(New Artist/New EP Review) @JAnthny98 "Two Sides" EP

This artist who I've been supporting been awhile, first he was a producer who made beats for East Long Beach female rapper Bonny Billionaire and others. But now he's stepping out to prove his self to become a talented artist. His name is J.Anthony, currently signed to a independent label ChampionsOnly98 along with female singer Mickey Taelor and other artists. J.Anthony coming straight out of California whom was signed to TIU Muzic, formally known as Jae Barz. Now he's with a new team with ChampionsOnly98. Now this young talented guy just released his new first debut mini-album titled Two Sides EP and I must say that this a great R&B project that everyone needs to listen to, play it on repeat. I got the chance to take a listen to the project, I was grateful of hearing the new smooth R&B music from J.Anthony because he's expressing of telling his side of his own music he created. This EP has ten new tracks with features from his label mate Mickey Taelor, Elle Pierre, Jessica Jolia, Andrea Troutman and Chevy Jones. I really would love for everyone and LADIES to go purchase J.Anthony's new EP on iTunes right now, play it on repeat and share it to other people who don't know he is, spread his music out there.

J.Anthony's Social Media
Email/Bookings: Jose@ChampionsOnly98.com

J.Anthony's Q & A:
1) For those new fans who don't know who J.Anthony is, would you tell a background about yourself?

J: For those who don't know who I am, I am a singer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer and rapper formally known as Jae Barz of TIU Muzic. J.Anthony is just the name change the artist I have always been will now flourish under the ChampionsOnly98 imprint.

2) How long you been writing and singing? What made you wanted become an artist?

J: I have been singing from a very young age in church as most musicians and singers start. What made me really want to be an artist. It was the attention I would get from my classmates in middle when I would rap at lunch time and I continued through high school as well.

3) What drew you into making the process of becoming who you are now? and Why?

J: My life is what inspired me to keep making music and it defined a lot of who I am, being as I went to a group home as early at the age of fourteen. That made me very independent at a early age. Music keep me focused on something when school couldn't, it kept me out of trouble and in return I fell in love with music.

4) The title of EP Two Sides, Why that title? What's the concept on that name?

J: The title Two Sides was originally "Two Sides of A Gemini", but Willie B my good friend and now manager decided we shorten it. The concept was supposed to be as simple as I rap and sing so two sides of music, but as we got into working on it we came to the conclusion that this was gonna be to sides of my life and relationships, ups and downs.

5) What drew you into creating the EP?

J: Once Willie B called me about working on Mickey Taelor's Essentials album, I already had that title and some very different music ready, but toward the end of her album, after countless hours of recording, writing and mixing. Williw B asked me to be apart of ChampionsOnly98 with very little happening with TIU Muzic, I decided to take him up on his offer, he decided the world needed to hear my talent immediately. Once Mickey Taelor dropped, April 29th 2016 we went into full drive on my Two Sides EP.

6) My favorite song is the self-titled "Two Sides" ft Elle Pierre, how did you and Elle linked up to create that song?

J: The self-titled track "Two Sides" ft Elle Pierre piggy backs off of Mickey Taelor's Gemini series as I'm on Gemini 3.0 and on Essentials album. She is a good friend of Willie B, was there the night I recorded the song, and wanted to put her vibe on it. As you can see she did a very good job.

7) Who's the producers and featured artists you worked with?

J: The main producers on my EP are Willie B and C. Watts who are both apart of the ChampionsOnly98 imprint. As far as artist i worked with goes as this. Elle Pierre, Jessica Jolia, Andre Troutman, Chevy Jones and of course Mickey Taelor. I enjoyed every part of the process.

8) Any famous songwriters made you wanted to become a writer?

J: T-Pain hands down has inspired my artistry, he fought to get in because of his sound, but he made people love it, same way I'm going to make people love me and the sound I'm bringing.

9) If you could do a song or write a song for any artist, Who would it be?

J: T-Pain and August Alsina are definitely two artist I really would like to work with.

10) Where do you see yourself in next five years in the music industry?

J: The next five years, I see myself everywhere in the industry. I will be a house hold name.

11) Have any words to say to the fans, friends and family who supported you?

J: I really would like to thank ChampionsOnly98 because they believe in me and what I know I will become, every person who has supported by streaming or purchasing Two Sides EP, and last I have to thank GOD I know there is a higher power who is truly in control.

J. Anthny

Twitter & Snapchat: JAnthny98
Instagram: J.anth

Booking Info: Jose@fortyouncegold.com


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