(New Mixtape Review) @KayCola "For The Dreamers"

Hey Everyone how's it going? L.A singer/songwriter Kay Cola been working very hard this year and last year, recording more music and being featured other artists projects suchs as Bad Lucc and Skyzoo. Today's the finally release of Kay Cola's new mix-tape For The Dreamers which sounds so absolutely amazing, great songs and awesome productions.I'm a big fan of Kay's music, I been rocking with her since day one and she has become a great influence to me and her fans. Now the singer Kay is currently still working on her debut album Lucid Dreams which will be releasing later this year, hopefully. She already putted out two new hit singles off the album, records like So Gone and Not Ok featuring French Montana are available now on iTunes. While we waiting patiently on the album, Kay Cola just released her new mix-tape For the Dreamers out now with features from Skyzoo, Kreesha Turner, IAMSU, K00l J0hn and Jon Famous and producers she have worked with Jon Famous, THX, K Roosevelt and plenty more. 

I am really enjoying this project so much, my favorite tracks are Royal, The Youth, Feel You and Have 2 Call. I got the chance to ask Kay couple questions about the project and want everyone go support her, go download her new mix-tape available now online.

Kay Cola's Q & A
1) So Kay first off, How's the album Lucid Dream coming along? How close are you getting done with it?
Kay: Lucid Dreams is a wave. I feel blessed to be creating with dope people with great vibes. I'm about a third of the way though.

2) When can we expect for the album to drop?  
Kay: It will drop this fall.

3) As for the mix-tape "For The Dreamers", Is this a sneak preview before the album releases?
Kay: For The Dreamers is a preview but it's really just for my Dreamer to let my loyal fans know I'm thinking of them always.

4) How many songs will be on the project? 
Kay: For The Dreamers have 8 songs with 3 Interludes

5) Who's the artists and producers you have worked with on this mix-tape? I know you worked with the great Jon Famous, he's very talented and should get an award for being a great indie producer.
Kay: Jon Famous should definitely get an award haha! I also worked with THX and K Roosevelt both from LA, Hsvn who is from Vegas, Illmind from New York and a dude from London name Machynist.

6) What was the feeling going on in the studio, when you was recording the mixtape?
Kay: I was very emo during the making of this tape. Dealing with a lot of emotions from losing friends gaining friends. Frustrations with the music industry, and with how the police and government are treating the people. I had to remind myself that I'm a light and I can find strength through creating and give that strength and hope to others pursue their dreams.

7) What is the fans going to expect to hear on this project?
Kay: The fans are going to get a dope solid project. All of the songs are tied to each other somehow and I'm really excited about the interludes.

8) Is there a song on "For The Dreamers" that you want the fans listen to on repeat? 
Kay: I want them to listen to the whole project on repeat.

9) Now your new song "Have 2 Call" with features from Iamsu and K00l J0hn,Were you in the studio with them for this record? 
Kay: Yea I drove to Oakland and we recorded it in East Oakland at like midnight,I recorded and wrote my part at home.

10) Any thank yous and shout-outs you want to say to your fans and others?
Kay: Thank you to all my dreamers. You may not realize how important and beautiful and blessed you are but I need you to know that you inspire me and help keep me going and I do it for you guys.


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