(New Music) @BpTheArtist "Opposites Attract"

What's up everyone? I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine who I've known for years since the jerkin movement. Her name is Bella Porche young 20 year old from Oakland, she's currently working on her debut project coming soon this summer. Here's her new joint "Opposites Attract" featuring 21 year old singer/songwriter/rapper & producer from Decatur,Georgia ForeverN aDay, Mantra produced it.

The concept of this song is about
it being a new age where true love doesn't exist because everyone doesn't wanna be serious and honest about what they really want out of a relationship then the bridge says.....

They don't know what real love is.They can't feel
Love can't cure it they numb to this So much pain
Meaning people get hurt & go look for another love to heal them but they end up hurt again because they don't focus on the real problem which is not knowing what real love is & what it looks like.They don't know what real love is.


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