(Exclusive EP Review) @JessicaManalo "JM EP"

Introducing Las Vegas Upcoming Singer Jessica Manalo

Hello everyone, here's a new review I've written on another talented artist who I always show full support for by sharing all over internet. Now a young and talented person I would like to mention is going to have everyone in Las Vegas talking about her. Who is she, you are asking? Well here is your answer young 22 year old female singer/songwriter; Jessica Manalo. Jessica was born in Corona, California and pursues her music career in Las Vegas. She is the second oldest in her family, has a young twin brother Jason who is talented on the keyboard and older sister Kristina. At age of 12, Jessica started out singing right after learning how to play the guitar and around that age, she start writing her own lyrics and challenged herself to see how competitive she could be. I recently became a fan of hers, and since getting to know her music, I'll just say that the gift she has is amazing. With that lovely, beautiful voice, people in different cities would love her and follow her all over the world. If you want to see Jessica perform live, you must go to Downtown Las Vegas because that is the best place where supportive fans who appreciate true music of art are. 

This singer/songwriter is getting prepared to drop her debut self-titled EP which will have six tracks, on this project you will hear different sounds that combine reggae, jazz, soul, funk, R&B, etc. I got the chance to chat with Jessica about her music and get to know her, her two favorite bands are Fall Out Boy and Paramore; Hayley Williams happens to be her very first inspirational. She learned her guitar from studying Fall Out Boy and learned her vocals from listening to Paramore (Hayley Williams). Jessica grew up listening to rock, punk, acoustic and much indie music. I asked her if she would do a song with any artist, who would it be? In addition, her words were she would do a song with Hayley Williams of course but if Amy Winehouse was still alive and well though....God rest her soul (R.I.P).

My advice for you new listeners who are looking to hear new upcoming music artists, the beautiful Jessica Manalo is the perfect artist for you to keep your eye on. Why do you need to listen to Jessica? She is gorgeous, a fabulous songwriter, plays really well on the guitar, and has a lovely voice. Jessica is that type of artist who can bring that inner spirit and put a big smile on your face, she is that artist that could get you to feel some soul inside and inspire you. If you keep on listening to Jessica Manalo, you will claim her as your new favorite singer and spreading her name to friends/family and they will be asking, "Who is this girl? She can sing."

As of myself, I want to thank Jessica for giving me the opportunity to interview her and ask her about herself. Jessica, I appreciate it and thank you so much for being a part of my music blog. Shout out to Jessica, her talented band: Jason Manalo (keyboard player), Brittney Valen (lead guitar, Brent Saul (Drummer) and Seth Saul (Bass guitar).
Jessica's Info
Email: Jrmanalo8@yahoo.com
Co-written credit shout-out to Sonia Seelinger,Thank You!


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