Tha-Alumni @MrSeanBrown "The Ground Up 2" EP Review

Tha-Alumni rapper/producer Sean Brown is becoming a workaholic putting out incredible songs and great projects. How does he do it? 

Fresh off his latest September mixtape Mascot 3, the rapper is back in the studio working really very hard cooking up two new upcoming projects. Before 2016 comes to the end, Sean Brown worked up on this new EP project which is available now on Hotnewhiphop and Datpiff. His new EP The Ground Up 2 the following from part one last year. This new The Ground Up 2 carries eight hot tracks with no features, great productions by Qwon Don and other producers he has worked with. Sean Brown is a great artist who makes great music because his lyrics is fire, self-production skills is crazy and music is definitely on point. Enjoy Sean Brown's new EP, share the project on social media and share your favorite song.

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Sean Brown's Q & A

1) After releasing Mascot 3, What was the feedback like hearing and seeing your fans posting their favorite tracks off the project?

Sean: Feedback was great, I'm just glad my fans and supporters are still rocking with me.

2) The Ground Up 2, How different is this project going to sound from the first one?

Sean: This one is totally different from the first one. Sonic-ally it's on a different level and it's more melodic. Of course I've grown in that one year span from the time the first one was released and you can hear the progression. 

3) What can the fans expect to hear on The Ground Up 2?

Sean: A better and more melodic version of Sean Brown

4) Now every time you release a new project, you go back in the studio working on another one..Are you a music-aholic? Because you becoming like Lil'Wayne.

Sean: Lol! I'm addicted to the craft. I can't go a couple days without being in the studio. It keeps me sane. I enjoy it, it's my passion and lately I've just been feeling extremely creative. I am also trying to build my fan base and what seems to be working for me is the consistency. Consistency plus quality is key!

5) Who are the producers you have worked with?

Sean: For this project Qwon Don takes the lead. He's dope af! I got T-Huztle,Snizzy and O12.

6) Which songs off The Ground Up 2 happens to be your most favorite to record and have fun with?

Sean: I can't even choose that changes daily. Depends what mood I'm in.

7) What's next for Sean Brown in 2017?

Sean: I have a documentary coming out that I'm part of. It's going to be HUGE! I'll change my life. You'll see...

8) Any words you want to say to your loyal fans?

Sean: As always, I love all who love my music!


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