(Exclusive Mixtape Review) @KriziaOfficial_ "11:11"

Hey everyone what's going on? This beautiful young talented songwriter/singer coming straight out of California, she happens to be one of my favorite independent female artists who I've listen to and support all the way. Now where did I find this artist you asked? good question, I found this girl being featured on RnBass's Instagram cause that's where I check out who's the new upcoming artist that's in the industry and listen to their music plus give them credit, etc. Singer/songwriter name is Krizia, yes it's her real government name and it's kinda difficult to pronounced it. Krizia's first record "Want This Forever" produced by De'la and once I listened to the track, she sounded pretty good and I liked her style. I went on twitter, follow her and gave her shout-out and responded back to me, she was very honored and appreciated from the love i have given to support her music. 

Now Today's the big day of Krizia's debut mix-tape "11:11". Her fans been waiting, including her as well been waiting for this project to drop and it's finally out right now. You can go on her website to order the hard copy CD plus the shirts too. I really would like for everyone please support my girl Krizia, buy her new mix-tape right now and spread her music to friends/family, she's next up in the industry. I got the chance to ask Krizia couple questions about her and how she fell in love with music, she gave great answers and hopefully we get to meet in person some day.
Buy "11:11" online now: kriziacollection.bigcartel.com

Krizia's Q & A's
Heey Krizia,How's it going? I really want to say it's honor of becoming a new fan of you. i love you and you have a lovely voice.

Krizia: Thank you for listening to my music and the featuring me on your blog, I do appreciate everything! Of course we'll get you a copy of 11:11!! So here we go...

1) So for those who don't know who Krizia is, explain your background...Is Krizia your real government name or just a stage name you ran with it?

Krizia: Krizia is my real government name as crazy as it sounds LOL it's pronounced as spelled (kri-zee-ah) My name has a background of Italy though ironically. I am not italian, it was a fragrance my mother loved, my background is half filipino and half salvadorian. Born and raised in California.

2) How long you been singing and writing music? What made you think that becoming an artist would be perfect for your career right now?

Krizia: Around 18 years old, when I began reteaching myself piano by ear I also began writing music. I studied and studied artists i listened to for the melody patterns along with the choice of lyrics. I decided an artist would be my career because i couldn't get my mind off of creating music, i always found myself writing lyrics on random papers or at random times on the piano i could spend day til night making songs.

3) At what age did you start singing? 

Krizia: Been singing behind the scenes at around 14 years old, it started when I was nearly forced to take private piano lessons (thank you parents) I became more intrigued with a music career as I fell in love with melody's and sound. 

4) The title "11:11", Why that title? What made you to run with that name?

Krizia: The title "11:11" is very special to me. For one, a friend of mine battling cancer passed away after high school it really struck me in ways that it forced me to look at life differently. I was regretful for wasting a lot of time on things other than my dream and for being selfish by not going out of my way more to show loved ones how much I appreciate them. Long story short, it was a time i began being more humble and i felt reawakened to continue with music as my outlet. His favorite number was 11/11 and throughout the whole time i would be in the studio or working I caught myself glancing at the clock at exactly 11:11. I took it as a sign hat an angel was with me, ironically my birth date is also November 11, so all in all it represents the birth of a new beginning, i believe the universe aligned it this way.

5) Is there any artist that influenced you to become a singer/songwriter?

Krizia: Artists that influence me in today's era for sure are Miguel, Beyonce, Rihanna and Drake because they stay making hits and constantly put out new work, I appreciate their work ethic. My first inspirations to become a singer however were Christina Aguilera ad Alicia Keys, i love they're soulful voices and their music was always easy to listen to they represented strong female artists.

6) If you could do a song with any artist or producer, who would it be?

Krizia: If I could do a song with any artist or producer that is so tough to answer because there are so many but if I had to say at this moment it would have to be Calvin Harris! Hands down a music god LOL!

7) What is your most favorite album from an artist that you listen to every single day? and Why?

Krizia: My favorite artist to listen to daily has to be Drake. I don't get the chance to listen to music too often these days but everything about his songs from the writing to the melodies catch on so easily and lyrics are relatable, when is it not a good time for some drake?

8) Since the EP is dropping this Tuesday, August 11th...What an the fans expect to hear on this project? Like what type of vibes, feeling or mood?

Krizia: Listeners can expect to hear a nice variety of sounds and vibes I promise. The whole mood/vibe I strived to capture was TRUE emotion and all around confidence. I emphasize true because most times people abuse the image of confidence as bragging or exaggerating truths which is ironically transparent to their insecurities. When I say confidence, I mean being sure of what you feel and accepting the fact; whether it be a love you want forever or knowing who you can and can't trust, ending a bad relationship for good or simply knowing what you need emotionally to make the next move. Know that with each song i felt a real life situation or memory that inspired it and i just want listeners to feel confident in a HONEST way.

9) How many songs are on the project? Any features? Who's the producers you worked with?

Krizia: There are NINE tracks on the project, no features with artists for this one. You will get to listen to KRIZIA! Producers I worked with are two of my favorite, the infamous De'la and Ryan Timothy.

10) Could you explain the concepts of the two new songs "Catch Me If You Can" & "Good Off That"?

Krizia: Yes! Concept of "Catch Me If You Can" is about a non-exclusive relationship (which is one i don't believe in) Someone who doesn't want ties or a title but claims to want you in their life so it's a game that you play with someone where you are constantly chasing but of course from the female perspective in the end of the song you'll see how she ends the game. Listen to the song and hear it for yourself :) "Good Off That" is a song that basically represents looking back at those who have dissed you or given the cold shoulder in life but suddenly when you start doing better for yourself it's funny how they reappear but by then their motives are pretty predictable. I am sure we al know how them tables turn!

11) So Krizia,I just want to say Thank You for being part of my music blog and great honor of doing this article review about you,i love you :) Do you have any shout-out's you want to say to fans and others?

Krizia: Thank you soooo much for taking the time to get to know me, my only words to listeners out there is know I appreciate every single word that is shared and if there is ever a time you me SAY HI or if you ever have the chance to tag me in a photo or video of something related to my music, I would love to repost it! I am al about praising others who support and talking to people in general so if there are any stories to share know I want to hear it. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with a story or request even down to where you'd want to see me perform-you might get a returned gift!!

Shout out my TEAM!! Photographers, videographers, graphic designers, DJ's, producers, support system and FAMILY. I could not do anything with out the amazing guidance of those closest to me on this journey. Follow me on IG:KriziaOfficial to see al of the amazing people I get to work with and all the newest music!


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