paradise Campground come from Futuristic, Tory Lanez, Huey Mack, Deek, Andrew Meoray, Black Winters & Shannon Harron. Producers by Andrew Meoray, Mars, Blackbear, Stacks Beatz and others. 

9) Is there anything you like to have around you to keep you motivated and focus in the studio?

Zero: Andrew, he just be killing shit lol.

10) What's your favorite song you had fun recording off the new mix-tape?

Zero: All The Time because i was with Tory when it was recorded, easy one haha.

11) Is there any artists you grew up listening to that inspires you?

Zero: Grew up listening to, not necessarily. But people who influence me would be Tory Lanez, Blackbear, Pryde, Jarren Benton, Hospin, Dizzy Wright, Huey Mack, Dave East, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Futuristic.

12) How does it feel when people tells you sound exactly just like Eminem when you rap? Did you grow up listening to him? And what's your favorite Eminem album?

Zero: I think everybody grew up listening to Eminem, so of course. I mean.. I can hear it slightly in our voices, but i feel the music we make ins't even close the same type of rap/hip-hop music. It's a good compliment though, i'd assume. It's cool, as long as they're listening.

13) If you could work with any artists or producers, Who would it be?

Zero: Blackbear, Pryde, Chris Brown and can i say Tory Lanez again? Producers don't really excite me to be honest, because i have Andrew on my production. Although it was an honor to work with Play Picasso, that was lit.

14) What's the next move for Zero in 2016? Going on the road for a tour and etc?

Zero: Tour in February, don't think I'm allowed to disclose who's on the tour though. I have like six videos from Paradise Campground, I'm promoting this tape until everybody hears it. That's 2016 for me in a nutshell lol.

15) The mix-tape is out now, Do you have any shout-outs and thank you's to say to the fans, friends or family?

Zero: I don't call anyone fans, so shout-out to the supporters... Shout out to Futuristic, Heu Mack, Play Picasso & Tory Lanez for being great people and hopping on the project. Shout out to my people Deek, Blake Winters and Shannon Harron. Huge shout-out to Andrew Meoray for producing the majority of the project. And shout out to Dev Kamera and Ty.


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