Las Vegas Young Dopest DJ @saranchada

This past Sunday, Las Vegas Jam Nation threw a big event at Beauty Bar Downtown with performances by Very Vegas and much more. Las Vegas got a new upcoming female dj and can I just say that she's really dope on the turntables, her mixes is insane. Allow me introduce you to Saranchada but she recently go by the name Bobo or her dj name Jinx. I would love for everyone to focus on Jinx, have her djing at your parties and share her on social media. I got the time to chat with Jinx, ask her questions and get to know her, read the interview below and follow her on social media.

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Jinx's Q & A
1) For those who don't know who you are, Tell them your name and tell a background about yourself.

J: My name is Saranchada (you can find me across all social media platforms as @saranchada), but most people refers me as Bobo. Recently I decided to pick the dj alias Jinxed. I'm 22, born in North Hollywood and grew up in Las Vegas. I used to dance, but now I'm just a student who does videography and djing on the side.

2) This past weekend, You did a great job with your dj skills at the Beauty Bar and everyone was enjoying you. How did you feel of getting so much love and respect from the crowd at the event? They were loving you.

J: Thank you! It always feels nice being praised haha. It makes me happy to see others happy and enjoying the music I play.

3) How long you've been deejaying? and what made you want to become a DJ for a career?

J: I started a little less than a year ago, Djing is something I've always wanted to try, probably because of my background in dancing, and I had a support system that made learning easy and quick. My good friend JD (@jaydeehd) taught me on his turntables, and my boyfriend (@shnann0) also helped me understand music composition.

4) Who influenced you to become who you are and a young female DJ?

J: All the members of Athletixx and all the ladies of Soulection! They're all amazing and really inspired me to spin the way I do.

5) How would you describe your sound of deejaying? What type of music do you like to use when you're playing at an event or house party?

J: My sound is for people who are open to all genres. I'm open format, but I really enjoy playing a mix of future beats and hip-hop. My goal is to play music people will have fun listening to.

6) What type of events do you like djing at the most? 

J: I don't have a lot of experience haha but playing at bars is really fun!

7) If you could collab with any female or male DJ, Who would it be?

J: Kittens, probably. She's a great dj and person.

8) If you would work with any music artist rapper or singer to be the DJ host on their mix-tape, Who would it be?

J: 2 Chainz or Madeintyo!!

9) Do you see yourself taking this DJ career more serious into another level? As in traveling all over the world and be well-known.

J: Djing is something I'm doing for fun right now. It would be nice to be able to do more with it, but right now I'm just going with the flow with no expectations. 

10) Any words you want to say to the people who have supported you?

J: Thank you so much for giving me your time of day!! I'll try my best to deliver content people can be proud of.

DJ Jinx Thank You!!


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