(Exclusive EP Review) @Ead3n "Nine EP"

Well here's another new exclusive project review from another talented artist. This young outstanding incredible female singer/songwriter; coming straight out of California, her name is Ead3n. Now ya'll are asking "who is Ead3n? and why she spell her name with a number three?", well I been knowing and supporting Ead3n for a couple years now and she has an amazing voice. When I first heard her voice, she influenced me and gave me that inner soul to believe in myself. She has been doing her very own remix covers to artists songs, artist like Jeremih, Miguel, The Weeknd and Drake but my most favorite remix when she did the cover on Weeknd's "Earned it" and she extremely killed it. 

The soul healer goddess of the garden putted out her new record which I can claim it as the new theme of September, this record is called "Newton's Law" and it features OVO's own Drake. That record been getting lots of great feedback from her fans and they wanted to hear more from her. Ead3n just now released her debut EP project titled "Nine" and I'll have her tell you why named the project that title. This EP only holds six songs and only one feature from Drake, she'll explain that part as well. I really would love for everyone to please show Ead3n full support of what she's doing, please share her name and music to friends/family all over and tell them that they need to listen to Ead3n's new EP right now.
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Email: Shellyreneemusic@gmail.com

Ead3n's Q & A's
Hey Ead3n how's my babe doing? how's everything going?
Ead3n: Great love!! I hope you are well too xoxo

1) So Ead3n why you name the EP "Nine"? what made you to go along with it?

Ead3n: Well, to start off I am very much into metaphysics, spirituality, numerology and all of that. So everything that i do comes from a spiritual place. The number nine is the highest integer and as a woman it takes us nine months to give birth to a child. Overall Nine is a symbol of global consciousness and new beginnings.

2) How many songs will be on the project?

Ead3n: There will be 5 songs on the first EP...maybe six

3) Is the EP going to have features or just you?

Ead3n: This EP will just be me, no features other than the Newton's Law record with the Drake feature.

4) Do you have your own studio at your crib when you recording?

Ead3n: I actually do have my own studio set up at home. I feel that every artist should have a studio set up at their disposal. You never know when you have to edit vocals or when an idea may come to mind.

5) Who's the producers did you work with on this EP?

Ead3n: On this EP, I worked with Chad Dexter, Davix Foreman and Axl Folie. As for writers Jema Louis and Jade, this is squad.

6) How long you been singing? When did you started singing and writing?

Ead3n: I have been singing since a little girl in church. I was that little girl in the adult choir. I started writing around age 8-9, I have always been very poetic and deep in my thoughts.

7) Who's the artist are you influenced by? does that person inspires you?

Ead3n: There are so many artists that I am inspired by. Prince, The Isley Brothers, Sade....the list goes on. If you are original then you inspire me. If you fight for originality and artistic freedom you inspire me.

8) When you're recording in the studio, What type of feeling or moment are you in?

Ead3n: It just depends on the vibe, but my motto is "I will never sing a lie" so whatever feeling I am feeling it will be manifested into the record. I will never pretend and I will never sing anything that I have not experienced or am not experiencing in that moment.

9) If you had to pick any artist to work with,Who would it be?

Ead3n: My best friend FKA Twigs! She is so dope and I will love her for life.

10) Any thank's or shout-out's you want to thank who have supported you? 

Ead3n: Yes of course! Shout out to you, shout out to all of the fans, the dee jays, my family, my music family that has supported me along the way. I am just blessed to do what I love xo.

Bonus Question: Do you see us going on a romantic dinner date? And do you see us dating?
Ead3n: Yes! Just as long as we snap the whole date so I can show off (Snapchat: ShellyFnRenee). And as long as we are eating Italian food,I am down haha!



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