(New Mixtape) @HardHeadedSob @iamDJTech "Deliberate Mistakes"

Tha-Alumni and Bat-Gang Presents Hard Head's Mixtape "Deliberate Mistakes"

Whats up world? Hello my name is Zachy and I would like to introduce to an rapper from West Los Angeles,CA, his name is Eric Sheffield who's stage name is Hard-Head. Hard-Head is a fellow member of Kid Ink's crew called Bat-Gang along with DJ Tech and K-Shawn, Hard-Head is a type of artist who has that raw lyrics and when you listen to his flow, his music will knock you out to sleep and make you to wake up in the morning and say "yo that dude Hard Head is a dope rapper,let me pay more attention to his music and tell people more about him". Hard-Head grew up listening to different type of music genres like "The Blues" was played by his father and legends like Little Milton, Bobby Blue Band, Buddy Guy and his most favorite BB King. When I first heard Hard-Head, it was when he made his first debut versatility on Kid Ink's second mix-tape "Daydreamer" which became one of the most hottest mix-tapes in the year of 2011 so shortly after that, Hard Head started out working with all-star cast producers such as Jahlil Beats, Cardiak, Kajmir Royal and K.E. and that's when he put out his fist official debut mix-tape title "Hard Pill 2 Swallow" came out in the early September 2011. 

Right after the release of "Hard Pill 2 Swallow" its been getting so many buzz on the internet including the fans who support Tha-Alumni movement, they assumed to be loving that type of artist they would like to listen to everyday. After getting so many great responses from the fans, Hard Head worked on his next second mix-tape "Overdose" hosted by his homie DJ Tech and while he was working on this project, he wanted to deliver a whole new music and new lyrics for the fans to hear. Hard Head was so ready to put his music out there and get the fans to hear what they would like to hear in music cause so basically what he's doing, he is expressing a story about who is Hard Hard? what's his music like? and what type of artist do you see Hard Heard as in right now? etc. When "Overdose" was released, Hard-Head and Kid Ink release a song to represent their crew Bat-Gang and according to Hard-Head's verse of that song, he was recognizing his heavy delivery into the music industry and how he got in the rap game. 

For the finale, Bat-Gang's member Hard Head's new mix-tape "Deliberate Mistakes" is finally now available right now hosted by DJ Tech with features from Kid Ink, Devin Cruise, Sean Brown and K-Shawn and production beats by Jahlil Beats, Devin Cruise, Cardiak, Beat-Bully, DZL, Rob Holladay, Omg Fresh B, Erik OTB and Track Bangers. Everybody go download this mixtape right now and support Hard-Head's music and share him all over the internet, tell people they need to stay focus on this artist and pay more attention to his music.



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