(Exclusive Mixtape Review) @Marzsss "2935"

What's up world? Philly's rising Alt Hip-Hop unsigned artist Marzs is back with another new mix-tape and trust me, this project is going have you playing it on repeat. For those who still don't know Marzs, he's a young'n coming straight from Philly's Northern City area. Influenced by artists such as Meek Mill, Will Smith, Jill Scott and DJ Jazzy Jeff, Cassidy, Beanie Sigal, Freeway, and Young Gunz, Marzs experimental sound is sure to have something for everybody. I have been following Marzs for a while. First, I had to catch up on his old tracks on via Sound Cloud to produce a big review on his latest mix-tape Irie back in March 2015. With the feedback from Irie gaining tracking fast, fans were tweeting and screen shooting their favorite songs off the project and sending it to me. 

Personally, my favorite is still "My Nights in Philly" - If I know how to rap I would do a remix on that record. I believe that this young kid is very talented with his music and his lyrics are dope as fuck. Everyone should take a listen at Marzs, give him a chance, and if you like his music, share it to friends, family and others.

After putting out few videos off the Irie mix-tape, Marzs went back into the studio to work on another project. Seems like he has been working very hard throughout this whole summer to give his fans what they were looking for and more. Shout-out to other 90's Era members: Fuzz, Soul Purpose. Eric Thompson and others. This new upcoming mix-tape from Marzs is titled 2935, I'm sure this new project will have people talking about it over and over. Now I've told Marzs that I want to make the review on this project so big that it will have everyone speaking about it in tongues all day, everyday. 2935 has a couple of features from 90's Era members as well as great unknown producers.  

I'm really looking forward to hearing this in it's completion. For everyone out there, support my young'n Marzs and his 90's Era family! They go hard: share their names in the streets, house parties and school as well....Support 90's Era! Download "2935" TODAY!! Shout-out to Scarlet, she's a great manager to Marzs and thanks to her for fixing up my rough draft on this review, she's awesome.thank you Scar :) 
Download latest mixtape "Irie": https://soundcloud.com/marzs/sets/irie

Marzs Q & A's
1) Now let's about your latest project "Irie", How may feedback were you getting from the fans? Seems like everyone is enjoying that project  since you dropped it back in March.

Marzs: The feedback from the Irie project was amazing! So much love and no negatively...Everyone said it made them feel great about whatever was happening at the moment. So many fans and random people told me it helped get them through they're day. I'm just thankful and happy it did what I wanted. Which was make people feel irie (good) lol.

2) Were you trying to shoot more videos off the "Irie" project"? I was really hoping you would shoot the video for "Nights in Philly", that's my favorite record.

Marzs: Yeah I definitely do...but I don't know if I will cause of the new songs being my first priority now. Nights in Philly is also on my favorites off the project lol i'll definitely consider making a video for that.

3) The other new records you putted out throughout this summer. records like 2On, My Way and Kyoto, Will those be available on the project? and shoot videos for one of them?

Marzs: Yes! All 3 of those tracks are apart of the vibe of the new project. I just shot a video for Kyoto which is now out... I worked on that with Jason Copeland. Amazing video editor and director. But for those other songs I don't think they'll be a video for them.

4) The title "2935", Why that title? What made you to name the mixtape that title?

Marzs: The reason I chose 2935 is because it was the address of the house I lived in when i started creating music. 2935 symbolizes my start and the music symbolizes me. So the mixtape is kinda a beginning to now type thing.

5) How long were you working on "2935"?

Marzs: It took me a total of 2 months to create and finish 2935

6) What was it like going back in the studio to work on the next project? What type of mood were you in? 

Marzs: That's actually a really good question. Stepping in the studio to make 2935 right after Irie was intense. I was really competitive with myself to go harder and show more of my skills. Break new barriers for myself to create a project that will destroy irie lol.

7) When you're in the studio, What do you like to have around to keep you motivated?

Marzs: I'm usually always already motivated before I hit the studio lol. But I do like to keep a vape with me to keep me grounded and cleansed mentally.

8) How many songs will be on "2935"? Who's featured on the mixtape and who's the producers you worked with?

Marzs: They'll be 7 songs on this project. I wanted to keep the features for this project close to home and just feature my 90's Era family on this one. We worked with so many producers on this project. From PleadTheFlith who produced one of the single off the project "Coastin. To Eric Bogacz, my engineer and producer.

9) Is there a song on the project that the fans should listen to and put it on repeat all day? 

Marzs: Yes! There's so many songs off this project I wanna say you should put on repeat but if i had to pick one...it'd be Coastin or Kyoto.

10) Which one of the songs on "2935" did you have the most fun recording?

Marzs: I had the most fun recording Coasting. I swear as we recorded and listen back, we danced and whipped the whole time lol.

11) As for 90's Era, Who's project should we expect for this year before 2016? and Will we be getting an 90's Era project at anytime soon this year or next year? 

Marzs: I don't wanna break any surprises but yeah you never know.

12) Now "2935" is finished and the cover art is out, August 28th is the date to be released...Do you have any Thank you's and shout-out's you want to say to your fans and others?

Marzs: Yes I wanna say thank you to God, My mom, my girlfriend Christine, Eric Bogacz for his amazing production on this project, Scarlet and All of my fans that have been supporting me through it all. My 90's Era family. Toby for his amazing artwork on the cover and just being a real down ass friend. Ben Arsenal, all the producers who contributed and if I forgot anyone I'm sorry but thank you too.

Peaceful words from Zachy: I have to thank Marzs and 90's Era for supporting my music blog and sharing it out to they're fans, i really appreciate it from them plus. Ya'll keep doing what you do, salute!


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