(New Mixtape) Review @JayyStarrMusic "South Centralized"

It is an honor of introducing this young talented female MC coming straight outta South Central, Los Angeles. Her name is Jayy Starr, I'm just now getting to know who she is and getting to know her music. I do believe she's a dope artist, spits those hard-ass lyrics. When I first heard Jayy was when I watched her video "Ooowe" with West Coast affiliate Joe Moses. I was really digging her, like her style and believe she's going to blow up all the way. Today's the release day of Jayy Starr's new mix-tape titled South Centralized and on this project she has features from Joe Moses, Brook Taylor, Dizzy Wright and more and productions from Dream Team, DJ Hed, Chally and more. There's only 14 tracks, I want everyone to keep their eyes out on Jayy Starr, share her name to friends/family because you will claim her as your favorite female artist and trust me,you will. 

Jayy Starr's Q & A's
1) For those who don't know who Jayy Starr is, explain your story and how did you get yourself to love music?

Jayy: Well, I'm an MC and songwriter from South Central, Los Angeles blessed with the ability to write some pretty cool dope rhymes about my life. Getting myself to love music wasn't really a task. It just happened, I have been around it all of my life. Those of us lucky enough grow that way tend to gravitate towards being a creative in some way.

2) How long you been rapping? What made you want to rap at a young age?

Jayy: I've been rapping since I was 9. Seeing my uncles go from gang banging to starting an internationally recognized record label was an epiphany for me, even at a young age. I wanted to be just like them, minus the gang shit.

3) Do you remember your first rap lyrics you wrote?

Jayy: I do, but it'll cost ya lol...Nah it was pretty raw. In a goofy, why is this little kid going so hard,who stole your bike kind of way.

4) In what type of style would you compare you're music? like what type of sound would you compare it when you hear yourself in the studio?

Jayy: I have never been able to describe my style as anything other than versatile. I don't rap one type of way, I don't stick to one style of music, I just create. If I feel it, I make it. I see it as if I were a painter. I wouldn't stick one color. I'd use everything in the spectrum. I can't compare it to anything, that's where the listeners comes in. 

5) Who's the artists did you grow up listening to? and Who's the artist that made you want to rap?

Jayy: I grew up on a lot of old school soul, R&B and Hip-Hop. Al Green, The Jackson 5, all the greats. Tupac, Ludacris, Canibus, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Da Brat, Lil'Kim, Snoop and many more. The good music era.

6) Do you have an idol or an mentor that inspires you?

Jayy: I don't idolize anyone, but I am inspired by a lot of things. Not just people.

7) The song "Ooowe", explain the concept of the song how did you get Joe Moses to jump on the record? I know you're going say that he's one of your favorite west coast artists you grew up listening to.

Jayy: I don't if you remember, but Master P came out with a song called "Ooh Wee" back in the day. That term was hot. DJ Hed from REAL 92.3 and I were in the studio together. This was our first session ever and I wrote my verses and asked what style of hook I should write. So he told me to rap the verses and in it, I said Ooowe. As soon as he heard that, he said that's the key word, run with that. The rest is history.
I didn't grow up on JM. He's not that old so we were pretty much growing up at the same time lol, but he is one of the best to me. I don't have a favorite. When it came time to figuring out potential features we had a meeting. Myself, DJ Hed and my team, we named certain artists we thought would add flavor to the record and Joe Moses was the perfect candidate. He's an exciting artist and he did exactly what we knew he would, he delivered.

8) The title of the mix-tape South Centralized, What made you want to name the project with that title? 

Jayy: That was my state of mind while creating it. To be South Centralized is to be hungry. You do what you have to do to secure your future. You don't take no for an answer. You be the best that you can be. I was at point where I knew I needed to try something new musically, so I put my pride aside about always wanting to show off how lyrical I can be and worked on something fun. I allowed people that know their shit to come in and give me constructive criticism during the whole process. That's something I've never had. A real direction. Artists are sensitive about their craft, we want things done our way but I sat back and listened to what some pretty smart people had to say and took heed. I'm representing my coast properly with this one. When people hear this, they won't ask me if I'm from New York or some other state nowhere near Cali anymore lol..They will know.

9) Who's featured on the project? and who's the producers you worked with? 

Jayy: I have the homie Dizzy Wright on here. I was also able to work with an extremely talented singer named Brooke Taylor on a couple joints. Jake & Papa, who are really dope. Walter French, Joe Moses of course. Curtiss King has a number of joints produced on here, DJ Hed and The Dream Team, my boy Rich I.E and young cat named Lambeau Gotti whose recently become one of my favorite new producers to work with.

10) How many songs are on the project? 

Jayy: About 14 tracks

11) Since the project dropping next week, What can the listeners expect to hear on the project?

Jayy: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan

12) What songs do you want the fans to listen to and play on repeat?

Jayy: All of em

13) Any shout-out's and thank you's you want to say to your fans and others? Appreciate it for having you part of my blog, Thanks Jayy!!

Jayy: I want to thank my team Topp Shelff for getting behind me on this one. DJ Hed and his partner Sallis for believing in Skinny Cuz from LA. All of the artists and producers a part of this project and everyone that is and will support it and me..Thank You!!


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