New Artist: @BiancaLaborin Debut "Sincerely" EP

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, CA college graduate, female artist Bianca Laborin who's flow influenced by the one and only J.Cole. Now she doesn't have her official plan after she's finished with college so wait until 2019 and she'll get back to us soon. Female emcee did put out few songs back then but she's here to share her debut five tracks EP titled Sincerely. Michi is the producer behind the project and produced every each tracks which is based off Bianca's deep emotions. I would like for everyone to take the time to purchase Bianca's EP, share with your friends and grab some tissues to cry.

I got the chance to ask Bianca couple questions please read the interview below.

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Bianca's Q & A
1) What's the background of Bianca Laborin? Who is Bianca? What are you mixed with?

B: I come from a Mexican background. I'm still learning and discovering who I am and where I come from. My mother, brothers, and I were all born and raised in East Los Angeles, CA. My grandparents are from Guadalajara Jalisco. I've always wanted to try out those ancestry sites just to see what I'm mixed with exactly but I'm Mexican. Let's leave it at that.

2) How did you get into the music scene?

B: I almost feel as if I was born into it. A lot of people in my family are musically talented. I grew up around singers, musicians, Dj's, and musical equipment since I was in the womb. My mother was in choir, my grandpa sang and played the accordion, my aunt sang, my uncle was a dj, my oldest brother was an emcee/dj, my middle brother was a drummer. I was surrounded by music daily! Growing up I was always writing and sharing my work. Super long story cut short, a childhood friend invited me to her dad's home studio to record music. I had never recorded a song in my life. I remember I was heartbroken. Haha well, I thought I was. But that night I recorded my first record and fell in love with it. It was this instant feeling that I felt. I knew I was going to be making music. I just feel it in my heart even now that I look back at the night. I can feel that same feeling. I'm destined for this. Honestly, S/O to the Terriquez family for that! Eddie, my friend's dad really showed me love. He put me on game about the music industry and recorded my first record, music video, photo shoot and booked my first performance! He didn't even ask me, he just told me "you're performing this night. Be ready!" That was the night J.Cole performed in LA for his first world tour. I'll never forget that. I felt like a superstar. I was mentally opening up for Cole, the world just didn't know it!

3) What made you want to become someone who you are and as an artist?

B: Life! That's such a vague answer to give.. but it's true. I'm influenced by it all!! I can say my mother's heart taught me how to love. My father's absence taught me to be there for people. And my brother's desires to make music turned into my dreams to pursue. Something I've learned along the way and follow is, "people will always forget what you do for them but they will never forget how you made them feel." Love has everything to do with it. As long as I'm alive I want to be able to love and share love through my artistry and in my personal life. That's all we have in the end, this is my head start!

4) You're getting ready to graduate this year, What are you gonna do after college? 

B: I am. I graduate with my Bachelors on my birthday, June 15th and on June 17th I'll be moving to Orlando, FL to finish my Masters! Ask me this question June 2019 and I'll let you know my official plans after college. But that's my next move!

5) Why the title Sincerely of the EP? How many songs? Who's the producer behind the scene?

B: Sincerely is a total of five songs/open letters. Each letter holds a special message to an emotion I needed to rid myself from or accept. Each emotion was caused by a different person or persons. These letters and experiences shaped me into a new version of myself, both as a woman and an artist. I'm at a point in my life where I'm ready to experience new things, but in order to move forward, I had to be honest and accept it all. Now that I've come to acceptance, I'm ready to let go. I'm saying goodbye to the past/old me in the sincerest way. Hence, Sincerely. Michi is the name of the producer. He made each instrumental-for me based off my emotions. I had to let him in order to get the sounds right. It was hard but worth it. Tracks 1-4 were all recorded in Studio city with L.A Pryce. I knocked it off in two days. But had been working on the project as a whole for the last two years and a half. I have a total of 10-15 songs written to each just never felt right. Flash forward, I'm really going through the motions and I knock off the writing of four tracks within an hour. It's crazy what beauty heartbreak can lead to. Anyways, that studio unfortunately burned down so I had to go home to get them mixed/mastered. The scientist behind the engineering, mixing and mastering is the legend himself, DJ Tony G and my good friend/mentor Kiki down at The Hennessy Lounge. Track #5 was recorded with Davis Chris of DFD music. Fun fact: the last track was the first track I actually recorded for the EP.

6) What song on the project put you in a deep emotional mood and you had trouble finishing it?

B: Sunflower, I had been sitting on this instrumental for over a year already. When it came down to it, I poured my heart out. I cried. When I say cry, I mean historically cried. I was scared of admitting that I was in love. More like, scared of admitting who I was in love with. The recording process was just as beautiful if  not more. Turn up the speakers if you want to hear my heart beat!

7) Who's your biggest influence? Who's your favorite artist?

B; Tupac and Jermaine are my biggest influence. J Cole is my favorite producer, director, engineer, writer,etc. 

8) Do you think your music is matured to be ready to pursue your music career?

B: Of course! I'm changing daily and learning new things as I grow and experience life more. I'm maturing as a person and my music is following. We're constantly evolving and I'd like to believe that I've been ready. It's a mindset. Been ready, born ready, am ready, die ready!

9) Do you see yourself signed to a major record label or staying independent?

B: I see myself happy. I'm not sure if it'll be with a major label or as an independent artist but I see myself doing what I love and being happy doing it. If I could choose to be signed to anyone it would be J Cole and his label, Dreamville. I'm sure ya'll seen that coming though.

10) What's your thoughts on people always putting female rappers against other females? Like there's always a new female rapper and people say "but is she better than Nicki?", Which I hate.

B: Life in general puts people against one another. I've noticed in the music industry especially, it happens to women a lot. My thoughts though? I don't like it. Women empowerment is something I strongly believe in. We are much more powerful together than against one other. Why does everything need to be competition? There's enough room, time and space for everyone to succeed! I just feel like it's click bait. We all know Nicki is dope. We all know of the greats who paved the way before her. We all know there's new talented women entering the industry who will create a new wave for artists to follow and so on. If you don't want us women to support each other and succeed, you should not be on this planet! We are the only species that can create and bring new life. How you gone want the creators of this world to be against one another? If anything, super hero's stick by super hero's! Feel me? That's what us women are. and if you disagree that's fine too. I'm still gonna fly and tell my sisters to do the same!

11) Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next five yeas?

B: I'll be working on my second or third studio album, preparing to hit the road and saying goodbye to my family. I see myself touring and entering the film industry as well. By then, I will have written a novel, worked on a few documentaries, and I'll be working on my very first children's film. That's what I see and that's what's gonna happen! Oh...I'll probably be nominated for an Emmy, Oscar and Grammy. I don't need to win, I don't want to win...but those opportunities will arise. Check in with me in five years.

12) Any words you want to say to your friends, family who support you?

B: Follow your heart and silence the chaos. No matter where life takes you,no matter how hard it hits, your will to succeed is just as powerful as your will to settle. Choose wisely! And lastly, thank you for supporting my journey. I could not be more grateful. Be passionate, be kind and be daring. Fear is your best friend. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


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