(New Mixtape Review) @Privaledge "They Hated"

What's up everyone? It's a great honor of myself to introduce you to this new upcoming artist coming straight out of Southwest Philadelphia, Privaledge is the name. I have never heard of this dude before or never listen to his music but when he followed me on Twitter and started rt'ding my tweets, I'm like "well...okay, this dude Privaledge re-tweeted me. So I did my homework on Privaledge, checked out his old latest projects on his Sound Cloud page and he's really dope and his flow is crazy. I followed him back on Twitter, sent him a tweet and told him that I would like to do an written review on his new mix-tape They Hated which was released just yesterday and yup that's right I downloaded the project, all the tracks are crazy. 

I got the chance to talk to Privaledge to ask him questions about himself and his music plus including his new project They Hated. This mix-tape is only holds thirteen tracks with features from Judge Da Boss and Sha-Sha Jones and it was exclusively premiered on HNHH website. I got the chance to listen to the mix-tape and I actually like it, Privaledge is dope so everyone go check him out now and download They Hated available now.

Privaledge's Q & A's

1) For the people's who doesn't know you and your music (including me) Tell us the background about yourself and music.

Privaledge: I'm from southwest Philly. I dropped my first mixtape "Itz A Privaledge"  with NBA professionals Kevin Durant and James Harden. Released my second and third mixtape "The Playbook" and "JoeWorld" with a popular music industry DJ by the name of DJ Skee.

2) Now the title "They Hated", Where did that title come from? What made you want to name the mix-tape that title?

Privaledge: I came up with the title" They Hated" to give my fans an insight on what's been going on throughout my journey of success in the music industry and life in general. As an upcoming artist I feel like I am getting closer to my goals, and the haters or ones that hated are the motivation. As well as my fans that show positive support.

3) How many songs are going to be on the project? Who's featured and who's the producers you have worked with? 

Privaledge: There will be 13 records on my project. I've had a lot of mainstream features on my previous tapes such as Kendrick Lamar, Waka Flocka, YG, Trina, Nipsey Hussle the list goes on. This time I wanted to give my fans something strictly from me so I limited the amount of features to two artist for this project. I want the fans to know who "Privaledge" is.

4) When did you started rapping? and Do you remember your first rhyme you ever wrote? What was the line? 

Privaledge: I started rapping when I was 10 years old on my grandmother block that I grew up on. Philly is big on rap music, so everywhere I went I remembered battling people on the bus, rooftops,  anywhere after school. I don't remember my first rap.

5) Who influenced you to rap? How long you been rapping and writing? 

Privaledge: The people in my neighborhood and the environment influenced me to rap. There were lots of things going on in my neighborhood (crime,  poverty,  etc) and the best way for us to let people know what was going on at the time was thru our lyrics. I started taking rap seriously when I learned that my music was actually touching people and they were repeating the word back.

6) Have you opened up a show for any artists? Who you opened up for? 

Privaledge: I've done a few shows with Snoop Dogg, Nelly, YG, Travis Porter,  Dorrough, Tyga, Juicy J,  Waka Flocka and more.

7) Soon as "They Hated" is released, Is there a song that you want your fans to listen to and play it on repeat?

Privaledge: I want the fans to repeat every song on the project. I feel like it is music they will relate to, given in a different perspective. If I had to choose one I would say "Round Trip".

8) On the mix-tape "They Hated", What's your favorite song on it that you have recorded?

Privaledge: My favorite song on "They Hated" is probably "Thirsty"

9) If You were signed to any major label, What label would you signed to?

Privaledge: I would sign to Roc Nation.

10) If You wanted to do a collaborative song with any artist or producer, Who would it be? and What would the title of the song be?

Privaledge: I definitely want to collab with Kanye West and the song would be called "Black Privaledge".

11) Well Privaledge, it's a great honor of getting to know who you are including your music. Thanks for being part of my blog and I'm looking forward downloading "They Hated"....Do you have any shout-outs and Thank You's?

Privaledge: I appreciate the support, I want to give  a shout out to all my fans (TeamPriv, YBL, SMF) and I hope everyone enjoy the project and listen to my music in the future. I do this for the people.


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