EXCLUSIVE Review: Philly Presents @Marzsss "Irie"

Exclusive: Marzs's New Mix-tape "Irie" Out Now!

 Who is Marzs? I am glad you people asked that question…I did not know who he was either. Marzs whom is actually named as Mario Mathurin but he is called by his rap stage name. Marzs is a young talented artist coming straight out of Philly. Before living in Philly, Marzs was born in St Lucia, raised in Rocaway, NY and after NY, he moved to Philadelphia to start a new lifestyle and enjoy his childhood. Let us take a deep thought about music growing up in Philly; I am sure he was surrounded listening to artists from Philly names like Eve, Will Smith, Meek Mill, Queen Latifah, Cassidy, Freeway, Beanie Sigal, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes (R.I.P.), Patti Labelle, The Roots and more. Where did I find this person and his music? He comment on my instagram, he likes what I post on my blog and asked me if I could take a listen to his music…if I like it, could I post it on my blog. Yet I been supporting and sharing his music ever since then, I was trying to figure out who can I compare his lyrics to and could not think of anything or anyone but this dude Marzs is dope as fuck.

Philly’s youngest artist Marzs been releasing few couple of tracks, I did listen to them and they are all good songs you can vibe to. There will be that song that gets you turned up at a party or a club, one song to dedicate to your girlfriend or boyfriend and that song you can actually relate on the situations you are going through.  Marzs and I been talking to each other for a while now and we have good conversations, I show him lots of love by sharing his music and the feedback from him and others are great. I listened to few tracks he has released earlier this year and last year, I am really paying attention to him and I expect everyone do the same as well.

Marzs and I talked about making this review exclusive and big so his fans and others could read it, like the review and share it to their friends/family. My homie Marzs just finally released his new mix-taped titled “Irie” and, as I am listening to it this project is sounding outstanding and I really want everyone to download it now! This project “Irie” has 10 songs with features from Eric Thompson, Fuzz, Mikie Mayo, HBJ, Sy and more and producers he worked with are Kid Peace, Ryan Brammeier, John beats, ThatKidGorgan, Justin Harris and plus more. I got the chance to ask Marzs couple questions about himself and his new mix-tape; I want everyone share it out to friends/family. Check out our interview while you are downloading and listening to “Irie”.

My honest thoughts to Marzs new mix-tape, it is really pretty dope, lyrics is super hella dope and nice punch lines and great music for yourself to vibe to. I would say all the tracks are all my favorites but my most favorite tracks are the intro Flashy, My Nights in Philly, Have Fun, We Wild’n, Grinding, Good, Loud and I Know That’s Alright, so all the tracks goes hard.
NinetiesEra's Sound-Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/ninetiesera
Marzs Q & A

1) Wassup Marzs? How's the 2015 been treating you lately this year? In addition, it is great of me becoming a new fan of your music and you are dope as fuck.

Marzs: What is up Zach? 2015 so far has been nothing but a blessing. I have learned and gained so much. From fans to so many opportunities. I am even honored to have someone like you be a fan of me. 2015 is great even with its difficulties.

2) The rap name "Marzs", where did that name come from. What made you to go run with it?

Marzs: My real name is Mario, so most of my friends would call me Marz as a nickname. And when I started to pursue music I kept the name but added a " S "  after the " Z " to help separate me from all the Marz's out there lol.

3) For the peoples who do not know who you are...Explain some info about yourself and your music.

Marzs: I am just genuinely humble and tough mentally. I am all about peace & love and having a good time. Party!
My music I never want it to stay the same but I also never want it to be something I would not like. I do not always want to rap about drugs and girls... I always strive to switch it up every project I do. Nevertheless, really it all depends on what I am going through at the time in my life.

4) 90's Era, Who are the members of the group? In addition, what made you will go with that name? Because I know ya'll did not want it to be the name as Joey Bad-Ass and his crew Pro-Era.

Marzs: Currently the members of 90s Era are Nicholas, Fuzz, Soul P, and Eric Thompson. The name came to me, I pitched it to the group, and they all liked it because it defines us. We are all 90s baby.

5) How long you been rapping? Do you remember your very first lyrics you wrote? Did you like the lyrics you wrote or nah? 

Marzs: I have been rapping for 6 years now. I actually still have my first lines saved in my phone lol it went like “Yea my cuz aldrea
U really gotta c her
How she came from nothing
Now she really is something
Yea she so kind
She would spare her last dime
She would spare her last shine
Life is so amazing
And I take it with time
And everything seem so fine
But trick comes to shuv
I'm still gone show her love
Cause that f***ing cuz
Chorus- who is I suppose to believe
When the money and the friends leave
Who am I suppose trust
When my eyes are filled with dust”
I love the lyrics in my first rap. It was authentic and from the heart... Something I can stand by and grow from.

6) Is there an album from an artist made you want to write and make music? and Why?

Marzs: Childish Gambino's & Kanye west projects always helped me write the best music.

7) What was the first track you ever recorded? What was the feedback on that record?

Marzs: I try not to talk about my first song too much lol but it was called my skateboard and me. Everyone loved it but I grew to hate it because the message was so boring with the most cliche repetitive flow.

8) As for this new mixtape "Irie"..Why the name "Irie"?

Marzs: I chose the name IRIE because of the meaning behind it, which means to be satisfied with your state of being. In addition, that is the feeling I want people to get when they hear this project.

9) How long you been working on this project? Moreover, what type of mood were you in when you was recording this project?

Marzs: I have been working on this project for about 2 months. My overall mood when I was recording this was irie. 

10) Whose featured on this mixtape? Who are the producers you worked with? And how many tracks are there?
Marzs: I got some features fuzz, Eric Thompson, HBJ , meezus, and Sy. And work some production with my engineer Eric and various producers. One of my favorites would be Ryan.

11) Which song on the mixtape that you want the fans to listen to the most and get them hyped up or vibe to? and which is your favorite song on the project?

Marzs: I truthfully just want all my fans to enjoy the whole mixtape. My favorite song is "I Know That It's Alright".

12) Who's the artists inspired you and influenced by?

Marzs: I'm mostly inspired and influenced by Skizzy Mars, Childish Gambino and G-eazy.

13) If you had to pick any artist/producer to work with or do an album with,Who would it be? Moreover, why?

Marzs: I would definitely pick Ty-Dolla$ign to work with because he is he is a lyrical genius, and as far as his production, he is a mastermind. I feel like I would gain so much experience with him.

14) Is there anything that the people should or need to know about Marzs and 90's era? Will there be a full 90's era collaborated project.
Marzs: Everyone should just keep an eye out for us and all of our upcoming shows, also to stay irie.                                                                                                                                                                                  15)  You seen the list of XXL's Freshmen Class, Which artist do you want to be on the front cover of XXL? and Do you see yourself being in that type of category and competing against other artists?

Marzs: I would love to see Skizzy Mars win the XXL Freshmen Class. I think it's time the music, me and him needs to be heard more. Bring some new to hip-hop, one day I can see myself on there. With all the cool supporters I have now, how could I not be on there. My fans are the best!



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