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Sean Brown's New Mixtape "Mascot"
Tha-Alumni recording artist Sean Brown have been putting out incredible music and outstanding mix-tapes such as Chapter 86: The Blind Art Collector, The High End Theory and Whole Foods 1 & 2. Mr. Sean Brown put out "Whole Foods 2" on September 3rd, 2013 which gave him a great success through that year. "Whole Foods 2" had everyone including social media talking about and loving every record on the mix-tape. Sean did do a show with his label mate Kid Ink performing at El-Rey in California along side with Khleo Thomas, Pries and AD. When Sean released Whole Foods 2 in 2013, the fans was loving that project and playing their favorite songs such as Quickest Way to Heaven, Morning Sun, Neglect, Party, Doin' Nothin. If you been rocking with Sean Brown since day one then you is part of the team called Day One Crew so what more can I say about Sean and his music? once you listen to Sean's music, you gotta pay attention and listen what he's saying in his rhymes cause those type of lyrics will knock you out to sleep. Sean Brown is the type of artist that you can actually relate seeing him as an real hip-hop artist who talks about real positive shit, not no any negative shit.

After the success of Sean's "Whole Foods 2", he went back into the studio to work on another mix-tape and he named it "Mascot". I asked Sean out of all his mix-tapes which one happens to be his most favorite one and "Mascot" is his most favorite, he also said he had fun working on that project. I would have to agree with him because he's been working very hard on this new project and I did help him by finding him a female singer to be featured on his mix-tape. I told him about my friend Ana'Lou, when I told him about Ana'Lou, they got the chance work together in the studio with Ned Cameron. Before "Mascot" was released, Sean was kindly to warm us up of releasing few leaks and get his fans prepared for the mix-tape. This new mix-tape "Mascot" holds 17 new tracks with features from Ana'Lou, Kid Ink, Toestah, Gerald Walker, Mann, Ty Dolla $ign, Laso, Raheem Marvel and Jarell Perry. Productions by Sean himself, Lewi-V, Ned Cameron, King Dave, D-Minor, KB, Eric Vargas, Ozhora Miyagi.

As for myself of being a big fan and big supporter of Sean Brown, I want to thank him for influencing me with his music and keeping me motivated. Sean is like a big brother to me and my advice for everyone who don't know who Sean Brown is, I would advice ya'll to go check him out and listen to his music,you will actually love it. I got the chance to talk to Sean and ask him couple questions about him and the mix-tape,check it out below.

Sean Brown's Questions and Answers
1) For the people who don't know who Sean Brown is, introduce yourself and who are you signed to? 

Sean's Answer: I'm Sean Brown, Artist/Producer from Azusa,CA and not signed to anyone but Alumni is the team.

2) What made you wanted to name the mix-tape "Mascot"? And Why?

Sean's Answer: No big reason, just sounded good to me when I made the song "Mascot", rep for my city and for the people as well. This project has definitely been the most fun.

3) You been working real hard on this new project, who happens to be your most favorite person that you collaborated with?

Sean's Answer: Don't have a favorite; each collaboration adds a unique vibe to the record. Sometimes I want to vibe out and slow it down with "For Life" feat Ty Dolla $ign or sometimes, I want to reminisce to the "Good Ol'Days" feat Gerald Walker and Mann. Big thanks to everyone who contributed.

4) Did you do the most production on this mix-tape?

Sean's Answer: Yeah, also have productions from Ned Cameron, Lewi V, King Dave, Eric Vargas and more others but majority is my own production.

5) Who inspired you in the music industry? And if you had to work with any artist or producer, who would be that person?

Sean's Answer: Inspired by many artists but I guess I would have to go with Kanye, he was one of those artist that made me want to say I can do this and I would absolutely love to work with Kanye as well, Pharrell and Andre 3000.



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