Nashille,TN Singer @BellaMoonMusic "Pink Potion EP"

Is anyone feeling loved or being under some kind of spell? Are you looking for new music to put you in the mood for love? 

I come across of listening to so many new upcoming artists on RnBass website and they're all talented. But as I'm looking for something new to listen to and be loved, Bella Moon popped up on the website and her music really got me in the mood. The beautiful singer/songwriter is a young 21 year old coming from Nashville, TN and just getting started to make history for her career. Bella Moon premiered her debut single "Teach Me" on RnBass website, as I gave her a listen and I was feeling amazed of hearing her lovely voice. I got the chance to get to know Bella more and about her music, she has a great personality about herself. 

Last week, the singer just recently released her debut EP Pink Potion on Friday and I was really excited for this project to be out. I can not get enough of Bella's music, I'm so looking forward hearing much more from her in the near future and hopefully she'll do a live small show performance here in Las Vegas. Pink Potion EP has five great songs and all songs are written by Bella Moon of course. I got the chance to ask her couple questions about her and her music, etc.

Bella Moon's Social Media

Bella's Q & A

1) For those new fans who don't know Bella Moon, would you mind telling a story about yourself?

Bella: I'm Bella Moon. I'm a singer/songwriter based out of Nashville. I'm just a 21 year old girl trying to make her dreams a reality.

2) Who gave you the name Bella Moon?

Bella: I gave myself that name. It comes from me feeling as if I've always lived in darkness but never failed to see the light of everything. Remaining to GLOW like the moon.

3) How long you been writing and singing?

Bella: I sung my whole life but never seriously til three years ago. I've written poetry my whole life.

4) What made you to become a singer?

Bella: I've always been passionate about music growing up and loved the art of performance. Song writing/singing became an outlet of expression for me throughout the years and created who i am today.

5) Why the title Pink Potion? Is it because pink is your favorite color?

Bella: Yes, Pink is my favorite color. But Pink Potion comes from pink representing LOVE and the potion as something you take when you're under a spell. So ideally, the EP makes you feel like you're under a love spell.

6) What drew you creating a soulful EP?

Bella: It wasn't my intentions for it to come out that way. I just created songs in the moment, expressing how i felt so i guess it was just a piece of my personality that created the sound that made it that way.

7) Who's the producers you worked with on this project?

Bella: P-dubb and N-Music

8) Who's the artists that you grew up listening to?

Bella: Trey Songz, Beyonce, Ciara, PussyCatDolls, Amanda Perez etc.

9) Any famous songwriters made you want to write songs?

Bella: Miguel! I love his sound and the way he would word things, the way he'd sing the words, everything about his music and delivery was so eye opening to me and made me want to go deeper into songwriting.

10) If you could do a collaboration/write a song with any artist, who would it be?

Bella: I've always wanted to work with Drake. He's just a lyrical genius.

11) Now you and Milly Roze are both from Nashville and you ladies are very talented, do you see yourself working with someone like her?

Bella: Yea, she's awesome! I'm all for collaborating with the female scene here in Nashville. The more Girl Power, the better.

12) You have any special words to say to your fans and others?

Bella: Thank you to anyone who takes the time out their day to listen to my music! I put my heart and soul into it and to be able to share this with you guys is an honor. PEACE & LOVE 


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