Boston's New Artist @GeenaDuffyMusic (EP Review)

Geena Duffy is a young 18 year old Pop/Hip-Hop artist from Boston, MA. At the beginning of her musical journey, Geena was at a very young age always wanted pursue her dream of becoming a music artist and do something big. By the time she was 12 yrs old, Geena discovered herself of having talents involved with hip-hop and pop, being influenced by great artists such as Justin Bieber, Jake Miller, Becky G and Austin Mahone. In September 2013, the songstress put out her debut single "Hello" which got a lot more attentions and landed in newsletters on the internet. 

After months later, Duffy got the chance to opened up a show for pop gypsy artist Neon Hitch's "The Yard Sale Tour" and it happened right in her hometown Boston. Seemed like Duffy is having a great life of her music career. She contact me on social media, asked me to take a listen to her debut EP Blue Skies/White Lights and can I just say that her voice is absolutely amazing. Her lyrics is grateful to hear, the sound is so popular and she's the perfect artist coming straight from Boston you should check out.

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Duffy's Q & A:
Well Geena, I wants to say thank you for following me and taking the time to check out my blog. I'm glad you contacted me and want me to write a review on your music.

Duffy: No problem!

1) Who is Geena Duffy?? Tell the new listeners who you are.

Duffy: I'm a hip-hop/pop singer from Boston, Massachusetts.

2) How long you been writing and singing? What made you wanted become a music artist?

Duffy: I remember I just always loved singing and I was always doing it (especially in the car.) I signed up for drum lessons when I was ten years old and I was instantly hooked. Eventually the drums grew into attempting piano, guitar (not really my forte) singing/rapping and songwriting. I pretty much tried everything. I kind of realized that I wanted this to be a career because I got a sense of happiness that I didn't get doing anything else. 

3) How old are you?

Duffy: I'm 18 - I'll be 19 in April!

4) Is there anyone in your family who is a musician?

Duffy: My cousin is a rapper also and I have family member that owns a professional recording studio, but other than that, no.

5) When you start becoming an artist, did you had to learn how to use the equipment by yourself? And study so much about music?

Duffy: I did a lot research and experimented. Before I had my own Mac I would use my mom's and play around with Garage Band. When I finally got my own, I spent hours in my basement teaching myself about it's features and watching tutorials on YouTube. I also taught myself the science of it - how the space in my basement would effect the sound, and things like that. It was pretty much just self-taught until just this year. I'm taking an Audio Recording class and majoring in Music Technology.

6) What type of music you listen to these days? 

Duffy: My favorites recently have been Justin Bieber, Jake Miller, Drake and The Weeknd. Mostly pop and hip-hop.

7) The EP title Blue Skies/White Lights, Why that title? Where did that name come from?

Duffy: I was originally not going to release an EP at all, but when I released the lead single "Paper Airplaines", I got a response that I had never gotten before. The lyric video got 100 views in less than three hours. That's when I realized I needed something bigger, so I settled for an EP. There's a line in the song that says "The blue skies and white lights cover the skyline." I'm not sure yet why, but I had a weird attachment to that lyric. I thought Blue Skies/White Lights would be a different and interesting title.

8) How important was this project to you when you released in July 2016?

Duffy: I released "Paper Airplanes" and announced the EP on January 25, 2016, and finished writing it in the beginning of July. I figured July 25 - exactly six months after - would be a good release date.

9) Any artist that admired you to become who you are?

Duffy: Jake Miller just because he's a singer and a rapper, that's exactly what I wanted to do.

10) Now the song "Honest" ft Nick Cincotta, How did you and him link up on this song?

Duffy: I opened for the Cardiff Brothers back in March, and he saw my performance and I guess he liked it, because he hit me up on Twitter offering to jump in on any open verses I might have had. Interestly enough, I had written "Honest" almost entirely, but couldn't come up with a third verse. I thought he would be a great addition to the song, and it was probably the best decision I made. Nick brought in a whole new perspective I wouldn't have been able to on my own. I can't wait to tour MA with him, Matt Rapta and Lily Massie on "Luv The Plug Tour"!

11) How do you and Lily Massie know each other? 

Duffy: We linked through Twitter and having mutual friends and interests just kind of got us talking, and eventually we did a little cover of "Luv" by Tory Lanez that you can find on my Sound Cloud.

12) How proud are your family for you to be making great music?

Duffy: My family has been nothing but supportive, and I appreciate everything they've done for me. From driving me to music lessons and auditions, coming to and paying for each show, and listening to each song when I ask for their opinion. Their encouragement and support means everything to me. They are no doubt my biggest fans.

13) What's next for Geena in 2017?

Duffy: I really want to collaborate more with other artists. Working with Nick and Lily brought so many opportunities that I wouldn't have been able to get by myself. I've been offering to jump on any open verses anybody has, or helping to write a song. I've even been working on more acoustic stuff. One of my friends is an incredible acoustic singer songwriter, and we've done acoustic versions of songs like One More Night and Honest. I'm even considering releasing an entire acoustic version of Blue Skies/White Lights. And who knows? Maybe a collaborative EP will be in the works as well.

How can the people contact you?

Duffy: FaceBook is GeenaDuffyOfficial,Twitter and Instagram both are GeenaDuffyMusic, Sound Cloud and YouTube are both Geen Duffy, and website

14) Any words you want to say to your loyal fans?

Duffy: You guys inspire me everyday to keep doing what I love. Every tweet, comment and share means more to me than you will ever know. On days that are hard, whether you know it or not, you motivate me. Whether you've been here since day one or just followed me yesterday, you have changed my life in a way I can't explain, and I love and thank you all for that.


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