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Los Angeles artist R-Mean has been working very own and opening up shows for other artists but that doesn't stop him for not putting out music for his dedicated fans. The lyricist been working his new LP project titled 7 Deadly Sins and it happens to be his best project he has worked on. I been listening to R-Mean for a while now since I heard him doing tracks with Sean Brown. R-Mean's new LP 7 Deadly Sins is out available NOW on iTunes to buy and free to download on HNHH, executive producers by R-Mean himself and Alex Kodo. 

This project has ten tracks with features from The Game, King Los, Crooked I and much more and producers he has worked with are Sean Brown and plus more. My favorite track is "Jurassic Park" with Crooked I and King Los, that record is hard and it's produced by Tha-Alumni's own Sean Brown. I got the chance to talk to R-Mean and ask him questions about the project and he received me with great answers. I expect everyone go download or buy 7 Deadly Sins Available NOW online!!

R-Mean's Q & A
1) So about the title "7 Deadly Sins", What made you to name the project that title?

R-Mean: The idea for this title and project came from my manager Alex Kodo. Knowing that my true gift always has been to release music that hits people in the chest and makes them relate, music with storytelling and deeper meanings, he suggested I do a project called 7 Deadly Sins with one song dedicated to each sin. A true concept album. I ended up making it a 10 song album with a confessional intro and 2 more songs at the end to close it all off. I always tell him this is your project cause he helped A&R it as well.

2) What type of feeling when you was recording the project?

R-Mean: This is truly the type of body of work you gotta listen all the way through. I tweeted last week that if your life is perfect, this ain't for you. It has it's ups and downs but overall it's dark, deep, very sad at points and personal. Very raw, it has it's lighter moments as well, but I was letting it all out on this one.

3) How many songs are on this LP? Who are the artists and producers you worked with?

R-Mean: Total of 10 songs. It starts with a confessional intro called "Father in Heaven" where I speak to God from a standpoint of a man who has hit rock bottom and is going through is so bad that he has lost all hope and even starts questioning his religion.

Then it goes into the 7 sins. One song for each sin. Envy, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride and Greed. And then it follows with 2 songs that sort of play the role of the outro. A more uplifting record called "Nothing Left To Lose" symbolizing that after all the sinning you realize you can still better yourself and get up and strive for better things in life. And then it ends with Humble Warrior, a record that ultimately leads to the cardinal sin, the worst sin of all. 

I used mainly up and coming producers. I got The Game on a record as well as King Los and Crooked I. And some of my usual collaborator vocalists like Marka and Jason French.

4) Which of the songs happens to be your most favorite to record? 

R-Mean: Very hard to answer this question but I would probably say Sick World and Humble World

5) Who's the featured artist did you work with in the studio? and what was that relationship like?

R-Mean: The only artist I wasn't in the studio with was King Los. He just sent in his verse cause he had too much going on. But everyone else we went in together. Crooked I is real dope, he laid his shit on the spot and Game was working on The Documentary 2 when he told me to stop by his session and he knocked it out for me quick. Game is one of the fastest I've ever seen. In 20 minutes his verse is all done. Written and recorded from scratch.

6) Is there a song that you want the fans to listen to and play it on repeat? and Why?

R-Mean: The whole album needs to be on repeat cause I guarantee you will find something new each time.

7) Who designed the cover? What was going through your mind that you wanted to go with that type of cover for the project?

R-Mean: I wanted it to be way different. I wanted it to be some sick artwork that coincides with the music. An artist by the name of Joby Cummings did the front cover design. He designed a skull by writing out the 7 sins. Absolutely genius. And for the inside and back cover art we worked with one of my personal favorite street/gallery artists by the name of Van Saro. He did an incredible piece symbolizing all 7 sins. It's insane.

8) Who is your favorite artist that inspired you to rap? And would you ever do a record with that person? 

R-Mean: Nas and Yes, I can only hope so.

9) If you had to do a song with any top mainstream or independent artists, Who would it be?

R-Mean: Nas and Eminem, Always say they my 2 favorites of all time and my 2 biggest influences.

10) Do you see yourself competing with other artists to get that big chance to be on the front cover of XXL Class Freshmen?

R-Mean: I don't really worry about shit like that specifically but of course it would be great. I just do my thing and I'm definitely competitive, so we'll see what kind of journey God has in store for me.

11) Any shout-outs you like to say to your fans and others who supported you?

R-Mean: Much love to everybody man, I been getting a lot of support and I truly appreciate you all! Much love and if you not already, follow me on social media:RMean


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