(Exclusive EP Review) @ReneBrownMusic "The Wave EP"

Hello everyone, Good morning! Well it's an honor of me to introduce you guys to this young talented female MC coming straight out of Los Angeles, CA but originally she's was born in Jackson, Mississippi. Her name is Rene Brown, when you hear that name around; you will be like "who the fuck is Rene Brown?". Good question people, Rene Brown been rapping at the age of 10 and look where she's at now, she's 25 and still going hard and doing what she loves to do. You've may seen Rene opening up shows for TDE's own Schoolboy Q's Oxymoron tour from US and Europe. 

Last year, the LA feMC dropped her debut EP Keep to Myself and it's been getting plenty great responses from fans who appreciates her and who are very fond of her music. As for myself, I first heard Rene Brown was last year on April 4th when she was opening up for SchoolBoy-Q's Oxymoron tour in Las Vegas. When she performed the song "Bliss", I was amazed by her performance and her lyrics just blew me away...I was like "wow this artist is crazy, i fucks wit her". So I did my research on Rene, got caught up with her music and gave her a shout-out on Twitter, told her that I love her music and I'm a keep vibin' with her. 

After releasing the first leak "Millions" off her second EP The Wave which is officially out right now. That track goes hard and as of me listening to the project right now, I'm still amazed of her hardbody work ethic on this and she still got the hottest flow. All of you unknowns that doesn't know who Rene Brown is, ya'll stay sleeping on her...well stop it and go listen to her music ASAP, claim her as your new favorite female rapper because sincerely she is.

Rene's Q & A's
Aye Rene what's up? How's 2015 treating you? How's your summer going?

Rene: Whats up Zach! I'm doing great, wbu?

1) Man I don't know where to start haha...well for other unknowns don't know who you are, explain your background and etc.

Rene: I'm an LA based Hip-Hop artist from Jackson, Mississippi. I dropped my debut EP last year and am dropping my 2nd EP on September 22nd. I also toured with Schoolboy Q last year throughout the US and Europe. 

2) The title The Wave, Why that title? What made you name that project?

Rene: I feel like a person's wave is basically their time. On this EP, i tell my story growing up (which I've never done before) and basically what I fell has brought me to this build up now to my time and my wave.

3) What was the experience of feeling for you to go in the studio to record new music?

Rene: I was in a very deep conscious place at the time of writing this EP. I was reflecting a lot on my childhood and upbringing in Mississippi so you'll definitely get to know me a lot better on this project?

4) Who is featured on the EP? Who's the producers you worked with?

Rene: Production wise; I did almost the entire project with Ducko Mcfli because he had the sound I was looking for and the vibe just meshed well. I also have Red Mcfli on the project. 

5) Who were the artists did you get in the studio with to work on the EP?

Rene: I choose to have no features on this particular project just because of how personal this music is to me.

6) Is there a song on the project that you want your fans to listen to and play it on repeat?

Rene: I really hope everyone listens to the entire EP on repeat lol but honestly I just hope everyone finds their own personal favorites and enjoys the music for a while to come. I really want the fans to let me know which ones they're feeling the most. In all honesty, I made this particular body of work for myself and used it as an outlet for things I've wanted to talk about for a while. But in general; I like to make music for my fans so I always treasure their feedback. Stalled is probably the most personal track I have on the EP so I hope people fuck with that. Millions is the song we are really gonna be pushing this year for radio play and what not so I hope everyone supports that record and spreads the word! There will be a feature coming soon for that record as well :)

7) How many songs will be on the EP?

Rene: 8 tracks including the intro but 7 songs

8) Now I know you saw XXL 2015 Class Freshman, I was mad that they didn't recognize you and added you on there. They sleeping on you...Do you see yourself being apart of that issue?

Rene: It would've been cool to be apart of the XXL freshman class (maybe not with the 2015 line up they chose though lol) but honestly I don't measure my progression or success from the recognition of politically driven platforms.

9) Is there any artists or producers you haven't worked with yet? Who is it?

Rene: There is a ton of artists and producers I haven't worked with yet. In the future, I'd love to work with Eminem, Kanye West, Tech Nine, Adele, Lauryn Hill, Dr.Dre, Pharrell, just to name a few.

10) When can we expect the EP to be released? & You have any shout-out and thank you to anyone or others?

Rene: The EP drops September 22nd. I really have to thank my manager Geo and my mom first and foremost. Geo has really played a major role in my career in all aspects including making this EP possible. Also, my mom for always being there for me as well as being apart this project and basically narrating the entire EP. Gotta of course, thank the universe and God for always watching out for me. Also shout-out to all the people, blogs and other platforms for supporting my music including you Zach!


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